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Reunited at last: the four Cozzens cousins!

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Last night, I enjoyed dinner with my sister and my cousins, Meeghan and Heidi, who lived in the Southwest for years, but recently moved home to Massachusetts. Meeghan moved to Colorado in 1999 and later to New Mexico, so I haven’t seen her very much in the past 12 years. I saw Heidi before the Arizona Rock ”˜N’ Roll Marathon in January, but she moved to Arizona about five years ago.

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Long story short, I am SO happy that Meeghan and Heidi are finally home. Growing up, we spent all of our time together and had so much fun, so it’s great to have them around again. I’m sure you’ll see a lot more of them on CNC in the future.

IMG_0021 (640x480)

You’ll probably see a lot of their dogs too.

IMG_0017 (480x640)IMG_0020 (480x640)


Before dinner, we snacked on buffalo wing-flavor Pretzel Crisps, which are insanely addictive. Meeghan and I pretty much finished the entire bag ourselves. I also drank a glass of Malbec over the course of the evening.

IMG_0008 (480x640)IMG_0006 (480x640)

For dinner, my sister made Veggie Chili with tomatoes, peppers, corn, celery, chickpeas, and kidney beans in the mix. It was super spicy”” just the way I like it!

IMG_0027 (640x480)

We also had corn bread and brownies with dinner.

IMG_0026 (640x480)IMG_0029 (640x480)

After dinner, the four of us reminisced about our childhood for hours. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard! We were so ridiculous as kids!  

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This morning’s breakfast was a whole wheat wrap with peanut butter, banana, and chia seeds inside– and, of course, a glass of iced coffee with soy milk.

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Question of the Day

What’s your family like? Do you come from a big family or small family?



  1. That’s so awesome to have your sister and cousins so close by! It’s funny, my moms family wasn’t that that close so I never realized how close of a relationship a cousin is until now that my sisters are having kids. I am so excited to have kids of my own and have them grow up with a close relationship with their cousins like what you have!

  2. Chili, cornbread and brownies sounds like an awesome meal 🙂

    Growing up, my family really only spent time with each other — my parents, me and my 3 sisters. I didn’t really know my extended family at all. Jason on the other hand, is really close with his extended family and now I am too — I just love spending time with them.

  3. Veggie chili?! I need that recipe stat!

    My family is big and spread out. My parents are divorced and remarried so that automatically doubles the family you have. We’re big but have a hard time staying together. I’m most connected to the family on my mom’s side.

  4. Your dinner looks fantastic! I made cornbread for the first time this week using Bob’s Red Mill gluten free mix and I really liked the subtly sweet flavour. Sounds like you ladies had a great get-together!

  5. I have one half sister and we are not close.

    The rest of my family is way too far away from me =( We live in Cali and everybody lives East of

  6. We have a pretty big family. I have four sisters! I remember great times with my cousins growing up. I actually miss them a lot now that I’m grown up. I never get to see them. I’m so happy for you that you get so spend time with your cousins again!

  7. My family is pretty small. I’m an only child and I have 4 cousins on my dad’s side but they all live in Texas with my aunt and uncle. I have a few older cousins on my mom’s side but we don’t see them hardly at all. So I just have my husband, parents, two aunts and uncles, and my grandmother.

    That chili looks delicious and I have to find some buffalo wing-flavored Pretzel Crisps, yum!

  8. I come from a smallish family: one little sister, four cousins, 3 aunts, 2 uncles…that’s it. I do have a mother and a step mother and a father and a Mom’s boyfriend though…so that can get confusing!

    My cousins live in Dallas, so I don’t seem them often, but my sister and I are best friends, which is nice!

  9. What a fun dinner! That chili looks fantastic!

    I have a really small family. Everyone on my mom’s side has sadly passed away. That is the side that we were really close to. My dad’s side on the other hand, we do not interact with at all. So I pretty much just have my mom, my sister and our family dog. That is okay by me. 🙂 It just gives my fiance and I all the more reason to create a big family of our own. I cannot wait for that 🙂

  10. Which one is which!? They all look so similar!
    I’m from a small family – I have 2 cousins but I didn’t see them growing up cos they lived so far away and we’re not at all close to that side of the family. It’s basically just my sister and I!

  11. I’m part of a small family. My parents were both the oldest of three and I’m an only child. I only have 8 cousins. Thankfully though, my mom is really close to her sister and I pretty much grew up with her four children. I would consider them more my siblings then my cousins. So I have three sisters and a brother. 🙂

  12. Aww that sounds like a blast! I have a huge family…I’m the oldest of 7, my mom is the 7th of 7, my dad is the 7th of 8…so I have tons of cousins and we have so much fun together!

  13. I come from a medium size family. Not everyone lived in the same state so we really never saw each other all that much. I wish I had a close relationship with my cousins.

  14. I actually come from a really small family (3 total cousins!). However, my fiancé comes from a massive family. He has 3 siblings and a ton of cousins on each side. It’s so hard getting used to a big family, but it’s fun to always have someone to hang out with!

  15. I do enjoy hanging out with my cousins, four of us are around the same age; literally we live down the hwy from eachother. I enjoy seeing them every week and hanging out. Our family is medium size and just right.

  16. OMG – I totally had classes with (and sat right next to) your cousin Heidi my freshman year of college at Franklin Pierce! Small world.

  17. Yay for cousin time! I have a huge extended family! My dad is the youngest of 9, so you can imagine the age range we have going on. Some of my cousins are older than my dad! My mom’s the oldest of 4, and I am the oldest cousin by 6 years. With that being said, I’m really close to both sides in different ways. I love them all! We definitely need to do more reunions!

  18. That’s so great that your cousins are close by! I love my cousins, but we are spread out all over the country, so we rarely get to see one another. I just got to see my cousin who lives in Seattle, though, and that was so much fun!

  19. Yay for a fun time with family. It really is such a blessing to have close relationships like that. We have a pretty large extended family, but a smaller immediate family that I can see more often. Love my sister though. She is one of my very best friends.

  20. Aw yay! What a fun night – there’s nothing better than family time. I definitely come from a big, very close-knit family and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

  21. I’m an only child so I have a small immediate family but my dad has 12 siblings so I have a huge extended family. Unfortunately they all live on the east coast and I grew up on the west so I don’t know any of them very well.

  22. I am from the smallest family in the world! Combined on both sides (including g-parents, aunts, uncles and cousins) there are 17 of us total!!! And none of us live in the same state.

    I am always jealous of big families!

  23. I have three older brothers and we are all within 5 years apart. I’m just about to turn 19! We have some cousins, but we don’t see them all too often. But my brothers and I are all really close 🙂

  24. I’m super jealous everyone moved so close to you! My family is small but close. my brother is definitely one of my bffs and I adore my cousin. My aunt just decided to join my mom on her next trip to DC in June and I couldn’t be more excited. Lots of wine, laughs and good food for 6 straight days? Yes please.

  25. You guys remind me of my family! Us cousins, all girls and known to my grandmother as the gil-gals, are getting together tonight for a Royal Wedding party and sleepover. The gil-gals agenda: baking the totally decadent groom’s cake tonight, making faaa-ncy hats with feathers and glitter to wear during the ceremony, watching BBC America for the proper coverage (it starts a 3 am!) and eating Cinnabons (okay, so that last one is just because one of my sisters’ is pregnant and has some major cravings). Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Really excited for the gil-gals to get together tonight!

  26. Right before reading your post, I was telling my mom that I want to find a cornbread recipe! My intermediate family is me, my bro, sis and parents! I’m also super close to my cousins which is nice!

  27. Ooo! Looks like a perfect day to be outside! Lovely pictures of you girls!

    My family is very small. I only have 4 cousins on my dad’s side and none of my mom’s. Even worse, my cousins are a couple years older than I am so as I was growing up it was always “Joanna you’re too young to hear this..get out.” lol we’re pretty chummy now though.

  28. That chilli and corn bread looks amazing. That is probably one of my favorite things to make. My family is pretty big. I only have 2 sibilings but my extend family is huge. My dad is 1 of 11 children. Enough said. 🙂

  29. growing up I used to see my cousins all the time! Since we all have gotten older its not as often anymore but when we all do get together its still a lot of fun. I have at least ten on each side of the family so I would consider myself to have a big family

  30. I’m very close to my family. For the past 30+ years, my cousins, aunts, uncles, and my family have all taken a two week vacation to Maine together. We all stay in the same house together, although our family has grown in the meantime, so we’ve kind of had to add on other houses as well. But the main house is the most important house. We usually have around 40 people all together. It’s so fun.

    Because of the above, I’m very close to my cousins. I just came back from spending Easter with 5 of them – totally had a really great time.

  31. awww, it looks like you guys had a great time! i have a crazy big family and we’re all really close! we’re kind of spread out over the midwest, so when we get together for holidays and weddings, it’s just a big party!

  32. Aww, I’m glad you had a great time! I love spending time with family! Side note: I love corn bread with chili; it’s one of my favorite comfort meals… My extended family is “medium” sized and most of them are oversees in Germany and Switzerland. I only see them every 1 to 2 years, which was hard growing up. (I was envious of my friends who lived so close to their families.) However, I think it’s helped me appreciate both my extended and local family (mom, dad, me and my bro) that much more. 🙂

  33. Lovely photos, Tina–you ladies are all adorable! My immediate family is tiny, since I am an only child, but my extended fam–particularly on my mom’s side–is huge. I grew up with several of my first cousins, and we were very close. We’ve experienced varying degrees of closeness over the years, but I still feel connected to all of them in some way. In fact, I just lunched with two of them the other day!
    The veggie chili looks scrumptious–is it a recipe you can share?? The cornbread looks awesome, too! Glad you had a great evening!

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