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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Today has been a fabulous day for a lot of reasons, but one of them is not my laptop. More on that a minute. Let’s first recap the good parts of my day so far!


This morning, I brought back my favorite French Toast Breakfast Scramble and added it to an almost-empty Teddie peanut butter jar. It was so, so good. I’m glad that I tried some new breakfasts this week, but I’m a forever-fan of the French Toast Breakfast Scramble. It’s delicious, nutritious, and satisfying… a perfect way to start my day! I also drank a glass of decaf coffee with almond milk. (The green water bottle in the background is VSL#3, which I drink morning and night.)



After breakfast, I headed to CrossFit for a workout. I hadn’t been since Monday, so I was itching for a good WOD!

photo (2) (640x640)

Today’s WOD:


Back Squat
Take 5-6 sets warming up with sets of 5, adding weight each set. When you find a weight that you could get for 10 reps, try to perform 20 reps.

Met Con

10 C2B Pull-ups
10 OH Walking Lunges (5 ea)
10 Burpees

Rx: (45, 25)
L2: (45, 25) regular pull-ups
L1: (25, 15) band assisted pull-ups
Beg: (15, 10) jumping C2B pull-ups with 2-second negative

Kerrie was at class this morning, so we worked together on the Back Squats. We started with 95 pounds for the warm-up and worked our way up to 125 pounds for 20 reps. The goal was to pick a challenging weight and push ourselves to get through all 20 reps without re-racking the bar. You could stop and rest with the bar on your back, but you couldn’t put it back on the rack. I’ve never done a strength workout with high reps and super heavy weight, so this workout was tough for me. Thankfully, Kerrie and my coach were cheering me on the whole time, so I managed to get through all of the reps (in one piece).

The WOD”¦ well, let’s just say it was a sneaky one. It didn’t look too tough, but, man, the combination of exercises was killer. Burpees to Pull-ups”¦ brutal. My arms, my legs, my lungs”¦ everything was hurtin’ during this WOD. I did L2 and finished 4 + 6 (4 rounds + 6 pull-ups) in 8 minutes.

photo (3) (560x750)

I’m a chalk monster.

012 (563x750)

After CrossFit, I headed to Best Buy to have the Geek Squad look at my laptop. Several months ago, it just randomly stopped connecting to the wireless internet at our house. I have a desktop that I use at home (and connects to the wireless without issues) and my laptop works at Starbucks, the airport, and friends’ houses when I travel, so I never bothered to get it fixed.

Last week, it finally started to bug me that I couldn’t use my laptop at home (and I’ve tried everything I can think of to fix it myself), so I chatted with a Geek Squad agent online. After an explanation of the problem and a few questions, he determined that the “DNS needed to be flushed.” He said something about DOS and walking me through it, but then suggested that I take it to a Best Buy location to have someone look at it in person. Good call!

photo (1)

At Best Buy, I explained to one of the Geek Squad agents what was going on with my laptop, and, 5 minutes later, he said he had fixed the problem. Sweet! Quick and painless.

As soon as I got home, I tested out my laptop… and it still doesn’t work. Grrr! Computer problems make me mental. Seriously. I get so frustrated when things don’t work properly. Remember my issues with Ecto? I wanted to throw my computer through a window! Anyway, the guy (geek?) at Best Buy said, if my laptop still didn’t work at home, I could hardwire it to the internet so a Geek Squad agent could “take over” my computer and fix it, soooooo that’s my next step.


After Best Buy, I went grocery shopping, so I was starving by the time I got home. I bought some honey-roasted peanut butter from Whole Foods the other day (I think I like theirs better than Fresh Market’s), so I ate a few spoonfuls to take the edge off my hunger until I was able to eat lunch.



On the menu for lunch: a cheeseburger with green beans and mashed sweet potatoes with Curry Spice Blend mixed in.


The mashed sweet potatoes were so delicious, I went back for a second serving and added a scoop of peanut butter to the mix. Mmm! So good!


Question of the Day

Mac or PC?

P.S. Be sure to enter my giveaway to win all sorts of fun fitness gear!



  1. Computer problems drive me up a wall too. Last year, my laptop would not turn out. I would try 15-20 times and then it would come one but 90% of the time it just sat there blank. My husband used to work in IT and could not fix it, so it was time for a new one. I have not jumped on board with MAC yet, although my husband wants one.

  2. Pc is all i’ve ever had, But iv’e played around with the MAC’s at Best Buy and they are pretty awsome. For the price tag I wonder if they last any longer than the PC’S.

  3. I’ve always been a PC girl (mostly due to being broke), but I got a beautiful new MacBook Air for my birthday in October, and I’m a total convert. It just WORKS better. Everything’s faster and easier, and I haven’t had one problem.

  4. Computer and car trouble.. those are just horrible.. thankfully my hubs can fix the latter!

    I’m a totally Apple LOVER!! Couldn’t live with out my Iphone and when I was in a position to get a laptop I thought “if I love my phone this much I’m sure I’d love a Macbook” so I bite the large bullet and got one.. LOVE IT!!! will NEVER go back to a regular computer again.. plus I paid for the 3 yr apple care.. best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve had a few little problems.. feet coming off the laptop and screen plastic lifting.. plus I can call and they help me with how to do stuff like Itunes home share!! Brilliant!
    But just recently my hard drive died.. and because I got applecare (yay me) It was replaced and upgraded for FREE.. I have 1 more yr of applecare then I’m S.O.L.

  5. Macs work better. Period. 😉

    I was a PC gal for soooo long, and then I tried a MacBook Pro–and wow! Hello faster, easier, and better. Never looked back. (For work I have to use a PC & for personal use the Pro, I SO prefer the Mac Pro.)

  6. PC all the way, I’ve never had a Mac but every time I try to use one I feel like throwing it out the window! Computer problems also make me mental, so frustrating, laptops have a habit of dying on me!

  7. I’d go crazy too with those computer problems, especially after driving all the way to Best Buy and having them “fix” it, all for apparently nothing. Hopefully the next step in the process works, I mean you should be able to use your laptop in your own house for goodness sake! haha

  8. Just out of curiosity, are your L2 pull-ups kipping or just straight pull-ups. I finally have my kipping pull-ups down, but am struggling without the kip. Any suggestions?

    1. @Shanna: L2 was any style pull-ups you wanted to do in place of Chest-to-Bar pull-ups, so I did kipping pull-ups. For strict pull-ups, it’s all about strength. We do a lot of weighted pull-ups in class that seem to help. You could try that!

  9. I’ve only ever had PCs, but the few times I’ve worked on Macs, I haven’t been crazy about them.

    I just got the death certificate from my uncle last week about my computer. It stopped powering up, except for the fan. He’s a computer whiz, and even he couldn’t fix it. Two and a half years of almost constant use, you’d think it would last longer. I’m sans computer now, but my mom’s letting me use her Chrombook for writing (It’s hard! The screen is so teeny! I don’t like it. :-().

    I was debating getting a Chromebook or Netbook, but I want another laptop. Badly.

  10. Man, computer problems are the worst! I had always been a PC girl (and still use one at work) but my boyfriend has an iMac which is what’s in our home office and ever since using that I’ve been on the Apple bandwagon! It sucks there’s no reliable blogging software but I honestly think Apple just makes better, more user-friendly products. 🙂

  11. Computer problems are one of the only things that get me reaaaally frustrated. I switched over to a Mac after having so many problems with my PC laptop freshman year of college and will never go back. I haven’t’ had any issues at all since I got my Macbook Pro!

  12. Mac convert! I HATE it when someone looks at your computer and declares it fixed (usually after looking at it for like a minute) and then you try it later and it’s definitely NOT fixed. So frustrating!

  13. Ugh, I feel you! Whenever I have computer issues, I want to stop the world until it is fixed. It amazes me how much I rely on technology and now, I’ve become so impatient that when it’s even a little slow, I freak. Can’t imagine what I would do if the whole thing goes down. Definitely a reason to invest in an external hard drive.

  14. As you might have seen with my instagram comment (I’m rebeccaw7) – I am very Mac! I used to have a PC and after about a year, they would start to crap out on me. I’ve had my Macbook for almost 5 years with very little issues. I bought an iMac this summer and love it as well. Now, I have had some difficulties with the iMac (my hard drive was failing), but Apple took care of it, zero charge, and all repairs were done in less than 48 hrs. Even with my Macbook, the casing on the keyboard was starting to crack and they replaced it free of charge.

    I use PC’s at work, and I’ve been known to curse them out.

  15. OMG….my laptop does that exact same thing. I just plug it into the wall to connect to the internet, but it’s such a pain that I can’t use it as a laptop. I have to be 6-8 feet from the plug. Please let me know what they do to fix it – maybe it’ll be worth a trip there for me too.

  16. Mac FOR SURE! I got my MacBook Pro about two and a half years ago and have not encountered ONE problem. It’s super fast all the time and I have never ever gotten a virus! Completely worth the money. I will never go back to a PC.

  17. I feel like you have “an almost empty” jar of Teddie like every other day!! hahah i love that other people are nut butter freaks like me!

  18. MAC for the win! I got one in college and have not looked back from Apple products since then. They are just fantastic (although one annoying feature – battery life is sub-par on most of their products).

    Love that quote! Is it from your gym? You always post great ones.

  19. Definitely Mac! I work with PCs all day and it’s nice to go home to my Mac and in my experience they hold up way longer than PCs. I’ve had the same Mac laptop for 7 years and the same mac mini for 6 and have never had to reinstall the OS or been met with a blue screen of death.

  20. I have a Dell Laptop, but I really want an IPad, but Mac is just crazy, especially when you go into that store! I did my first workout in the regular class of crossfit today, so fun! I was dead, and a chalky mess after!

  21. I’m a mac girl all the way. We had a mac when I was growing up, but when I went to college I switched to PC since it was what the campus was using. After burning through 2 PC laptops (each one crapping out after 3 years), I went back to mac in 2007. It was more expensive, but I’ve had much fewer issues than with my PCs. I did have the hard drive replaced a few years ago because it died, but since it was still covered under the extended Apple Care plan it didn’t cost me anything extra.

  22. Former PC but now happy Mac user.

    After working in IT for oh so many years I can still not stand computer problems But that said I switched in 2007 to the Mac and can’t say that i had any real computer problems after that.

    OK there was that one day that I almost used a hammer on my brand new printer that just did not want to setup like the manual said it should be done.
    The solution was do it exactly NOT like the manual says it should be done 🙂

  23. I absolutely hate computer problems, but luckily my boyfriend is an IT specialist! As soon as my computer even looks like there may be a problem, I just hand it to him. It’s very handy, but I’d never be able to fix anything on my own! I’m partial to PC, but my boyfriend (the computer guru, in my mind) is a Mac guy- maybe he’s onto something.

  24. Definitely a Mac-lover. Though it depends on what programs you are running, one of the reasons I got a Macbook after my PC laptop crashed sophomore year was to be able to take notes in class for 6-7 hours! So that has been a win for me, as well as the lightweight nature – my PC laptops were always clunkers. The speed at which it runs has made it a great investment for a multi-tasker like me, as well. I will say I haven’t been issue free – I did have one crash, but the Apple store has been good to me in terms of speed to fix it.

  25. I’ve always been a PC person, but lately I’ve been thinking that I want my next computer to be a MAC. Of course, it all depends on which one I want because they are pretty expensive. I hope you get your comp problem fixed!

  26. My PC is on the verge of dying, even after my very capable husband has fixed it a few times. Oh no….I guess I just have to get a new laptop now. Bummer. 😉

  27. I really cant say Mac or PC as I only have had a PC. I think Mac’s have some amazing benefits to them. I know they can run amazing photography programs that most PC’s cannot. I am into photography so that really appeals to me. What doesn’t appeal is the cost for a Mac and I have had several friends have to send their Macs in for a lengthy amount of time to get fixed. I guess it is all in what you choose is best for you and your budget.

  28. Mac all the way! Did you check to make sure your wireless is open to more then one computer? Just a thought. That happened to me a few months ago as well!

  29. It seriously cracks me up how you put peanut butter on seriously everything you eat your crazy girl! haha

  30. ALWAYS a PC girl. I would go crazy if i had to deal with APPLE stuff. Windows and I are bestfriends. I think it just takes a lot of research to find the perfect PC just because there are so many.
    Peanut butter and almond butter are the best things ever invented! Just think how different the world would be without them…it’s so horrible to even think about!

  31. This might be a silly question but have you called your internet provider? I had laptop connection problems and it was something that my internet provider was able to fix through the modem. I, too, was ready to throw this thing out the window! It was so annoying!

  32. Mac all the way! I had a really negative PC & Best Buy experience about 8 years ago during medical school, so I bit the bullet and decided to go Mac (I think I was always intimidated by the unfamiliar operating system), and I’ve never had a single regret. Plus, in the rare instance that something actually goes wrong with your Mac, the “geniuses” over at the Apple store Genius Bar actually know how to fix it!

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