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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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How weird is this– I woke up craving chocolate this morning!?! What an odd food to crave first thing in the morning! Like Kath, I wholeheartedly believe in eating what you crave. If your body wants something sweet, give it something sweet… with in reason, of course. My body often wants a Dunkin’ Donuts chocolate cake donut, but I know there are “healthier” options out there that can satisfy my sweet tooth, too.

This morning, I listened to my body (and its strange chocolate craving), and made myself a bowl of chocolate oats. This recipe could easily be a dessert alternative when my sweet tooth hits hard!

Chocolate Oats

Serves 1

  • 1/2 cup dry oats
  • 1 banana, thinly sliced
  • 1/2 cup chocolate soy milk
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • Chocolate chips (for topping)

Directions: Combine all ingredients (except chocolate chips) in a large bowl. Cook in microwave for 2 minutes. Remove bowl from microwave. Stir oats for approximately 30 seconds until banana pieces are blended well. Top oats with chocolate chips. Enjoy!

Lunch Preview

My lunch is a tad “untraditional” today, but it still covers all of the nutritional bases: apple (fruit), baked sweet potato “fries” sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg (veggie), the best vanilla-flavored soy yogurt (protein), peanut butter Puffins (carbs + fiber), Adora disk (calcium + Vitamin D), and an Odwalla bar (carbs + protein+ fat + lots of good stuff to fill in any nutritional gaps).

Chocolate Cookies

Obviously, I love cookies… even for breakfast! :mrgreen:

After giving Organica Deluxe’s Ginger Cookies a stellar review, the company offered to send me some samples of their new Chocolate Cookies. Mal and I shared the package of jumbo-sized cookies… but, I could have easily eaten all 4 myself! They were than amazing!

Review: These babies were loaded with big semi-sweet chocolate chips. They are definitely a quality, upscale cookie– you can just taste it. The cookies are heavy, thick, and firm. They’re crunchy, but not crumbly. Sweet vanilla is the dominate flavor, but salt crystals, lightly sprinkled on top, add a sweet-savory taste to this classic treat. I’m not going to lie, I sort of wish I hadn’t shared with my hubby! 😉

Cool Deal: If you would like to try these cookies (or order anything else) from Organica Deluxe, enter the code “carrots” to receive a 10% discount! Sweeeeet!

Question of the Day

How do you deal with food cravings?

I’m headed to a Martini’s and Panini’s party tonight, so I might not see you guys again until sometime on Saturday. Have a wonderful Friday, bloggies!!!



  1. Those cookies look great!

    I LOVE chocolate chips on my oatmeal – the sweet meltiness they have in the morning is just what I want sometimes!

  2. Mmmmm, chocolate oats!

    As for cravings..sometimes I give in all the way, but other times I make a compromise and find a healthier alternative for what I’m craving!

  3. Seriously – best post I’ve read this morning! Dessert oats, deals on cookies, Renee Z (okay, that was yesterday but I just saw it this morning), and Martini’s and Panini’s?! How fabulous 🙂

    Surprisingly I don’t crave things that often so when I do I think it’s fabulous and give myself what I want!

  4. Amazing oatmeal combo and I love the lunch. I’m banned from buying sweet potatoes by my mom because she says I’m actually turning orange…I did have pumpkin this morning though =P

  5. such a great breakfast!! I think it’s the weather that makes us crave more cal-dense food.

    to deal with cravings? just feed it! 😀

  6. i try to drink water at night to keep my mouth busy and my stomach full so I don’t get into the chips/snacking.

    I ate a date last night when my sweet craving hit 🙂 it was perfect!

  7. ohh wow!! those cookies look out of fantastically good!! I love how you are able to curb your choc craving with some healthy oats and some choc chips!! Way healthier than Dunkin Donuts Choc. cake donut! 🙂

  8. Hehe, I ALWAYS crave chocolate for breakfast! That’s why it’s usually in my trail mix over yogurt, oats or cereal. I don’t think that’s strange 😉
    Those cookies look delicious – I may just have to order some. That’s great that they offered a discount code! 🙂
    Enjoy martinis and paninis tonight – let us know how it is!

  9. Yum! Check out my blog…I put 4 dark chocolate chips in my oats almost every morning. Antioxidants, right? No, but really, I think everything in moderation is ok! When I have that taste of chocolate in the morning…I don’t usually eat it later in the day. It’s good for the soul!

  10. I agree with you and Kath. I try to let my body have what it’s craving without overdoing when my body wants something on the not-so-healthy side.

    Your oats look delicious!

  11. I definitely believe in eating what your body craves (within limits) because I have always found that if my body is craving something that I usually am lacking that something in my diet and my body needs it.

  12. I agree, I think we should listen closely to our cravings because it’s how our body shows us that something is out of balance. They can indicate if we’ve been eating too much salt (thus craving sugar) or eating too much sugar (this craving salt).

    I ALWAYS try to find a way to incorporate chocolate into breakfast! haha.

  13. I allow myself once a week to give into a craving, and then if I have more than one craving that week I’ll remember how I indulged before – that usually works. I’ve been craving a cheeseburger for weeks, so that will most likely be my indulgence this weekend :).

  14. I regularly honor my cravings. If I don’t, I end up eating everything else, realize I’m still not satisfied, and then eat what I really wanted. Going for what you crave eliminates that middle man.
    Martinis and Paninis sounds fun and delicious! Can’t wait to read your review/ see your pics 🙂

  15. Those cookies look amazing! And so do your oats!

    As for cravins, I try not ignore them too much. They soon become a regular thought after a while.

  16. hahaha – i love your donut craving. I used to try to ignore such “bad” cravings, now I go with it. But, like you did with the chocolate oats, I try to find a healthier way to do it.

  17. Oh those cookies look delicious!

    I also usually honor my cravings and last night was no different. I wanted pizza so bad and so we ordered it but I did have one too many pieces LOL

    I went to a martini b-day party last weekend and it was fun. I don’t usually drink but I did have some of a pomegranate and one other type fruity martini. Enjoy!

  18. I totally agree. Give your body what it wants. I wanted pb yesterday after my workout so I did. How did your oats come out with the chocolate soy? I thought about doint that as well but was too scared to try.

  19. wow salt crystals? those cookies sound divine! if i’m craving something indulgent i usually give it a couple days and if i can’t get it out of my mind i just go for it!

  20. That oatmeal totally qualifies as a healthy breakfast. No guilt needed. I’m eating oatmeal with chocolate protein powder right now! I usually try my best to satisfy any cravings in a healthy way, but if only the real thing (such as pizza) will do, so be it. If I want it that bad, I won’t be able to stop thinking about it anyway!

  21. I love chocolate chips in my oatmeal! When I used to wake up with chocolate cravings (which isn’t so rare for me), I’d throw more than a handful in and stir–mmm, creamy and delicious. I also love doing peanut butter and chocolate together in the oatmeal!

  22. Chocolate for breakfast, YUM! I usually only let myself get away with that on the weekends, when I have time to make pancakes and can slip in some cocoa and semi-sweet chips 🙂 I love that you mentioned DD though!! I moved out to the west coast two years ago and we don’t have it here. Everytime I go home it’s munchkin overload MMM

  23. I have no issues with craving chocolate for breakfast, or giving into the craving. Chocolates goes awesome with oats!

    Have fun at your martini & panini party. How I wish I had one of each of those right now…well, maybe not right now. Perhaps in a couple of hours at lunch time anyways 😉

  24. Brings back memories of how, over Christmas -New Year, back home, I had a huge chunks of a dark chocolate Lindt bar WITH my breakfast EVERY day. And yet I still lost weight. Weird.

  25. Mmm, that looks good. When I have a craving, I try to just drink a bunch of water to feel full and chew a piece of gum or distract myself somehow. But the more I have been reading healthy blogs and getting into a healthier relationship with food, I have been eating things I crave, either in a portion that fits into my calorie budget, or just a healthier version.

  26. I’ve been lucky, so far I haven’t had any major cravings (touch wood) I’m putting that down to having more variety in my diet. Whenever I’ve dieted before, I’ve eaten the same things over and over and got sick of it. In fact the thing I’ve craved most is black tea, I keep forgetting to buy it when I go shopping.

  27. Food cravings can be killed by: diet hot chocolate!!! Or, gum, or my favorite milk and green tea candies in the world that I only saw in California. 🙁

  28. Yummy oats!!! I made chocolate oats earlier in the week, yum!!! 🙂 I agree we need to honour our cravings!

    That cookie sounds great! Enjoy dinner 🙂

  29. Yay! I was needing another new breakfast recipe, especially one with oats.

    Re: cravings- sometimes I give in; when I don’t, I usually eat everything in sight until I finally cave and eat what I wanted. Case in point last night!

  30. I love that yogurt too! It was my afternoon snack today with blackberries and 1/2 a nectarine. Delish! And I was wondering if leftover fries would be good the next day or if they are bit soggy? i will have to check out those organica cookies as well.

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