Why Clean Eating Doesn’t Work

You’ve heard it before…

“You need to eat clean to lose weight.”

But what does “eating clean” even mean? And does eating clean mean you’ll magically lose weight?

Nope. Eating clean does NOT mean you’ll automatically lose weight.


Because it’s not just about the “cleanliness” of the food you consume. Ok, yes, the quality of food is important, but so is the quantity of food you consume.

If you don’t know how many calories you are consuming, it’s easy to plateau and get stuck at the same weight. You also probably feel discouraged because you’re not making progress and your commitment to clean eating is likely preventing you from enjoying a donut, glass of wine, or big ol’ juicy burger. If you’re missing out on many of the fun parts of life (i.e. brunch with friends, happy hour, cake at a birthday party), you’re likely feeling super deprived, which, of course, is not enjoyable or sustainable.

If you allow yourself a balance of nutritious and delicious (aka “fun”) foods and use your macro goals as a tool to help guide your choices, you’ll know how many calories you are consuming each day. It’s so much easier to work toward your goals when you have data to back up your choices. Plus, you’re not restricted in what you can or can’t eat. You can satisfy your cravings on a regular basis, which means you’re less likely to binge.

When you track macros, you’re much more in tune with your energy needs. And, the best part about macros: no foods are off-limits. You can have your carrots and cake, too! 🙂 It’s all about making good choices, eating in moderation, and discovering how your macro goals can work for YOU. In the wise words of Bethenny Frankel, “You can have it all, just not all at once!”

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