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Holy moly, I just went on a major cleaning spree. Our house wasn’t even all that messy, but the urge to clean just came over me. Does that ever happen to you? You just feel the need to clean? I’m not usually psyched about cleaning, but, sometimes, it feels good to do!

IMG_3699 (563x750)

So fresh.

IMG_3692 (750x563)

So clean.

IMG_3693 (750x563)

Where’d Waldo Murphy?

IMG_3695 (563x750)

When I was snapping photos of our nice clean house for this post, I realized I never showed you guys pics of our newly painted kitchen, so here you go!

IMG_3291 (563x750)

The new color really brightens up the room, right?

IMG_3293 (750x563)

IMG_3289 (750x563)


IMG_3292 (750x563)

IMG_3295 (750x563)

I like the light blue so much better than the dark red paint!

IMG_3299 (563x750)

Ok, onto today’s eats!


This morning’s breakfast was a Sweet Breakfast Scramble with a big scoop of almond butter. Obviously, I’m really digging this breakfast lately””I think I ate it everyday this week. For those of you who asked, it tastes more like banana and cinnamon than eggs and squash.

_MG_9684 (750x499)


Just a few hours later, my stomach start to grumble again. It wasn’t even 11:00, but I was HUNGRY!

IMG_3677 (750x563)

On the menu: two eggs + two egg whites mixed with mushrooms, spinach, and scallions. It was simple, delicious, and satisfying.

_MG_9702 (750x499)


After lunch, I cleaned the house, and when I finished, I used some wilted kale to make a green juice-like substance. It wasn’t quite juice, but it wasn’t a smoothie either.

IMG_3679 (750x563)

In the mix: kale, half of a cucumber, an apple, a pear, and water.


Mal just got home, so we’re taking Murphy to the park and then going to CrossFit.

Happy Friday, friends!!!



  1. Is that a Ninja?
    We just got a ninja a few weeks ago (I REALLY wanted the vitamix but our wallets weren’t big enough for that…so we went with the Ninja instead)… not going to lie, don’t know if I like the Ninja… Are you happy with yours? We make smoothies and shakes in it all the time and I just feel like its always a little chunky… I can never get a perfectly smooth drink even if I let it blend for a few min, there are always chunks (especially when I use leafy greens… or keep the skin on my fruit). Didn’t know if it was just me or if you had that same issue…

    1. @dana: i was wondering the same thing! i wanted a vitamix too but settled on a ninja. i wasnt crazy about it at first, but now i love it! i just over use setting 3. i dont know if tiny pieces of kale are normal in a smoothie, but i’ve embraced it. i’ve always got kale on my teeth …

  2. I love the “Eat Good Food” sign. And I also like the idea of a spice shelf above the stove. I need one of those! I’m always rushing to the pantry for spices in the middle of cooking. This would keep things within arm’s reach.

  3. Hehehehe, I love Murphy’s little head tilt in so many of these pictures. So cute!
    Also, I love your simple lunch. It’s something I can whip up really fast when I’m at school 🙂

  4. The kitchen paint looks great! That light blue is the perfect color for it I think. Murphy cracks me up in every photo you post of him. He just always looks so anguished.

  5. I love when we clean the house top to bottom, and get that oh-so-clean feeling. It makes me want to stay in and enjoy the house rather then go out.

  6. It must be so nice to only work part-time and from home! I would love to be able to get things done in the middle of the day like that.

  7. Must feel great! I need to do that with my house soon…maybe this weekend. If I spent less time worrying about cleaning and just doing it it would make a world of difference!

    Looks like Murphy is enjoying the clean house!

  8. Sometimes that urge just takes over and when you’re feeling it, you may as well take advantage of it! Whenever my fiance is out of town, I suddenly have an urge to get tons of projects done in a hurry so he’s always in for a surprise when he gets home.
    Love the blue, we painted a similar color in our kitchen last spring and it really brightens things up!

  9. hahaa Murphy must SERIOUSLY follow you everywhere! 😀 He’s in almost every picture…oh wait, everybody already commented on that. haha. But it’s so cute/funny! Man, I agree that during and after cleaning a house it feels glorious!! But the thought of having to do it in the imminent future is so dreadful 😛

  10. Your house is so adorable, and it looks super cozy!! You and Mal did an awesome job remodeling. And yes, I get the weirdest random urges to clean. Sometimes, I feel like I can’t focus on what I’m doing cause I can see so must dust on my floor. I just moved into this apt a few months ago, and the dust is out of control! Not sure how it accumulates so fast in just a couple of days 🙁

  11. I got on a cleaning spree of the kitchen while dinner finished cooking this evening, sometimes it’s just needed and feels good. But I was also on a cook new and different and delicious foods spree today. Each meal today was something new and different and absolutely amazing!

  12. Could Murphy get any cuter?! Good grief I want a pug!

    Must’ve been a cleaning kind of day because I gave the house an overhaul too. I feel so accomplished!

  13. I just found your blog. I’m also interesting in diet and fitness. I love how you shared your cleaning spree with us. I run a cleaning business, and I know, not everyone can really deep clean. Tomorrow I will have to give my home an overhaul.

  14. Where did you get those awesome organizers on the side of your fridge? I have been looking for some and found some at OfficeMax/Depot a while back, but they weren’t strong enough to hold more than a few receipts. Those look awesome!!!

    I definitely know how good a nice clean house feels (bc I don’t have one that often!)

  15. Yes to the urge to clean! I get it often in our tiny Korean pad, it just gets so cluttered so quickly~ but we make it work! I love the new kitchen color, so fresh;)

  16. Tina

    your house looks great. So neat and organized.. it is always a great feeling when the hosue is cleaned.. thanks for sharing.

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