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Good morning!

Q and I were up at 3:00 AM this morning, so I have been go-go-going ever since. We finished eating/burping/pooping (him, not me) at almost 5:00 AM, which I figured was a reasonable hour to start my day, so I made breakfast and got right to work… well, after a quick, early-morning adventure.


I made myself a delicious breakfast, but, unfortunately (or should I say fortunately?), I ran out of iced coffee, so I went to Marylou’s to buy one.

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After starting my day at 3:00 AM, I needed an iced coffee. Even though I drink decaf 95% of the time (because of colitis, pregnancy, and now breastfeeding), it just makes me happy… the taste of cold, creamy iced coffee gets me going and starts my day off on the right foot. (The sticker on the handle of the coffeepot in the photo above says “decaf,” since Mal and I brew two different pots and we don’t want to get them mixed up.)


At Marylou’s, I ordered a Hawaiian Chocolate Nut (also known as “Almond Joy”), which is a new favorite of mine. Well, actually, I re-discovered my love for it. It used to be one of my go-to flavors back in the day, but I kind of forgot about it until recently. Breakfast was eggs, toast with mashed avocado, cantaloupe, and blueberries.


Speaking of iced coffee, I received a great question from a reader the other day, so I thought it might be helpful to share my response with you guys.

Hi Tina!

I had a quick question for you: how do you make your own iced coffee?  I mean, I obviously can brew a cup of coffee but was wondering if you put a different grounds vs. water ratio than regular coffee.


I actually learned this little tidbit from a Starbucks event last summer…

So, when I make my iced coffee, I just brew a regular pot of coffee in an automatic drip coffeemaker (like I would for hot coffee) and then I add ice to it. (Well, now I’m adding chocolate and vanilla almond milk iced cubes to my iced coffee, which is the most delicious thing ever. Really, you need to try it. Trust me. Do it. You’ll love it.) Anyway, the only difference is that I pick a REALLY strong and flavorful type of coffee. When you brew iced coffee (and hot coffee), it’s all about the strength/boldness/flavor of the coffee beans, so adding a ton of coffee grinds to your coffeemaker won’t make the coffee any stronger. You’ll just have a lot of grinds in there, and it’ll probably make a mess. For a pot of iced coffee, I use 12 cups of water with 12 tablespoons of strong coffee. Basically, a 1:1 ratio, and it turns out great!

Side note: Mal and I know all about cold brew coffee, but we prefer our method in our automatic drip coffeemaker. We think it’s easier and we like how it tastes. We also drink A LOT of iced coffee, so brewing a big pot and drinking it within a few days works great for us. And Mal is a weirdo and generally doesn’t like cold brew coffee, which I don’t understand at all. How can you not like cold brew coffee?! (He thinks it’s weak and watery. I disagree.) Anyway, that’s why we make iced coffee the way we do.

Questions of the Day

Which do you prefer: Hot coffee or iced coffee?

What do you like in your coffee?

P.S. My juice and smoothie book comes out today!!!!!



  1. omg, I’m totally one of those people that thought more grinds = stronger coffee! I have been wasting grinds!! I’m going to try your method!!!

  2. I started cold brewing last summer and with having acid reflux from my crohn’s it really does make a difference with the acid. So I would say since you and mal drink different coffees anyway if you like it cold brewed go for it. I think brewing a pot and putting it in the fridge works well even after 3 days I never felt my coffee tasted stale like some claim. I also like brewing 3 days worth of espresso and putting in the fridge for Iced lattes. I need to cold brew some espresso. I’m also a big fan of coffee Ice cubes 🙂

  3. I drink hot coffee in the morning with breakfast from the Keurig and sometimes before I leave for work I’ll grab some cold brew – I bought Califia Farms a few weeks ago – its cold brew mixed with almond milk and flavoring (I love the mocha). I also got the Starbucks cold brew (or iced coffee …I’m not sure) and mixed in some chocolate almond milk – as recommended by you! I’m going to try and French press some coffee and make it iced and add the chocolate almond milk – we’ll see! I love iced or blended coffees so much, I don’t even really enjoy my hot cup in the morning!

    1. Honestly, I never really noticed a difference. When I’m in a flare, everything upsets my GI track. When I’m not in a flare, nothing does. I guess I started drinking decaf and then never stopped (pregnancy, breastfeeding) and never missed the caffeine.

  4. I LOVE Iced coffee especially with soy milk. I have found that I do have to brew it stronger to suit my tastes. I have tried the make a big pot and keep in the fridge method and it tastes so so stale to me 🙁
    My method is to use 12 ounces of water, 8 Tbsp of coffee. After the coffee is brewed, add a few cups of ice to your coffee pot. The ice will melt the, but brewing the coffee strong keeps a nice flavor. I then add in my soy or almond milk and transfer to my cup to drink. Yum!
    This makes one large or two small cups. Depending on the day, I will sometimes use half regular coffee and half decaf.
    I love the idea of adding frozen almond milk ice cubes and/or frozen coffee ice cubes 🙂
    Maybe I’ll try your method again with stronger coffee…it would def save me time and coffee grounds!

  5. I do the opposite. I make a pot of coffee, put a bit of sugar and cocoa in it. Then I freeze in ice cubes. I put coffee cubes and almond milk in vitamix and perfect iced coffee in one push.

  6. I am an iced coffee fan all year and actually always have cold brewed coffee in my fridge at all times (either Marylou’s or Coffee Break, so good!). I pretty much follow most of the steps except for the filtering part and find it to be really quick, easy and cost-effective and definitely my favorite, but we all have our personal preferences. I’ve never tried adding frozen almond milk ice cubes, I need to try that!

  7. Just have to speak up on the coffee – I’ve been cold brewing for years and it makes a HUGE difference with the acid levels and digestions. In addition, hot-brewed coffee goes stale and is not conducive to sticking in the fridge and using for several days. When coffee is heated and then cooled, the compound 2-furfurylthiol degrades as it cools. Since you don’t heat coffee when you cold brew, it doesn’t go stale and you can keep it for up to a week.

  8. Thanks for the info on the iced coffee at home! I have been trying a cold brew method and while it’s okay (I’m still craving my usual iced americano with vanilla but that’s weekends only) it’s a ton of work for just a small mason jar of coffee (it only lasts me two days). I’m definitely going to try your home brew option because the coffee pot is just sitting there, and I’d love to make 6 cups and have a couple more days of coffee on the ready. Love your blog! I look for updates everyday!

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