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Yikes! 😯

Here she comes!!

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Hurricane Irene is just starting to pick up here in southern Massachusetts. Rumor has it that she’ll gain power in the next few hours, but, right now, she’s not very scary. It just seems like a windy rain storm.

_MG_3124 (500x333)


Mal and I have no plans to leave the house today, so we enjoyed a leisurely blueberry pancake breakfast– with iced coffee, of course.

_MG_3069 (500x333)

Just add water!

_MG_3102 (500x333)

Light and fluffy blueberry pancakes.

_MG_3113 (500x333)

I drizzled maple syrup on mine. So delish.

_MG_3122 (500x333)

Let’s hope Irene stays tame. Be safe, East coast friends!



  1. Ah, Irene. She needs to chill out. She was in D.C. all day yesterday, but it wasn’t anything terrible.. just lots of wind and heavy rain. You’ll be okay! 🙂 I had pancakes while she beat up D.C. last night (breakfast for dinner).

  2. Looks like the same exact start to our day which included plans to veg out on this rainy day until I decided to check the basement and discover flooding, everywhere! Ruining my home gym down there. So much for that relaxed day! No I get to sit waiting, watching the water pour in for my husband to come back with a hose for the sump pump..

  3. Honestly, the storm was completely blown out of proportion by the media, undoubtedly because it was heading towards the NYC (AKA the center of the universe). Here in Philly the airport was open until 10pm last night, despite being in the direct path of the storm, and I didn’t even hear the wind at night!

  4. So you don’t give Murph a litterbox when it’s hurricane-y outside? Just kidding!!! Be safe you all!! The pancakes looked delish! Btw, since they’ve downgraded the hurricane, will it still reach you? Hopefully it will just be a little rainy… watch out for trees!

  5. Similar story in South Vermont. Lots of rain thus far, but no significant wind. Reports say the gusts will be here in the next few hours, we will see. Stay dry and safe!

  6. mmmm, definitely overdue for some pancakes in my life. those look delicious. and i’m glad so far, you’re doing fine with the hurricane! it didn’t hit down horribly for me in south jersey, though i know others that didn’t make out as well. i like your plan of not going anywhere. it’s about time for lunch with my parents & watching tangled.

  7. I need to get my hands on those kodiak cakes! Yum. Irene passed through north jersey last night and early this AM. Wasn’t TOO bad. flooding is more a problem than anything else here and some uprooted trees from the wind. it’s been downgraded by now to a tropical storm, so shouldnt hit boston too hard. stay safe!

  8. Take care, Tina !! I Couldn’t sleep last night, thinking of all you guys – my sister, friends, blog friends – on the east coast !! Hoping it passes quickly for you!

  9. I live in Maryland and Irene payed us a visit last night. She really wasn’t as fierce as they told us she would be. We lost power for only 5 hours and the only sign that there was a storm is the amount of leaves and small branches on the ground…but its gorgeous and sunny out today! Hope you stay safe!
    <3 Carly

    p.s. those pancakes look delicious!

  10. Living in Fl, I have experienced some pretty bad hurricanes (Charley 04) and Irene seems pretty tame. I think NY is overreacting.. I think tornados and other natural disasters that can not be planned for terrify me!

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