Christmas Day 2012

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Merry Christmas, friends! I hope Santa was good to you and you were able to spend some quality time with those you love today. I had a wonderful Christmas and it started with waking up to fresh snow””a white Christmas, which is pretty much the only time I like snow.


Once Mal and I showered and got ready for the day, we headed out in search of iced coffee. Of course, the pug came along for the ride. It was Christmas and he was too excited to sleep!


Hooray! We found a Dunkin Donuts open on Christmas Day!


Coffee run for the fam.


Back at my in-laws, everyone was awake, a fire was roaring, and breakfast was cooking””it was a perfect Christmas morning.


On the menu for breakfast: bacon.


Crème Brûlée French Toast <— holy crap, this was amazing!


And mimosas.




After breakfast, we opened presents and relaxed for awhile.


Around 12:30 PM, we headed to my mom’s house for another Christmas celebration.


Hi, Lucy! Meow.



I love how Batman and Murphy have fancy, embroidered Christmas stockings while the sons-in-law have recycled stockings with black electrical tape! Haha!



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While lunch cooked, we snacked on some Doritos with melted cheese and salsa, which was my mom’s delicious brainchild. Cheese + more cheese = genius!


While we snacked, we opened our stockings, which is my favorite part of Christmas.


My sister got two new pink birds for her “pink bird Christmas tree” this year.


“Pink bird Christmas tree”? I’m surprised I’ve never told this story on CNC before.

Back when my sister was a kid, my mom bought her a plastic pink bird with feathers for the Christmas tree. She thought it was really cool and hung it on the tree. Well, our cat, Honey, thought it was a real bird or something and ripped it off the tree and shredded it to pieces. My sister was so upset and cried and cried and cried about her pink bird.

A few years later when we took out the ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree, we found my sister’s mangled pink bird. (If you look closely in the photo below, it’s on the left side, halfway down the tree. It’s that brown-pink thing.) I can’t remember who brought up the pink bird drama from years before, but we all had a good laugh about it. Since then, either my mom or I buy my sister a pink bird for Christmas every year. She has so many now, we’ve started a “pink bird Christmas tree” to keep them all.


After stockings, it was time to open presents!


Yay!!! Mal and I got new towels and we were psyched! (It’s kind of funny how excited we get about things like towels nowadays.)



A little while later, it was time to eat lunch, which was a roast.


With red mashed potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts.




Merry Christmas!

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How was your Christmas? What’s the best gift you gave or received?

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