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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I eased back into CrossFit with, uh, 5 workouts last week. HA! That’s more than I went before I got pregnant! I just couldn’t stay away! But, seriously, I took it easy and didn’t push myself too hard. I was never super sore, so I just kept going to classes and before I knew it, I had racked up 5 visits. Man, it’s awesome to be back. It’s even better than I remember!

weekly workouts

Sunday: Off

Monday: CrossFit

Back Squat: 3 x 10 (#55)
Power Clean + Push Press: 3 x 2 + 1 (#65)

Ring of Fire”
For time:
7 Power Cleans (185, 125)
21 Ring Dips
5 Power Cleans
15 Ring Dips
3 Power Cleans
9 Ring Dips
L3: (155, 115); banded ring dips (#1/2 for guys, #1 for ladies)
L2: (115, 85); sub push ups for dips
L1: (95, 65); sub knee push ups for dips

I did the workout L1 (65 pounds for the cleans + push-ups on my knees as a modification for ring dips) and finished in 3:31.

Tuesday: CrossFit

Bro Chacho”
For time:
50 Overhead Squats (95, 65)
150 Double Unders
2000m Row
L3: (75, 55)
L2: (45, 35)
30 OHS (light weight)
300 Single Unders OR 30 dub attempts
1500m Row

I did this workout L2.5 (45 pounds for OHS) and finished in 17:25. Surprisingly, my double unders weren’t terrible!

photo (1) (800x533)

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: CrossFit (hero WOD “Michael” modified) + 60-minute yoga class


Friday: CrossFit

4 rounds (not for time):
16 Barbell Step-Ups (I used 45 pounds)
12 Bent-Over Barbell Rows (I used 45 pounds)

“So Fancy”
30 Walking OH Lunges (45, 25) (total)
30 Russian Swings (70, 53)

Wallball Tabata (#14)

I used 45 pounds for the Russian Swings and finished 3+10.

Saturday: CrossFit

With a partner:
Thrusters (95, 65)
Burpee Box Jumps (24, 20)
L3: (85, 55)
L2: (65, 35)
L1: (45, 25) (20, 15), Step ups

I did this workout L2 and finished in 25 minutes with my partner.



  1. Holy! You’re a machine! I took a bit to get back into exercising, but like you said, it felt so awesome to start it up again. It was surprising to me how I just picked up where I left off (except for running, I was pretty slow at first!) You look awesome btw!

  2. Awesome WODS! I’m marathon training so I’ve been keeping my CrossFit days to 3 (maybe 4) depending on how I’m feeling. Well last week my box had our own in-house competition which they called “The Reindeer Games – Christmas in July” and I was HOOKED and went everyday! It definitely brought out my competitive side which I’m not used to… 😉

  3. I think of all us fitness junkies have a hard time “easing” into things. Same problem I had after my injury. When you say, you finished the in 17 minutes the WOD, is that it for the workout then?

  4. You are seriously SO FIT for just having had a child. I love how how passionate you are about exercising for the sake of improving your health and fitness level and not just for superficial reasons. Your love of fitness is so inspiring!

  5. I’m doing CrossFit this summer during my internship because I (finally!) live near enough to a box to make it feasible for me. I had been intrigued by it for years, but your blog inspired me to go for it and I’ve loved it so far. So much fun! Thank you for being the push I needed to get out there and try CrossFit, and I’m so glad you’re already able to get back at it!

  6. Thanks so much for posting your workouts! I love crossfit and always looking for new ideas. I’m going to do these WODs this week!!!

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