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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

I’m really sad to admit this, but I think that my daily iced coffee habit might also contribute to my sugar cravings. Remember how I skipped my usual glass of iced coffee with breakfast this morning? Well, I didn’t crave sweets after I finished eating my bowl of oatmeal like I normally do. Maybe I was in a different mindset this morning, knowing that I’d wait until after dinner to treat myself, but I didn’t feel those usual mid-morning cravings.

Eventually, I drank an iced coffee with only milk in it, so I never really craved sugar this morning. Of course, if someone gave me a cupcake, I wouldn’t turn it down, but you know what I mean! 😉 Maybe cutting back on the amount of iced coffee that I drink is my next experiment.


Mal and I spent most of the morning doing a little shopping. He was in the market for a new winter coat.

IMG_0005 (640x480)

And let me tell you, it was a tough decision for him! We spent over an hour at REI while he tried on different coats and debated between his favorites.

IMG_0006 (640x480)

Mal and I are both very careful with how we spend our (personal) money, so I understand why he put so much thought into his purchase. Eventually, he decided on a nice little number!

It took me 10 seconds to decide which Gu I wanted to buy. Vanilla Bean, baby!

IMG_0007 (640x480)


At home, I whipped up a quick lunch: quiona with baked tofu chunks, roasted brussels sprouts, and balsamic vinegar.

_MG_6617 (640x426)

It was an awesome combination of flavors and textures! Quinoa rules.

_MG_6615 (640x426)_MG_6622 (640x426)

Lunch left me feeling very satisfied, but I still have a hankering for something sweet. Maybe brushing my teeth with help? I feel like the taste in my mouth is giving me the urge to eat something sugary. I’m not going to give in!!

_MG_6625 (640x426)

Time to take the pug to the dog park!

_MG_6626 (640x426)_MG_6629 (640x426)

_MG_6631 (640x426)

See ya for dinner!



  1. I’ve cut coffee out of my daily life since last Sunday. It’s HARD! You will get headaches and be a little cranky. But today, I’m not feeling any of the withdrawal that I had been feeling. And I feel fine without the coffee, honestly. I would have to agree with your incling on this one.

  2. There are definitely certain foods I eat that lead me to crave sweets (chips come to mind!) I have learned to have fresh fruit cut up so I can grab a couple to ease the craving. But only super sweet fruits will do – oranges, pineapple, grapes. And I also got some flavored seltzer from Trader Joes. I have a glass after lunch and quells my sweet tooth. But brushing your teeth is a great idea too!

  3. I can’t remember, but do you add a sweetner to your coffee? Maybe if you learned to drink it non-sweet, you wouldn’t get the sugar cravings. I slowly learned to do this last year without my daily Sweet n’ Low.

  4. I always find brushing teeth to be a huge sugar craving killer. I don’t want to mix toothpaste taste with sugar and mess up my nice fresh breath! 🙂

    Honestly though, the #1 for me is just to not have sweets around. If they aren’t there, I don’t eat them, and then I eventually forget they exist. Once you’re used to not always having dessert, you will stop craving it and it will become a special treat, not an after every meal occurrence.


  5. Hi Tina: I worked with a nutritionist awhile back and I eliminated all processed sugar. Whenever we had “sweet attacks” we were told to use natural sugars. Sweeten some bananas with honey or maple syrup. Or add it to your peanut butter toast. Best to you…I know it’s hard. I have to get back on track myself after the holidays!

  6. Tina, when I used to drink a lot of caffeine I would notice that I would get hungry/crave sweets a lot more often. I think the caffeine messed with my blood sugar levels. Just something to consider…

  7. You can do this! I definitely think waiting until after dinner is a good idea, but I also agree with someone who said if the “sweets” urge hits, eat something naturally sweet like fruit (but not dried fruit, it’s sugar content is way too high).. and personally, the toothbrushing thing is my saving grace- I do it just after dinner so that I don’t go back for extra food all night long. And remember, it takes about 2 or 3 weeks to make something a habit- so keep up the hard work, it will pay off in the end. *hug*

  8. I have been following your sugar struggle and definitely share your feelings towards the sweet beast! I love me some dessert and I’m more than happy to have something sweet after every meal, but I know that’s not good for me and I don’t like how I feel with so much chocolate in my system. Brushing my teeth is the #1 craving killer. I brush my teeth after most meals and it seems to trigger something in my mind that says, “Done.” I love your honesty with this because it really is a difficult craving to deal with and giving up sweets seems harsh. You’re doing well!

  9. Murphy is so cute!! You seriously should make a calendar with pics of him and sell it in the future as part of your marathon fundraising efforts!!

  10. I hear you on the sweet thing. What I have found that works for me is have a “small treat” every night. (like a few candies, couple chunks of chocolate, whatever) Then have a yummy significant treat on the weekend. When I feel like I have cravings or whatever, I snack on veggies till it goes away. At first it was tough but eventually it became a habit. I struggled this for a LONG time but this really has worked for me. (took a LONG time to figure it out) Plus, most importantly you are a human being so forgiving yourself for a eating too much sweets here and there is crucial to learn too. I have lost about 20 pounds after I changed too “my system”. However, everyone has something that works for them. So don’t be too hard on yourself. I have followed your blog for a long time and am highly respectful of how you live your life in all aspects of your life. (eating, marriage, etc.) Thought I’d just give my 2 cents on this 🙂

  11. I’m hypoglycemic and the caffeine in coffee makes my blood sugar crash (and my insulin spike) and thus I have to eat something sweet to get my glucose back up. I’ve stopped drinking coffee altogether because these spikes would make me really sick. My hands would sweat, I’d get irritable and dizzy as a result of my blood sugar dropping really low. So I’m big on NOT drinking coffee. I wish you the best of luck in your new experiment!

  12. I just finished dinner and am craving something sweet. Reading about your efforts to try to stop the intense cravings is great bc I’m right there with you!

    I have noticed though when I have coffee in the morning I do crave more sweets all day. It’s not the caffeine though for me bc I switched to black tea instead and am fine. I know you don’t sweeten your coffee, which is 100% the connection for me but try the tea and see how it goes. I still always want sweet after I eat – I blame that on the habit of it as a kid – but it isn’t as intense as when I have coffee.

    Good luck!

  13. Tina,
    I think you’re awesome for talking about your sugar cravings on your blog. It reminds me that even the healthiest of role models struggle with basic stuff. It makes me enjoy your blog even more.

  14. Way to go on resisting the craving!!
    I was reading an article about someone that had a particularly strict diet and they been asked if it was difficult to stick with. They said something like, “No. I crave to eat this way because this is the way that I eat.” I’m not advocating a strict diet by any means but what they said has stuck with me. We all fall into our own natural routines and while change may be difficult at first eventually it will simply be how you are.
    Good luck!

  15. That quinoa concoction looks delicious!!

    Do you use sugar in your coffee regularly? Because besides that I really can’t see why having it would bring on sugar cravings. If it works to cut it out, though, then go for it!

      1. Don’t you use sweetened (or vanilla) soy milk though? That could be the source of the sweetness that gets your taste buds craving it.

  16. The brushing the teeth method is a crapshoot- many times it works for me but other times not. When I crave chocolate, I crave it, period.

  17. Your a brave woman cutting back on coffee, my body would likely go into shock! I wonder if there are studies which connect coffee/caffeine with sugar consumption. Hmm

  18. Your quinoa lunch looks so good! I have given quinoa a few tries but I really need to have it more often, it really is so good for you. I used to be a dunk’s iced coffee addict and the large ones everyday at work were really a killer on my diet. I have now converted to unsweetened green tea which has been a HUGE shift but really so worth it 🙂

  19. Tina, you are so candid with your cravings and I love it! Way to go today girly! To fight cravings, I always keep a pack of gum on hand. I typically have a piece of my favorite gum after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It really helps! I know gum chewing is not a great habit, but I usually just chew on a piece for a bit, until the cravings subside. Mints or even hot water with lemon work pretty well too. And, you do have the right to give yourself a pretty big break considering all of the awesome running that you’re doing. Can’t wait to hear how your marathon goes!

  20. its funny that you mentioned, “the taste in my mouth left me in the mood for something sweet” because i know exactly what you’re talking about it!! it happens to me a lot. i find it usually happens and is strongest especially after meals with lots of onions, garlic, vinegar, or produce-heavy, etc. but i find drinking a glass of water, brushing my teeth, or popping in a piece of gum does wonders! and then im like wow, that sugar-craving disappeared pretty fast!

    its worth a consistent try. but if a few gum chews later or after brushing your teeth you are still truly hungry and desiring something sweet, go for it! a square of rich dark chocolate usually does the trick for me!

    good luck with the marathon! ive enjoyed reading about all your preparations, very inspiring!

  21. Have you tried eating a Dum Dum, hard candy, or other type of lollipop thing after lunch/when you crave sugar?
    That always works for me at least. Good luck 🙂

  22. Hmm, that’s an interesting idea about the iced coffee! On another note, I saw a “jug” in the petstore today, and almost died from the cuteness. One day I’ll live somewhere that allows pets!

  23. Tina, have you tried Stevia? I know a lot of peeps don’t like the taste, but you do get used to it and with no cravings. My iced coffee’s consist of coffee, almond milk (35 cal/cup), 1 packet of stevia, and usually I put 1/2 scoop of protein powder in it (either Jay Robb’s or SunWarrior’s).

    Hope this helps and Happy New Year’s!

  24. Switch to drinking tea. I love my coffee, but drinking tea has done wonders with me and my sweet cravings. Not to metion, I dropped three pounds in one week.

  25. Tina,

    Ive been following your blog for a while and I really like your message a lot. however….it doesnt surprise me at all that you have intense sugar cravings all day long. Your breakfasts are pretty balanced, if not a bit carb-heavy. I realize you run a ton, and need a lot of fuel – but you also need a decent amount of protein AND healthy fat at every meal in addition to the carbs you take in. Your lunches are usually super light – from what you post here – a salad or some sort of veggies with a low-cal topping, like balsamic vinegar (which has no calories or redeeming nutritianal value), and not a ton of fat. Basically, my point is – you need (on top of what you already have for lunch) some lean meat, tofu, eggs, fish, etc., as well as at least a little bit of a healthy fat in there at lunch time..that will help trememdously with sugar cravings, I promise. I can pretty much guarantee that if you ate a breakfast like you did now, but added 1 egg..and at lunchtime ate one of your salads/veggie creations + 3-4oz of lean proteins and a little bit of healthy fat…..your sugar cravings would subside.

    Sugar substitutes and other substitutes only make you crave the real thing more. If you upped your intake of “real food” – you wouldnt have to cut back on anything, you’d simply be satisfied on less of the real thing.

  26. I recently gave up coffee cold turkey. Trust me..didn’t help with the sugar cravings. BUT, what I used to do is make my iced coffees with sugar free vanilla almond breeze (almond milk). 40 calories for a cup! Gave it just the right amount of flavor and calcium, but no sugar! Sweet right;)

  27. I’ve read that you should brush your teeth or at least swish mouthwash to change the taste in your mouth and that it usually helps you get through your sweet cravings. I need to start doing that…. which means I will be buying at least 3 bottles of mouth wash a week.

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