Cousins’ Dinner

Hi, friends! Happy Sunday!

Last night, I went to my cousin Heidi’s house for dinner and drinks. She and her husband, Matt, just bought a house, so they invited Mal and me, her sister, Meeghan, and her boyfriend, and my sister and her husband over to see their new place.


The evening started with a wonderful spread of appetizers.



Roasted garlic —> mashed into a paste + olive oil = amazing!!!


There was also all sorts of drinks””beer, wine, and hard cider. (I got friendly with Kim Crawford.)


And a couple of dogs!



Kisses for Meeghan!


Baby bump! My sister finds out the sex of the baby next Thursday!


For dinner, we had salad with roasted chickpeas and homemade Caesar dressing.


And baked spaghetti squash with homemade turkey meatballs.


The sauce was made with fresh tomatoes and basil from Heidi and Matt’s garden. Mmm! So good!


Don’t you love the way Heidi and Matt served the spaghetti squash!?


For dessert, I made No Bake Caramel Cheesecake Bars from PaleOMG. A couple of my friends from CrossFit raved about these bars, so I just had to give them a try myself. They were so easy to make””just blend the various ingredients, layer in a dish, and freeze. OMG, delicious!


They were a huge hit with everyone last night.


Question of the Day

Do you have a big family or a small family?

My mom has 7 brothers and sisters, so family get-togethers are always fun and a little bit crazy!


  1. I have a somewhat small family which makes holidays easier but sometimes less exciting that some of my friends families. I’ve always had a dream about marrying into a large Italian family or something (although that would probably be a lot of pressure). Its so exciting that you’re sister is going to find out the sex of her baby soon. I have one sister too and I can’t wait to be an aunt!

  2. I have a medium sized family, but they’re all in WA state and I’m in Georgia so I only get to see them about every other year. I miss them like crazy though! We’re pretty big on get togethers for major occasions, and I miss that. I do get together with my husband’s family, here in GA, but they get together on a lot smaller scale then my family does.

  3. Just me and my brother, but we have both recently gotten married and he already has two kids so our small family get togethers are getting bigger…this last weekend I went home and we had a family breakfast (my mom is an amazing cook and made breakfast enchiladas with ground turkey…they were well amazing) that was pretty surreal with the kids running around and my mom and uncle being called mema and pepa.

  4. It’s me and my two younger sisters. We also grew up close to our cousins’ on my Mom’s side so all together there are 5 of us, all girls, lots of fun!

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