Coordinating Workouts With Your Partner + Colitis Update

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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.

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Heyyyyyyy! How’s it going?

Quinn and I had a nice morning yesterday! It started with a trip to Whole Foods for our weekly grocery shopping.

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Quinn was wide awake when we arrived and then totally passed out by the time we left.

photo 1 (2) (800x600)

He was actually still snoozing when we got home, so I decided to snap a picture of my grocery haul and tell you about our meal plan for the week. (This shopping is a bit smaller than usual because I did a BIG one last week.) This week’s (dinner) meal plan:

photo 3 (15) (800x600)

I ate an egg sandwich around 5:00 AM, so I was hungry again when I was at Whole Foods. I heard a rumor that the egg sandwiches from the hot bar are really good, so I had to see what they were all about. Verdict: I liked it, but mine are better! I also bought a caramel-white chocolate-macadamia nut cookie to go with my breakfast sandwich. I was planning to buy a muffin or scone, but the cookies just called to me””and, boy, I am glad I bought one. Deeeeelicious! I bought the Organic Valley creamer because it was on sale and $0.69 cheaper than the stuff I usually buy, and it’s really good. It’s definitely sweet and a little goes a long way!

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Breakfast was awesome!

photo 5 (3) (800x600)

After breakfast, I did a few things around the house, fed Quinn, and then we headed out for a run. I planned to run 4-5 miles at Southfield, but my intestines had other plans. Blah.

So, remember when I almost got myself off steroids and then everything went to sh*t? Well, that basically happened again. This time, I stopped taking the Lialda that I was taking for years. I figured it wasn’t working anymore and maybe it was keeping me in a flare? All of the times that I stopped taking drugs for my UC, I got better, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I mean, I’m out of options at this point. Well, I weaned down to 2.5 mg once again, felt great, and then things fell apart. I was in the bathroom all weekend, but I started to feel a little better today (when I upped my dose of Prednisone again). Anyway”¦

My plan for running 4-5 miles at Southfield turned into running/walking on the streets around our neighborhood just in case I needed to stop home to use the bathroom. I ended up popping into my house once, but the rest of the time, I was mostly fine and managed to fit in 4 miles! Woohoo!

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photo 3 (2) (800x600)

photo 2 (2) (800x600)

It’s suppose to rain for the next 3 days, so I’m glad that Quinn and I got our workout in!

photo 1 (3) (800x600)

Every Sunday, Mal and I talk about our workouts for the upcoming week and make adjustments as needed. This week, for example, we had a few things on the agenda that we needed to plan around:

  • Rain Tuesday through Thursday
  • I have a facial appointment on Wednesday night
  • We have plans with friends on Friday night

When I realized that it was going to rain a lot this week, I asked Mal if we could switch our usual evening CrossFit workouts, so my Monday workout would be running outside with Q instead of CrossFit, and he was totally cool with it. It’s awesome that Mal loves fitness as much as I do because we both make our workouts a priority in our lives. Of course, it’s more difficult with a baby, but we manage to stick with a regular exercise schedule as much as possible, thanks to some coordination and teamwork. And if we’re really short on time, we just do a quickie driveway or basement WOD. A little something is better than nothing and those quickie, high-intensity CrossFit-style workouts can really kick your butt in 15-20 minutes!

Question of the Day

Do you coordinate your workouts with your significant other?

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