Chillaxin in Seattle

Our final day in Seattle involved a mixture of chillin’ and relaxin.’ Just check out Brody chillaxin in the backyard!

IMG_0001 (800x600)

(Apparently, I’m a big dork and find the word ”˜chillaxin’ much cooler than it actually is.)


Once again, my morning started with coffee from (super awsome) Caffe Ladro. This time, I went with a misto made with soy milk, and, as expected, the coffee was bold, delicious, and wonderful. Man, I’m really going to miss their coffee. We need a Caffe Ladro on the East coast!

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To eat, Coleman made his mother’s special (and secret) German Pancake recipe.

IMG_0005 (800x600)

Look at this thing! It was massive!

IMG_0004 (800x600)

And incredibly delicious! I actually ended up eating three servings of it (along with fruit salad and turkey bacon). I had no idea that I liked German Pancakes so much. This breakfast = holy yum.

IMG_0007 (800x600)

After breakfast, we puttered around the house, listened to music, Googled random things, took showers, got dressed, drank more coffee. Meanwhile, Brody played with his stuffed dinosaur and then passed out in the middle of the kitchen floor with it in his mouth.

IMG_0012 (800x600)

How adorable is that?!

IMG_0009 (800x600)


A few hours later, we some errands around town, which included buying groceries for dinner and grabbing lunch at a Whole Foods/Dean & Deluca-type market with an amazing prepared foods selection and salad bar.

IMG_0016 (800x600)

Obviously, I went with the salad bar. I love huge ones with all of the fixings. I just can’t help myself. Honestly, I didn’t even look at the other lunch options and went straight for the salad bar.

IMG_0017 (800x600)

To drink, I bought a bottle of white green tea. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of it. It tasted grassy to me. Blech.

IMG_0018 (800x600)

I finished off lunch with a Lindt chocolate truffle. Mmm!

IMG_0019 (800x600)

After lunch, the four of us took Brody for a walk at a nearby park close to the waterfront. It was a beautiful area with ocean views, green space, and walking/running/biking paths. Mal and I both fell in love with it.

IMG_0029 (800x600)

IMG_0026 (600x800)IMG_0022 (600x800)

IMG_0025 (800x600)

IMG_0033 (800x600)

IMG_0032 (800x600)


As a thank you to our hosts, Mal and I cooked dinner at home last night. On the menu: Feta-Walnut Stuffed Cucumbers.

IMG_0002 (800x600)

Soy-Glazed Cod and roasted Brussels sprouts.

IMG_0007 (800x600)

Delish! Sib and Coleman both said they really liked dinner. Hooray!

After dinner, we met up with a few of Sib and Coleman’s friends at a DOG BAR (we brought Brody) for a couple of drinks before they took Mal and Me to the airport for our red eye flight home. Now, we’re sitting in the Charlotte airport waiting to board our flight to Boston. We’re almost home! I can’t wait to see Murphy!!!


  1. For the record, chillaxin is totally a cool word….looks like a perfect day! We make something similar to the German pancake, but they’re smaller and called Dutch babies…hope you have a safe flight home!

  2. ahhhh I wanna walk through those trails! And I’m always in search of fun and delicious cafes! This one sounds delish. And btw, “chillaxin'” IS a cool word! (I prob. think that cuz I say it all the time) Have a beautiful and chillaxin’ day guys.

  3. I had read a couple of weeks ago on here that you were trying to find a quick but good way to eat oatmeal. I saw this on and wanted to share.
    Easy Slow-Cooker Oatmeal
    Slow cookers aren’t just for dinner. “Steel cut oats are one of the best hot cereals but often get overlooked for a quicker breakfast,” says Beth Bader, co-author of The Clean Plate Club. “Making these in a slow cooker the night before makes this healthy, hot breakfast ready when you are.”

    1-cup steel-cut oats
    1/3 cup chopped dates
    2/3-cup raisins
    1/3 cup chopped dried figs
    1/2-teaspoon ground cinnamon
    1/3 cup chopped almonds or walnuts
    4 cups water
    1/2-cup half-and-half (or non-fat, plain yogurt)

    Directions: Mix all of the ingredients together in a slow cooker before you head to bed. Set to LOW and cook for 8 to 9 hours. Stir to combine and serve.

  4. Dutch Babies are a favorite in our house. They are very similar to German Pancakes. Super easy to make and so cool to see it puff up in the oven.

  5. What a FUN trip!! We’ve been to Washington State once and hope to go back this summer…we loved it there!!
    BTW, chillaxin is one of the coolest words ever!

  6. I am so excited you skied at Mt. Baker and had a blast. I have been reading your blog for a few months now and live in Bellingham with my husband, who is on the Mt. Baker Pro Patrol. We were skiing the whole week you and Mal were up here and I was so excited to see your reviews of some of my favorite spots around Bham. Glad you had a great time on the Mt. and hope you come back for a visit soon!

  7. Oh my goodness, what are German pancakes and how do you make them?! Anddd, how does it puff up so much and not spill over the edges?! That thing looks like a massive masterpiece of deliciousness!

    1. I’m not sure of the name, but it was a fancy grocery store– sort of like Dean & Deluca. I believe it was in West Seattle. Near the CrossFit!

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