Cleaning Out My Purse

Hello, hello!

How is your Wednesday going so far? Mine is off to a great start after eating an especially delicious breakfast!


This morning’s breakfast was my usual nut butter + banana slices on toast with iced coffee, but I tried a new gluten-free bread this morning, which was so, so, so tasty, especially for gluten-free bread. Some of them can be really blah… gross and flavorless.

IMG_9393 (900x675)

This Glutino cinnamon raisin bread is the bomb. It was on sale at Whole Foods this week, so I bought a bag, and I’m so glad that I did. It’s soft, chewy, and sweet with big ol’ plump raisins throughout. It is so goooooood! I actually just noticed that the bag says “Almost a dessert. Almost.”, which is definitely an accurate description!

Quick side note: Please don’t freak out that I’m eating gluten-free bread. It’s probably pretty obvious on CNC that I don’t eat a gluten-free diet, but I just wanted to point that out. I actually like the way most gluten-free bread tastes, and it doesn’t make me feel tired after I eat it like regular bread does. Plus, there’s a lot of research out there about the connection between gluten and autoimmunity, so I figure it can’t hurt to cut it out here and there when I can, especially if I like it. So that’s that.

glutino cinnamon raisin bread


I loved this morning’s breakfast so much, I went back for a third piece with melted butter on top. Holy yum, people.

IMG_9395 (900x675)

Yesterday, when I drove to my doctor’s appointment, I gave myself plenty of time to get there. Without traffic, it usually takes me about 45 minutes, but I always leave with about an hour and 15 minutes to spare just in case I hit traffic. I almost always do, so most of the time, I have about 10-15 minutes to spare before my appointment, which is cool with me because I like to read the pregnancy and baby magazines in my doctor’s office. Plus, I hate feeling rushed or being late, so it works out.

Long story short, I ended up getting to my appointment in record time yesterday and had almost 30 minutes to spare, so I grabbed a decaf iced soy latte at a near by Starbucks. Since I had some time to kill, I started to clean out my purse and wallet. Both of which were a disaster.


Some of the randomness found inside:

  • Headphones + cord taco <— best thing ever!
  • Pen from Hotel Vermont
  • Chapstick from the spa at Esperanza
  • Thumb drive with a copy of my book on it
  • Top of a champagne bottle from when we told my in-laws we were pregnant
  • Lip gloss
  • Blotting papers that I bought for my wedding day
  • Waste bag for doggie do-do <— you never know when you will need one!
  • Useable bags <— I always have a bunch on me


Not pictured: A least a dozen receipts from Whole Foods and about as many straw wrappers from iced coffee purchases. #whereallmymoneygoes

Question of the Day

What’s the most random thing you’ve ever found in your purse?


  1. I’ve been carrying bubbles from a friend’s wedding in my purse for about a year. It’s been helpful when I need to amuse my 3 year old nephew.

    Of course I always have poop bags in my purse. I have them in every coat and many pants pockets.

  2. Fun activity! 😉

    That sounds like my purse right now”¦.I also have so many small gum wrappers (I open it up, pop a piece of gum in, and usually no garbage can around, so it just goes back into the purse. Eek). I also always have a mic screen on me (for the mic when I teach fitness classes), bobby pins, and hair elastics. Everywhere!

    I should probably clean my purse out now”¦.:/

  3. Haha, I just cleaned out my purse because it started to become Mary Poppins-esk. I was pulling so many random, unnecessary items out that I couldn’t find what I was actually looking for.

  4. I’m always finding random tot-related items, a world you will soon be a part of! We were joking in our play group that we always have random toys in our purses, we dig for chap stick and pull out a pacifier! Or we go for our wallet and find a plastic dinosaur! Totally random!

  5. Not the most random thing I ever found in my purse, but related to that was a really fun baby shower game I was did. Someone read off a list of things that could be found in your purse and you earned or deducted points based on that item. It was really fun!

  6. So…funny story. This was a few years ago, after a big time night of booze-facing. I woke up the next morning and grabbed my purse and rushed out the door to work at my restaurant, hungover as all get out. The power was off in the restaurant so we all got to go home for a few hours. I got back in my car to drive home for my nap and reached in my purse and found…a wineglass. Funniest part? I wasn’t even drinking wine the night before! I 100% stole it from somewhere… Whoops!

  7. I have two autoimmune diseases and my doc recently told me she wants to test me for Celiac’s. <–Lame. I thought going GF would be the worse thing ever! However, since I've cut it out I've been feeling better. Maybe it the placebo effect? I guess I'll find out after my next appointment! How are you feeling as you reach the end of your pregnancy?! Are you getting antsy/excited/terrified/all of the above?

    The most random thing I've ever found in my purse? A packet of wasabi and a wine key. I REALLY, REALLY like wasabi and wine, apparently.

  8. I don’t even want to clean out my purse I am scared what I would find. I actually found our marriage certificate in my purse the other day I forgot I had put it in there about a month ago to take it for something!

  9. There is a huge link between gluten and autoimmune issues. A lot of time although you are not diagnosed with celiacs, a gluten intolerance can be a major factor in your other conditions. I have recently cut gluten out for this reason a few weeks ago and have been looking for a good bread to try! Off to Whole Foods I go!

  10. I have Celiac, so have tried a ton of gluten free brands. Some Glutino products are really good, but be careful because they make you gain weight faster than anything I’ve ever eaten. If you look at the ingredients list, there is NO flour from grains like rice and it is all different types of starches, which is a little gross to me. Personally, I won’t eat any gluten free product that is all starch or even in the first few ingredients. I stick to brands like Vans or the Franz 7 grain GF bread.

  11. I think you should do a re-do of this post in about 6 months. I guarantee you it will be VERY different! Like, dirty pacifiers, dried out wipes and random makeshift baby toys different 🙂

  12. I do not allow myself to carry a large purse anymore, ever since The Incident. I had a little container of seafood pasta leftovers that I completely forgot about and didn’t even notice was still in there the next morning, and so it sat in a hot car trunk the following day. Yum…

  13. I have a purse problem (I have too many of them)! I switch them throughout the week so i always find random stuff in them. Lots of Dunkin receipts for my iced coffee that I get every morning and at least 4 chapsticks. I bought gluten free Udis multigrain bread Saturday and it is so good!! I normally don’t buy gf bread but it was on sale at stop and shop.

  14. a tin foil ball, my friends cat plays fetch and he must have dropped it in there lol, the receipts are the worse they get out of hand as well as coupons for me. I try to do a clean out at least once a month if not more lol! and it seems like no matter how hard you try to keep it organized it just never stays that way!

  15. My purse is in a right state at the moment and has all sorts of weird things in it. The funniest thing i have found in it was my nephews toy truck. I have loads of lip glosses too but never the one i really want to use!

  16. I hate carrying a big ol diaper bag when I’m just running into Target or something (I’m lucky in that my little man just enjoys the cart/stroller ride and doesn’t need much for entertainment) so I’ll find a diaper or a baggie with wipe… sometimes a pacifier. Though I tend to find more random things in the backpack we use for our son (easier than a daiper bag) like a talkig ninja turtle that his 3 year old cousin sneaks in here.

  17. I cleaned out an old purse and found a penis straw from a bachelorette party I went to years ago. Random smut.

  18. If you’re into GF bread you’ve gotta try the against the grain baguettes (sold at whole foods). Pretty awesome replacement for those amazing fresh from the oven (non gf) versions at the bakery!

  19. Love those cord tacos… need to check them out!

    My everyday “purse” is a medium longchamp bag which is actually quite big so I feel like it becomes my portable “junk drawer”. Recently I did clean it out though and I found a ziploc bag full of pine nuts from several months ago when I visited my parents, saw they had a HUGE pine stash and took a to-go bag with me (hey, pint nuts are $$$!) In the past I’ve found forgotten bottles of beer (went to a friends house the night before, forgot I put a couple in my bag and found it the next day at work while looking for chapstick or something else innocent!)

  20. There is a lot of research between gluten and autoimmunity–three months ago I decided to try the Autoimmune Protocol outlined in the book The Paleo Approach for my autoimmune thyroid issues. For someone who thought she felt pretty good, the difference has been amazing!

  21. The most random thing I’ve ever found in my purse was a jump starter for my car”¦ Haha, I’m still not sure how/why that ended up in there!

    My family is always on the hunt for a good gluten free bread. I may have to go pick up a loaf of that stuff!

  22. Wait a couple years and the really random stuff will start appearing! Acorns, pretty rocks, crayons from restaurants… kiddos want you to keep the craziest things. I’m just happy to be out of the stage of having to keep an extra pair of little kiddo underwear in my purse, just in case.

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