Confused about how much to eat?⁠

Confused about how much to eat?⁠

You’re not alone!⁠

Consider this scenario…⁠

You used an online calculator and it told you to eat 1,700 calories.⁠

An old macro coach gave you a 40/30/30 split with 1,400 calories per day. ⁠

A challenge at your gym cut your daily carbs to 100g.⁠

Your fit friend said you’d lose 1 pound per week eating 1,200 calories per day. ⁠

Oy. No wonder you’re confused! ⁠

In order to get the results you want, you need to know how many calories your body needs.

So, how will you know?

What can you do TODAY?⁠

I gotchu.

Let me show you how to take the first step by conducting a simple, yet effective nutrition audit with a FREE how-to guide.

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Taking the time to audit your nutrition is the first step in establishing a baseline for your energy needs and empowering you to make the right choices to *actually* move the dial when it comes to your physique.

Grab this guide for FREE and start working towards your goals!

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