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I did my grocery shopping at Fresh Market this week, and I must say: What an awesome supermarket. Here’s just a few reasons why: it’s absolutely gorgeous inside (beautiful hardwood floors), it smells delicious (like freshly baked bread yesterday), the employees are super friendly, there’s a candy department and rows and rows of bulk bins with yummy things like Pumpkin Nog Granola and Peanut Butter Energy Bites, and there’s even free coffee samples, which totally got me while I was shopping. I tried a little bit of the Molten Chocolate coffee with a splash of cream and, holy goodness, it was amazing. I loved it and immediately bought some.

I really should shop at Fresh Market more often. I actually had fun yesterday, and I’m generally not a fan of grocery shopping. Maybe I should add “shop at Fresh Market” to my list of goals for 2013?

Here’s this week’s meal plan:

  • Sunday: Homemade pizza
  • Monday: Shrimp scampi with roasted broccoli
  • Tuesday: Loaded Baked Potato Chicken Salad
  • Wednesday: Stuffed Sole with steamed green beans and rice
  • Thursday: Stuffed baked potatoes
  • Friday: Wing it
  • Saturday: Out to dinner

Grocery shopping list*:

  • Red potatoes
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Chicken
  • Bacon
  • Broccoli
  • Green beans
  • Almond milk
  • Shredded cheese
  • Bread
  • Oregano
Items not on my list that I purchased:
  • Molten Chocolate coffee
  • Honey roasted peanut butter
  • Veggie chips

*My shopping list doesn’t include all of the ingredients necessary to make the above meals. For a complete list, please see the individual recipes linked above.

Question of the Day

Do you like grocery shopping? How often do you shop with a grocery list? What items not on your list tend to end up in your grocery cart?



  1. I’ve been to Fresh Market once and I would definitely go all the time if it wasn’t so far from where I live! I loved the hardwood floors and classical music playing. 🙂

  2. I love Fresh Market, it’s always a pleasant experience shopping there! I enjoy grocery shopping except when it’s super crowded and I’m running into people everywhere I turn. Fresh Market’s coffee selection, bulk foods, and fresh ground nut butters are awesome! I love some of their fresh made meals to go as well. They have a lot of items you might see at whole foods, but not a regular grocery store.
    I often have a list but and still miss some of those items if I’m in a hurry. If I see something that inspires a good meal, I’ll grab that too. I often get a meat or fish that’s not on my original list, those things I get depending on what looks good or is available. I get lost in the produce section a lot too and buy tons of green or too much fruit when berries are in season.

  3. oh my gosh, tina! i couldn’t agree more. when i went to fresh market this summer, i was so overwhelmed by how much i loved it, i was inspired to write an entire blog post on it, too haha

    the one where i visit the fresh market:

    i just re-read what i wrote and it’s like we completely echoed each other. now i need to go back, i haven’t been in months and i love all the fun and unique goodies you can find there 🙂

  4. I like grocery shopping if I’m in the mood and if I’m at the right store. If there’s huge crowds or I don’t like the store much, then I’m not much of a fan. My grocery shopping day is every Monday after work, and I always go with a list. If I don’t, I end up forgetting something and then adding other random things to the cart that we don’t really need.

  5. Fresh Market is amazing…unfortunately the closest one for me is in Gainesville, FL…a short 2 hour drive…ugh.

  6. I LOVE grocery shopping!! I look forward to it every week and meticulously plan everything I’m going to make/buy. I’m a huge planner and I always go with a list but I always leave with stuff thats not on it!

  7. I like the Fresh Market (but it’s 2 hours from me) & love to grocery shop at new, fun places. We tried Woodman’s yesterday & went without a list… ended up spending a LOT of money, but I got 5 jars of some fun flavored PB, coconut butter, plus lots of other goodies. Some random stuff definitely ended up in that cart. Usually I do try to go w/a list though since it’s safer on the pocket book & my sanity. 😉

  8. I love the grocery store and am sad that there is not a fresh market closer to me. I am off to Whole Foods today which is another super fun shopping experience. I always buy things not on my list. I am terrible at sticking with a food budget!

  9. I love to grocery shop, and do so with list in hand every sunday! I am pretty good with sticking to my list….my boyfriend however, well that’s another story. He is the impulisve ‘ooh lets try this salsa’ one.

  10. I meal plan every week, therefore I always shop with a grocery list! If I do not, I forget things or way too many “extra” items end up in my grocery cart. The items that I tend to add to my cart that are not on the list are items that I do not necessarily need right now, but are on sale and I will use in the future. I like to try to be as smart as I can about my shopping! Oh, and on occasion an extra “snacky” item or two might end up in there, as well ;).

  11. grocery shopping is one of my favorite activities 🙂

    how does fresh market compare price-wise to the other stores you shop at?

  12. I love Fresh Market and there is one close to my work, so I sometimes pop over to grab a healthier lunch when I have forgotten to bring mine. I always end up buying something new and unusual to try out. I could spend forever in that store, but I really like grocery shopping.

  13. i can honestly say that grocery shopping is my favorite activity! especially in the summer – when its bike rides to the farmers market mostly 🙂 gosh, i can’t wait for summer.

  14. I love The Fresh Market. They are amazing! The free coffee samples and food samples are the bomb! I always get some new kind of coffee there when I go.
    I love grocery shopping.
    I always end up getting different vegetables to try out. Cant resist.

  15. I love grocery shopping. I usually write down a few thing I know I need but most of the time I wing it (will work on this) The things that usually end up in my grocery cart that I dont need is convenient sized coconut water. I like to sip on it while I am grocery shopping and this is a 2.00 habit!

  16. I grocery shop about once a week and always go with a list. I meal plan for the week ahead before shopping too or I’ll end up buying random things that are difficult to make meals out of…I almost always end up buying something not on my list though–usually fruit, which is okay in my mind, but Trader Joe’s has a lot of tempting treats!

  17. I have to shop with a list or I forget. 9 times out of 10 though I leave the list on the counter, never fails lol. I grocery shop multiple times a week because different stores have different items I buy. I wish they would come up with one Katie MEGA healthy food store for me lol. Maybe I should open it?

    I always end up buying stuff I don’t need. Usually I’ll throw in extra things to stock up on like greek yogurt or frozen fruit, oh and gossip mags… lol whoops!

  18. I love grocery shopping, and Fresh Market is definitely the best grocery store we have where I live. A little pricey, but could be worse. I just need to make sure I have a plan when I go into Fresh Market, or else I buy a bunch of random stuff & spend way more money than I intended.

  19. I like grocery shopping and sometimes I do veer away from my list (its easy to do at trader joes). PS I make the french toast breakfast scramble this morning…. YUM! 🙂

  20. MMMM!

    I just bought some German Chocolate Cake coffee from Bulk Barn… it is such a nice Sunday treat! Even my friends who don’t drink coffee can’t resist when I grind up the beans!

  21. I just checked the store locations on the website, and couldn’t find one even close to my area 🙁 It sounds and looks like such a relaxing store to shop in, I’ll be on the look out for one when I travel, for sure! There’s a Trader Joes right by me, is it similar?

  22. Fresh market’s candy selection is so amazing! One of the only times we were allowed to eat candy growin up was our special trips to fresh market and I still have such a positive association!

  23. I love grocery cooking! I probably shop for at least something once a week or so. We buy in bulk about every other week at Sam’s Club for the things we can get there and use a lot of, and I get a fruit & veggie basket from a co-op every other week, and we get a beef and pork meat order from a CSA once a month, plus I get my milk once a week from a local farm so I just have to get all the “as needed” things in between! I usually pick up at least a couple things that weren’t on my list – maybe candy, or sushi, or some really good bread.

  24. I shop there often since it’s closer than Whole Foods or Fruit Center. A tip for the next time you shop there: get your bacon from the meat dudes. It’s cheaper and better quality in my opinion. Tuesdays are usually meat deals as well (not sure if it’s seasonal). PS, the tiramisu coffee is outstanding.

  25. I have never been to a Fresh Market – I don’t there are any near Minneapolis 🙁 It sounds like an awesome grocery store! I actually love grocery shopping and always bring a list. I am fairly good at sticking to my list, unless my husband is with me… he always thinks we need chips and chocolate in the cart 😉

  26. glad to hear you like fresh market. there is one near where I may move, so that could be an incentive!

    i love grocery shopping, with Wegmans being my fav!

  27. I LOVE grocery shopping. I go almost every day (now – I will say that my sales job requires I drive all over the state, so I have the luxury of stopping at stores as I drive around for work). I make a list every morning as I drink my coffee…I have to say, grocery shopping if my FAVORITE activity (other than running, cooking, and eating!). I go to Aldi, Marc’s (a discount store here in Ohio that’s FULL of imported foods!), and Kroger or Meijer. I love your meal plan post every week – that’s my FAVORITE! Glad to see you’re making loaded baked potato chicken salad again. I may have to make that to take in my lunch this week.

  28. There’s a FM about an hour away so if/when I’m in the area, I try to stop.
    I’ve gotten very purposeful about grocery shopping – I stick to a list, and tend to just shop to pantry staples and then ingredients needed for specific recipes – rather than buy things and then try to create recipes.
    Have a great afternoon.

  29. Funny, i was just finished writing about how much I <3 shopping at Trader Joe's. I almost always buy the free samples I try there. Even though it's never on my list, I never regret it!

  30. Tina, do you use an app or service for meal planning? I’m having a hard time with adopting something to put all my recipes and grocery shopping list in one spot. Thanks!

  31. I love grocery shopping! I just got home from Publix, which is the best/nicest grocery store in this area. We don’t have Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s but I have been to those stores. I shopped at Fresh Market once when I was in Cape Cod and I agree, it’s an awesome store! I usually make a list when I shop otherwise I forget things. I also always buy much more than I planned because Publix has great “BOGO” deals every week and I can never resist stocking up if it’s something I use.

  32. I LOVE grocery shopping… it’s one of my (weirdly) favorite things. However, I never shop with a grocery list… I’ve noticed your weekly grocery lists and love them- I’m going to try to do that more this year to help me structure my diet/meals more than I’ve done in the past.

    PS – made your Garlic/Lemon-Roasted Brussels Sprouts just today and have fallen in love with them. Thanks for making me realize that vegetables CAN be tasty (and easy to prepare!)

  33. Fresh Market sounds awesome. I think all grocery stores should offer free coffee samples!

    I like grocery shopping, as long as it’s not insanely busy at the grocery store. I went this afternoon and it was a good reminder of why I tend to avoid going on weekend afternoons! 😛

  34. I’ve never been but there’s one really close to me that I’m now curious about… Were the prices reasonable?

  35. I like grocery shopping. It’s the follow through of using the groceries that gets to me sometimes. You should pick up some Graeter’s ice cream at that Fresh Market. They have amazing chip flavors. (I’m partial to chocolate peanut butter chip, but blacks raspberry chocolate chip is the famous flavor.)

  36. I love your blog! I saw your grocery shopping list, and I was wondering how it’s so small (I noticed you already had ingredients at home that you did not need to purchase). How do you maintain such a small list? I buy fresh produce/lean meats, and always go to the grocery with a page list front and back. I’m only shopping fo my husband, myself, and my two year old (who does not eat much).

    1. Meal planning is key for us, but we pretty much only buy what we’ll need for a week (unless there is a sale on a staple that we use all the time), so nothing goes to waste. We bought a bunch of meat in bulk about a month ago, so we don’t buy that now either.

  37. you forgot that they also have wine and beer there! one stop shopping..also did you get your seafood for the week there i’ve never tried it just wondering if it was any good..also you should check out prevites in weymouth if you havent yet great meats and prepared foods and delicious sandwiches!

    1. I bought frozen shrimp months ago from Stop & Shop, and I finally decided to use it up, so I’m not sure how the seafood is at Fresh Market. Sorry! Thanks for the rec about Prevites. I want to check it out! 🙂

  38. My favorite places are whole foods and fresh market. I could seriously spend hours in each one just looking at everything. My boyfriend is so sweet to put up with my “Oooos and ahhhs” every time we are there 🙂

  39. I know I sound crazy, but grocery shopping is easily one of my Top 10 favorite things to do. But you’re right – a nice grocery store makes ALL the difference. When I lived in Pittsburgh, I split time between Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Giant Eagle Market District. Something about clean, fresh stores with niche areas (bulk salts, free coffee, etc.) just makes you feeel good about yourself, don’t you think? So glad you had a more enjoyable experience. In my opinion, it’s worth a little extra money!

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