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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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My mission: Butterfinger-Chunk Cookies.

_MG_5619 (640x426)

From this cookbook:

_MG_4905 (640x426)

Unfortunately, I confused two very important ingredients:


Which lead to a Cookie Catastrophe! 😯

_MG_5652 (640x426)

Flat, lifeless cookies.

_MG_5649 (640x426)_MG_5643 (640x426)

On Cookie Friday of all days!!!

_MG_5627 (640x426)

How very sad.

_MG_5635 (640x426)

Someone please make these cookiesΒ (with baking powder) and let me know how they come out. I’m eating my pathetic-looking cookies right now,Β and I’m dying to know.



  1. At least they’re edible!! We hade a pie catastrophe on Thanksgiving {of ALL days!!} one year- we accidentally switched SUGAR and SALT {!!!} in our pumpkin pie!! Yeah…a tps of sugar and a 1 1/4 cup salt!

  2. LOL, I think everyone’s done this at least once! Another problem I’ve had is using “old” baking powder. Apparently if you only use it once a year, after a few years it kinda doesn’t work so well….

    I bet they still taste good though – IT’S BUTTERFINGER!!

  3. I think Jenna over at Eat, Live, Run rolled a baking disaster into balls and then coated them in chocolate to make truffles-they looked amazing!

  4. Omg that SUCKS!!!! The first thing that I think is not that they’re flat, but that possibly all those scrumptious butterfingers may be going to waste..oh the horrors πŸ™‚

    I think everyone has confused baking powder vs. soda before. So sorry it happened…on cookie Friday!

  5. LMAO oh no cookie fail! I’m sorry about your cookies…but thanks for making me laugh out loud at my desk! This is soooo something that I would do.

  6. Oh no!!! I’d be totally lying if I said I hadn’t made the same error before. The good news is you probably won’t do it again! Hope your afternoon goes more smoothly πŸ™‚

  7. boo! that happens to me often, but for me its because of high altitude. I bet they still taste great. I agree with Dorry, crumble them on something. I hope your days starts turning around for the better.

  8. awww I did the same thing a few months ago trying to make pumpkin muffins – it didn’t turn out well for me either!!

  9. Oh no…I would just dump the cookies and eat the butterfingers. Or you could crumble the cookies up (since they are crunchy) and top them over ice cream, yogurt, oatmeal…something?

  10. Ugh I hate when the best laid plans go wrong! I am DEFINITELY not a baker, this would have undoubtedly been my fate!!
    ps) if it were me i would probably still sample 5…. πŸ˜‰

  11. I made a cake once and forgot the baking powder (baking soda? can’t remember which one) entirely. The cake came out maybe 1/4 inch thick…total fail! So I feel your pain!

  12. Oh no! I have done that before, what a bummer. Hopefully, you had some leftover candy bars to munch on and to make up for the loss. The ice cream sandwich idea is superb!

  13. I hate when I spend all that time baking only to find that I’ve done something wrong and wasted all that time, effort and money! You’re a good sport!

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