Comfort Foods

I’m feeling really blah today, so I’m all about the comfort foods”¦ and sweatpants, DVR, and lots of pug hugs. Hey, whatever gets you through, right?


For lunch, I whipped up a batch of Evan’s Snickerdoodle Dessert Hummus. I wasn’t sure if dessert hummus was possible, but this stuff is delicious. I’ve been spooning it straight from the container into my mouth all day long.

_MG_8592 (640x426)

And I got to make it with my cool new toy that I got for Christmas: Smart Stick Hand Blender. It is awesome.

_MG_8577 (426x640)_MG_8580 (426x640)

I topped some banana slices with a hearty serving Snickerdoodle Hummus. Holy yum!

_MG_8614 (640x426)

Lunch also included plenty of buffalo sauce, which probably isn’t a comfort food for most people, but it is for me. Love it. 

_MG_8598 (640x426)

I added the buffalo sauce to a bowl of mashed potatoes with some shredded Asiago cheese.

_MG_8601 (640x426)


After lunch, I threw on my sneakers for a workout in my living room. Thanks to a recommendation from Courtney, I did Jackie Warner’s Power Circuit Total Body workout from ExerciseTV.

_MG_8615 (640x426)

The workout was 45 minutes of circuit training, which was divided into several 4-minute segments that target a specific body part. Each segment included three different moves, which you repeated at the end as a “power burn session.”

I really liked the fast-pace of this workout. No dillydallying between exercises! It was pretty challenging too. I definitely felt the burn! All you need for the workout is a mat and set of dumbbells.


During the afternoon, I finished off the Salt & Vinegar Roasted Chickpeas.

_MG_8569 (640x426)

And an apple.

_MG_8633 (640x426)

_MG_8625 (640x426)

Snow, snow go away.


  1. Tina this post made me smile because it’s a weird coincidence how much we were alike today! I did Jackie Warner’s power circuit DVD this morning (LOVE it!), I got the exact same hand blender for Christmas (haven’t used mine yet), and I had garlic toasted chickpeas for a snack at work. How weird! I also book-marked the dessert hummus because it looks fabulous 🙂

    Hope your case of the “blahs” goes away soon 🙂

  2. I like Jackie’s total body workout AAANNDD the fact that it’s free through ExerciseTV!! Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred is similar to it and fun (although not on ExerciseTV).

  3. I got a Smart Stick for Christmas too and love it! The first thing I made was Roasted Tomato Soup from Sunny Anderson, it was so easy and so good.

  4. When you come to CA to see Ellen, pop in and take a grueling Boot Camp class with Jackie and then take a class with Bob Harper.

  5. Husband and I registered for that same smart stick! We use it all the time because it’s so versatile. Best immersion blender/ chopper/ food processor thing ever!

  6. I love that you worked out at home (I guess your options are slim since it’s blizzarding up there)! I really like supplementing my runs with challenging workout DVDs. By the way, that hummus looks divine!

  7. I absolutely LOVE that Jackie Warner workout. I have been doing it for a couple of weeks now and in fact, I just did it today. I think I need to increase my weights though because I can tell my muscles are starting to get used to some of the exercises a little too much.

  8. WOAH did not think of using my new stick blender to make hummus!!!! Do you think I could make peanut butter with it, or would the nuts be too much for the little blade?

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