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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Greetings from Alaska Airlines! Hooray for in-flight internet!

My flight departed at 8:00 AM, so it was an early morning for me, especially since I still had some packing to finish. (Why do I always wait until the last-minute to finish packing? I know it’s going to stress me out. Blah. I never learn.)

IMG_5704 (480x640)

Once I was all packed up and ready to go, Mal and Murphy drove me to the commuter rail. I don’t think either of them were too psyched to be awake so early, but they’re nice guys and wanted to say goodbye since they won’t see me until Sunday night. I’m going to miss their adorable faces.

IMG_5696 (430x640)

The commuter rail took me straight to South Station with no issues or delays. Way to go, MBTA!

At South Station, I jumped in a cab to the airport. I usually take the T from South Station to the airport, but I only had a little over an hour before my flight departed (and I don’t trust the MBTA to get me places on time), so I figured I should just spend the extra money and make sure I didn’t miss my flight by taking a cab. Even just the thought of potentially missing my flight stresses me out. Plus, I hate feeling rushed. (If you were ever to travel with me, I’d seem cool as a cucumber, but, interally, I am freaking out.)

IMG_5706 (640x480)

A cab to the airport was definitely worth it. I got there in a matter of minutes and it was totally stress-free.

IMG_5707 (640x480)


Once through security, I broke into my breakfast, which I packed this morning and brought from home.

IMG_5701 (640x480)

Inside: Greek yogurt mixed with fresh blueberries and granola.

IMG_5710 (640x480)

A cranberry almond NRG Bar.

IMG_5711 (480x640)

And a banana.

IMG_5714 (640x480)

I also packed some magazines from home. It’s a long flight to Seattle, so I definitely needed some in-flight reading material.

IMG_5712 (640x480)


On the flight, I snacked on an apple cranberry cookie and a cup of coffee with cream and sugar.

IMG_5721 (480x640)


For lunch, I purchased a Mediterranean Tapas “Picnic Pack” on the flight.

IMG_5719 (640x480)

Here’s what it included:

IMG_5718 (640x435)

Lots of goodies! I haven’t broken into it just yet, but I’m looking forward to the variety of food options. I love meals like this one that include all sorts of different tastes, textures, and flavors.

IMG_5723 (480x640)

However, I have no clue how I’m going to eat the package of hummus. Maybe I can squeeze it out straight into my mouth onto the chips?

IMG_5725 (640x480)

Question of the Day

When you have a long day of travel ahead of you, do you bring healthy meals/snacks from home or do you buy them during your travels? What are your favorites?

If I bring from home, I like Greek yogurt, bananas (and other fresh fruit), nuts, packets of nut butter, hardboiled eggs, sweet potato wedges, leftover roasted veggies, peanut butter + banana sandwiches, and homemade smoothies.

If I buy, I like turkey/ham/chicken sandwiches, egg sandwiches, KIND bars, Starbucks oatmeal, nuts, bananas, low-fat cheese, soy milk lattes, salads with some sort of protein/beans, and smoothies.



  1. I generally find airport food overpriced and under-satisfying. Even when I splurge on a salad, it typically lacks vegetables and is just cheese, meat, and maybe a carrot on top of some iceberg. Packing lunches is the best! 🙂

  2. Seeing you run around Boston to catch a flight is making me miss that city! Once when I was flying out of Logan, I got stuck in traffic and arrived at the airport 15 minutes before my flight departed. I literally RAN full speed through the airport and somehow caught my flight. Talk about stressful!

    I usually buy snacks at the airport, I love any kind of snack/protein bar, or a banana/apple from a coffee shop!

  3. I’m impressed that the yogurt made it through security! I usually end up packing bananas, apples, Clif/Lara/KIND bars, dried fruit and nuts, and whatever else seems healthy and portable. I’m traveling to SFO on Tuesday, so this is helpful as I prepare for that. Have a great trip!

  4. Girl, I have a 22 hour travel coming up next month. Flying from San Francisco to Washington DC to Amsterdam. Thank a 5 hour car drive to Germany. I’ll be there for a few days. I don’t know what to pack for snacks, but it will be healthy and filling. I’m not looking forward to traveling that day!! My way home is just as bad. Hope I can sleep on the plane!! Any snacks ideas to bring would be great!!

  5. I am the queen of packing food for travel. I try to eat b-fast at home or have toast w/ pb on the drive to the airport and then I break into an apple, orange, or banana at the airport. I always pack apples, raisins, trail mix, pretzels, and then maybe a nut butter sandwich (since it doesn’t have to be refrigerated). I also make home-made protein granola bars and may pack 1 or 2. Last Thurs I did a roundtrip WI to FL – it was a crazy long day. Guy at the airport was surprised I was carrying an apple – it was as if it was the strangest thing he’d ever heard of. If only he knew all the goodies that were in my bag!

  6. I would definitely put that hummus straight into my mouth! No joke! Normally for long flights I pack a lot of healthy snacks. I pack bananas with almonds, my home made trail mix, greek yogurt, peanut butter/almond butter sandwiches, and lots of water. i get super dehydrated on flights!

  7. Almonds, Fruit, pb sandwiches, saves money & you get to eat what you really want! So many people don’t know you can carry food through security from home, I do it all the time!

  8. Too bad your trip isn’t next weekend. Our weather is crummy right now but sun is coming! At least you get to experience the ‘true’ Seattle. I also think I missed the reason for the trip…I’ll have to go check. Hope you enjoy it here! It is a really great place!

  9. I always pack healhty snacks, fruit, bars, nuts, veggies, but my mom and enjoyed the Med snack our flight this weekend. The hummus was surpisingly good and we had a glass of red wine with ours too.

    Safe Travels!

  10. This Mediterranean snack pack looks awesome! I love that they are offering healthy snack options on flights now. I love that kind bars are in airport kiosks too! There are so many options for healthy trips these days, especially if you pack a snack like you do 🙂

  11. Oh, that tapas pack does look delicious. I actually really like traveling because I don’t do it very often, but I like to try to pack healthy snacks. Not only because I like to keep it healthy, but also because I’m cheap! ($6 is a bit much for that, sheesh! But I’m sure it will be yummy)

  12. That little pack of goodies on your flight looks pretty awesome. I’d much rather have that than typical plane food. I do hope you opened the hummus and squeezed it right into your mouth. I would totally do that!

  13. I can’t help but think ahead and plan 😛 Usually I’ll bring snacks [and sometimes meals, depending on timing and how long I’ll be out] with me rather than relying on whatever I can find where I am… My faves include string cheese, bars, nuts, fruit [fresh and dried], popcorn/ crackers!

    P.S. I’m surprised they let you through with your yogurt, they haven’t let me in the past! And once I tried bringing a jar of PB once and they also took that away because it was a “cream”- I was so mad haha!

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