Picky Eater Tactics, First Steps to Losing Weight & How a Baby Affected Our Marriage

Hi, guys!

I recently started a weekly Instagram Live series on Thursday afternoons where I answer questions from blog readers and social media followers. I realize not everyone catches them before they disappear in 24 hours, so I thought I’d share them on the blog too. I hope you guys like this new feature – and please send any questions you might have for future episodes!

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In this episode, I chat about:
  • Our picky eater – new tactics we’re trying + his favorite foods
  • First steps to start losing weight
  • How not to let macro-counting take over your life
  • How a baby affected our marriage


  1. I’ve never heard of counting macros before… I’m going to look this up! I turned 40 two years ago and since then have gained 12 pounds. I had lost 30 lbs after my son was born and now it is creeping back up on me, much to my dismay! My go to way of staying trim was calorie restriction and intermittent fasting. BUT, this is not working for me anymore, ugh! I also eat very close to nature, wholefoods, etc, so I’m not sure what has changed, aside from hitting the 40 mark. I’m thinking it could be a general decline in my metabolism? Any advice on how to speed up the metabolism?? Thanks!

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