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Hey, hey!

Last month, I had the opportunity to try ClassPass for the first time. Never heard of it? If not, you’re in for a treat! ClassPass is a new kind of fitness membership that allows you to enjoy all kinds of workouts at all kinds of studios.

Do you live for barre classes?

Are you curious about CrossFit?

Do you want to warm up with hot yoga classes this winter?

Then, ClassPass is for you! It’s designed to help you explore tons of amazing studios and classes and challenge you with different ways to work out, all of which is included in a single ClassPass membership.

ClassPass actually contacted me many months ago about working together, but since I live about 30 minutes outside Boston, I wasn’t sure if it was a good fit. (The majority of their participating studios are located in big cities.) Fast-forward to this past summer: ClassPass reached out again, but this time they’ve expanded their network to include even more studios in and around Boston, including the South Shore where I live. With a bunch of studios nearby, I jumped at the chance to work together this time. With my ClassPass membership, I discovered a couple of new studios and worked out at places I already knew and loved. And, of course, it was such a great opportunity to mix things up with my workouts. That said, here are some awesome ClassPass studios on the South Shore!

ROW & RIDE (Hanover)

Row & Ride instantly became a new favorite for me! It offers both rowing and spinning classes and combo classes (1/2 rowing + 1/2 spinning). They also have a number of classes that mix strength training with rowing and spinning, so there are tons of workout options.


The studio itself is bright, modern, and clean with a huge spin studio, twelve rowing machines, lockers, and showers. It’s quite the nice place!


The combo row and ride class, starts with rowing. Each music track corresponds with a target stroke per minute rate, so you vary your pace throughout the 30-minute session. We did intervals in one class and, in another, we did an all out 500 meter sprint, which was really fun!


The second part of class was 30 minutes of spinning. One instructor’s class reminded me a lot of SoulCycle (i.e. awesome music, movements on the bike, candles), so I was an especially happy gal!


LIVE FIT (Situate)

Live Fit offers personal training, spinning, and small group exercise classes. I signed up (though ClassPass) to take a small group exercise class, but when I arrived, it was just me! Heyyyy, one-on-one session!

IMG_6972 (1024x768)

The majority of Live Fit’s small group class are 2-7 people, so you definitely get personalized attention, which is great when it comes to challenging yourself as an individual athlete.

IMG_6971 (1024x768)

IMG_6970 (1024x768)

My trainer put me through a challenging strength workout that focused on balance, power, and coordination, all things helpful for a runner and well-rounded athlete. Our session was a lot of fun too because we had a lot in common and chatted up a storm, which made the time fly by!

IMG_6974 (768x1024)

SECRET PHYSIQUE (Hingham, Quincy, Pembroke, Plymouth)

Secret Physique is a long-time favorite. I used to attend classes back when I was pregnant and shortly after, but I hadn’t been back in quite awhile, so I was happy that it was included in ClassPass’ available studios.

I’ve actually blogged about Secret Physique a bunch of times on CNC in the past, so feel free to check out my posts for more info! It’s a wonderful studio and a serious workout. I’m always so sore after!!


Another oldie, but goodie! I originally tried out Cycle Life Studio through Groupon, but again I was happy to see that it’s part of ClassPass!

Cycle Life offers all sorts of spin class (i.e. Pedal-n-Pilates) as well as TRX and Computrainer sessions.

I loved my first experience with ClassPass and hope to continue my membership in the future (most likely after my half marathon training as a way to mix things up). It’s a lot of fun and perfect for those of us who have “workout ADD.” You can always find something new and different!

And a quick shout out for the ClassPass app! It’s the best way to find classes in your area on the specific day and time that you want to work out. It was my go-to resource when looking for classes to try out. If you’re curious about ClassPass, I highly recommend that you download the app (it’s free) to see what’s out there. It might just motivate you to sign up!

Questions of the Day

Have you tried ClassPass? If so, what’s your favorite thing about it? If not, why not? 

South Shore friends: Where are your favorite studios to work out? 



  1. Love the concept of class pass. Last time I checked it wasn’t in my area. But I’m glad to know they’ve expanded, so I’ll look into it again! Does the app track your workouts or is it just a way to sign up?

  2. SOOO glad you wrote this. Ever since I moved from Southie to Hanover I’ve been craving my old ClassPass routine and have been bummed there haven’t been that many boutique studio options on the South Shore. I’ve been wanting to try all of these spots (outside of Secret Physique – I went last night and still can’t feel my legs). Will definitely have to check all of these places out!

  3. I am out here in North Carolina and I use ClassPass! I love the concept. As a fitness director of a large organization out here, I don’t always want to work out where I work. My one and only complaint is that some of my favorite studios aren’t on there, so I feel like I pay a million dollars for fitness stuff every month.

  4. Being a South Shore girl, i’m so so excited that ClassPass has expanded! I think the new Commit to Be Fit that opened recently in Weymouth is also a part of ClassPass too! I plan on joining after the new year now that there are so many classes close by!

  5. You should check out Commit2bFit in Weymouth and Quincy. It is on class pass, I would recommend CardioKick Kettlebell, amazing class!

  6. I looked into class pass a few months back. I live just outside Philadelphia and most of what they offer is in the city. It’s not far from me (about 6 miles) but it’s $5 to go over the bridge and I most likely would need to pay for parking. It doesn’t make sense for me to do that several times a week. When I used to work in the city and was there every day anyway, I would have jumped right on board with class pass. Anyway, I’ll keep watching to see if they add more local like they did in your area.
    thanks for the review!

  7. I’ve been dying to try Class Pass but there are only 3 studies near me who accept it right now. I’m hoping they continue to expand in the Danbury, CT area.

  8. Was just talking to my roommates about how much I want to try Class Pass out. I’ve been going to CorePower yoga the past week and am so excited to see that they are included in the studio list! Will have to sign up soon 🙂

  9. I’ve been really interested in trying out class pass at least for a free trial! I live between DC and Baltimore so there’s only about 5 studios within a very reasonable distance. I’ve heard really good things about pure barre and I’d really like to try it out!

  10. LOVE Class Pass! I use it constantly. I love using the app for signing up/’s just so convenient! I live in Charlotte so having it be a somewhat smaller city, all the studios are close by.

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