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When packing and unpacking to move into our new house, I realized just how many wonderful cookbooks that I own… but never use.


I have some favorites that I use occasionally:


But, in general, I’m not much of a cookbook gal. I like them, but it’s much easier for me to find a recipe on a blog or website.

Well, now that I’ve moved about 2o cookbooks into my new house, my thinking has changed about them. Basically, if they’re taking up space in my kitchen, I might as well use them!

So, I’ve created a Cookbook Challenge for myself. From now until the end of the year, I plan to cook at least one recipe from my cookbooks each week. I’m sure that I will end up making more than one each week, but it’s a nice goal to start. Plus, I have a feeling that once I start flipping through my cookbooks, I will discover some really great recipes and want to make them.

On tap for this week is a little cookbook called: Sandwich. I figured since we’re still getting settled in our new place, I should keep this week’s challenge simple! 😉


If you’d like to participate in my Cookbook Challenge, just dig out your cookbooks and start selecting recipes to try. I really hope this post inspires you to use your cookbooks more often and/or try new recipe from them! 😀



  1. This couldn’t be more perfect timing. I was just looking at my cookbooks yesterday and was internally scolding myself for not using them more often! There is something so fun and “old-fashioned” about using a cookbook. It makes me think of my mom baking in the kitchen while I was growing up. I’m up for the challenge!

  2. Goodness, this is me too! I must have something like 50 cookbooks that I keep on the “rotation” shelf and more in storage. The crazy thing is that I generally browse through them for ideas and then end up looking online for a recipe. WTF??? I am on this challenge, fo’ sho’!

  3. What a fun challenge! I know my mom has an entire closet full of cookbooks and recipe cards and rarely uses them. (Or keeps buying more and more to add to the collection without even looking at the older ones.) Maybe I should mention this challenge to her. 😉

  4. Such a great idea! All my cookbooks are in storage right now but I have gathered quite a collection of recipes from the internet that I have just recently housed in a fun looking binder (thanks Target). 🙂 I have two binders – one for recipes that I haven’t tried and one for the recipes I have tried and liked. I’ll take you up on your challenge but tweak it to accommodate my lack of cookbooks.

  5. I started doing something similar to this last week but with all of my cooking magazines. I have stacks and stacks of Food Network Magazine, Every Day with Rachel Ray, and Paula Deen. Cookbooks will be next after I get through my magazines!

  6. My grandma was a huge cookbook collector & when she got sick she sent me back home with a box of cookbooks. I can’t pull them out because I’m a blubbering idiot who misses her soul mate so much it hurts, still… but I have found that, much like you, I find it easier & quicker to grab ideas & recipes off blogs and websites now. It makes me wonder if “cook books” as we know them will eventually become a thing of the past. We’ll be old and gray & telling our great grandkids about how we used to cook using these things called books; while ever kitchen will be furnished with an electronic device that we touch a button and it appears on the screen. LOL

  7. I just started a cookbook challenge myself a few days ago, but just found you right now. I have to read your other posts concerning the challenge.

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