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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working with Ali Ehrlich of Right Up Your Ali to organize and update my closet. Ali is a native of Boston who has spent over 18 years designing wardrobes for women all over Massachusetts and working for high-end designers, such as Chanel and Valentino.

IMG_3736 (450x600)

As you know, I can’t dress myself and even have a Pinterest board devoted to helping me become more stylish, so when Ali offered me some of her wardrobe services in exchange for a post on CNC, I jumped at the chance. I need fashion help in a major way!

IMG_3745 (600x450)

So, what does a fashion stylist like Ali do? Here are some of the services she offers:

  • Personal Shopping
  • Closet Organization (including “outfit lists”)
  • Fashion & Image Consulting
  • Wardrobe Makeovers

I have a lot of clothes, but I feel like I never have anything to wear (sound familiar?), so Ali helped me review my current wardrobe and decide what to keep, alter, or donate, which was a great way to identify (and remember!) clothes that I love, but just don’t know how to wear.

IMG_3721 (450x600)

Surprisingly, I have a good amount of in-style, dressy clothing from weddings, showers, blog events, etc., so Ali suggested dressing down some of these items by wearing them with jeans and even white jeans in the summer. I love this idea!

IMG_3725 (450x600)

Ali took every single piece of clothing out of my closet, asked me what I thought about it, and then rehung it by color, type (dress, skirt, short-sleeve shirt, long-sleeve shirt, etc.), and with all of the hangers facing the same way, which is something I never do, but it made a huge difference in how my closet looks.

FYI: Instead of using wooden hangers that take up a lot of space or wire hangers that ruin your clothes, Ali suggested Black Huggable Hangers. You can get them at the Container Store, but places like Marshalls and TJMaxx sell them too. They save space and more gently hang your clothing.

IMG_3739 (600x450)

Any piece that I was undecided about, Ali asked me to try on and then we assessed it from there. It was so nice to have someone who actually knows a thing or two about fashion to help me with these decisions. Otherwise, I would have kept a bunch of (out-of-style) things that would have taken up space in my closet and I never would have worn.

IMG_3723 (600x450)

I love that Ali organized my clothing by color. I actually never thought I’d love a color-coordinated closet so much. It definitely makes it easier (and less stressful) to see what’s inside.

IMG_3744 (450x600)

After tackling my hanging clothes, we tackled my sweaters.

IMG_3728 (600x450)

I loved that Ali folded everything nice and neat and again organized it by color. My closet looks so pretty now!

IMG_3742 (450x600)

After organizing my closet, we started on my dresser, which actually went a lot quicker than I expected. From start to finish, the whole process took 1.5 hours, but Ali said the length of her appointments really range””anywhere from 30 minutes for a closet in Back Bay to 4 hours for just shoes in Chestnut Hill. Imagine having that many shoes!!

IMG_3733 (600x450)

Nice and neat!

IMG_3738 (600x450)

Murphy, of course, wasn’t far from the action. Thankfully, Ali likes dogs and didn’t mind the pug at all.

IMG_3732 (600x450)

I ended up donating quite a bit of stuff””more than I expected considering I just went through my clothes not too long ago. Ali didn’t force me to get rid of anything. Instead, she walked me through the process by asking how often I wore a particular piece and then gauged my reaction before helping me make a final decision. Long story short, I was more than happy to donate what I did!

IMG_3741 (600x450)

Once Ali organized my closet and dresser, she made suggestions for specific pieces that would help me fill in the gaps in my wardrobe. Here’s what she suggested:

White jeans (for now)


Black washout jeans (for fall)


Aerosoles Blue Gene Boots


Ali said my wardrobe wasn’t in bad shape, so I think these few suggestions will definitely add a lot to what I already have in my closet. She also said I need to actually wear the nice clothes that I do have. I always end up wearing the same few things over and over again (jeans/shorts, plain t-shirt/tank top, flip flops) when I actually have some pretty stylish clothes.

Need help organizing your closet or getting some fashion advice? I highly recommend Ali. She was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient””we got a lot done in 1.5 hours! If you’d like to hire Ali to get your wardrobe in order, you can contact her at And if you mention CNC, you can get 20% off her services!

Questions of the Day

What’s the best piece of fashion advice you’ve ever received?

Do you color-coordinate your clothing?

How many pairs of jeans do you own?



  1. I totally color coordinate my clothes haha. I go by the ROYGBV of the rainbow and organize them by kind. I am kind of OCD about my closet …. however, I have a bad habit of not getting rid of stuff so before baby #2 arrives I need to do a major purge! Plus, I am transitioning from being a SAHM to a full-time Physician Assistant student and my wardrobe will be moving from workout clothes to business casual every day so I need to get my rear in gear!

  2. It always feels good to do a big cleanup and organization of the closet. I did this a few weeks back and found some clothes with tags on them still…..oopsies 😉
    What a great service Ali provides.

  3. Oh my gosh I’d be embarrased to have someone like Ali go through my closet!

    Honestly, I have probably 6 or 7 pairs of jeans. And wear 2. But mostly one 1. ha.

  4. FIrst time reader first time commentor eee!

    Test piece of fashion advice I’ve ever received it just work with what you’ve got – don’t follow the trends, pick pieces that suit your figure and can be paired with something that is in trend. Staples like that perfect fitting pair of jeans and ankle boots are key!
    Colour coordinate my clothing yes! And I own about 10 pairs of jeans. Highwaisted im loving – wear with a cute crop top in summer, or longer items if you don’t like the highwaisted look and can make your jeans look like hipster whilst keeping everything in!

  5. I just finished a wardrobe overhaul myself! I invested in some nice hangers (the no-slip kind you mentioned) and a scarf/belt hanger. It’s so nice to like the way my closet looks rather than dreading the task of digging through it to find an outfit!
    I only own three pairs of jeans–two casual and one pair of trouser jeans. I need some skinnies though!

  6. I’ve been using those huggable hangers for years. Love them! They save a ton of space in your closet. I’m really OCD and have to hang everything the same way. I also can’t mix pants with blouses. Everything has to be grouped together but I don’t color-coordinate.

    I have those Aerosoles boots – they are super comfy and I get lots of compliments on them.

  7. Giving fashion advice is my job (personal shopper) so I love seeing posts like this. The only comment I have to make is that white is always in. The whole “no white after labor day rule” does not exist. There are no rules in fashion, that is what makes fashion, fashion. It is meant to be fun and witty and a representation of you, not something a magazine tells you. Black washout jeans are always in style as well. Consider the denim an investment piece that will last you a few years if you take care of them. I recommend Rag & Bone denim or J Brand.

    If you ever need fashion advice, email me 🙂

  8. Best Fashion advice I’ve received: “just a bit of lipstick makes your whole day better” from my Nana, and now I have finally found that perfect red for my pout. I love vintage clothing and try to rock just about anything:) I do color-coordinate, and I trimmed my jean collection down after moving to Hawaii. Now I’m a shorts/skirts/dresses gal. Still trying to find my “Island fashion” as I tend more toward a city-gal style. The easy-breezy lifestyle is starting to suit me though!

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