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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning! Happy Thursday!

Last night’s WOD was “easier” than most. I’d normally be annoyed by an easy workout, but I totally embraced this one because I was so exhausted. I probably should have skipped CrossFit all together, but “Annie” didn’t look too tough. I made it through the WOD no problem, but today is definitely going to be a rest day. My body needs it!



50-40-30-20-10 rep rounds of:



“Annie” is 150 Double-unders (a jump rope exercise in which the rope makes two passes under the feet per jump) + 150 Sit-ups. I’m still working on my Double-unders (I can consistency do 2-4 in a row, but no more than that), so I did the Level 1 option, which was doubling the reps. So, instead of 50 Double-unders, I did 100. Instead of 40, I did 80. You get the idea. (I did the prescribed number of Sit-ups. No need to double those!) I finished in 10:30.

Before we started the WOD, the class spent some time practicing Double-unders. While I tried to get them down, I chatted with a couple of the other ladies in class. We started talking about jump-roping as kids and other games we played, like Chinese Jump Rope and Cat’s cradle. I was also a fan of Skip-Its, Pocket Rockers, and Pogo Balls growing up. I was totally a child of the 80’s.


As I was writing this post just now, this game randomly popped into my head:


Anyone else remember Mall Madness? It was such an awesome game. You went to the mall to go shopping in order to win and the game was electronic, so it talked to you, which, of course, was super cool in the late-80’s. I thought it was the neatest game ever. I never actually owned Mall Madness, but my friend Jenn did, so we’d play every time I went to her house.


After CrossFit, I came home and snacked on some veggies with Creamy Spinach Dip while dinner cooked. I was starving and couldn’t wait to eat!

IMG_0002 (600x800)

On the menu: BAT’s (bacon, avocado, tomato) on Paleo Bread with sliced tomato sprinkled with truffle salt. The BAT was so delicious. I really love that Paleo Bread!

IMG_0006 (800x600)

After dinner, I still wanted something to eat, so I broke out some Pretzel Crisps + White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter to eat together. I ate a bunch and then went back again for a second round. The munchies hit me hard last night!

IMG_0010 (800x600)

Question of the Day

What were your favorite childhood games?



  1. I loved Mall Madness (and still have it), but I remember the process of setting up & breaking down the ‘mall’ took longer than actually playing the game did. Dream Phone was another one of my favorites too.

  2. I’m reallllly bad at double unders. I remember doing a lot of tuck jumps in place of them because I was so frustrated with my inability to do them. They’re awesome though–heart rate goes right up!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE for the Mall Madness! I totally forgot about it! My favourite was definitely Dream Phone though. I’ve always been boy crazy!

  3. I loved Mall Madness!! As an only child, when I didn’t have friends over I’d always try to rope my mom into playing with me. Others I thought of: Don’t Spill the Beans & Hungry Hungry Hippos.
    A friend of mine had Sweet Valley High board game and we would always play it when I went to her house.

  4. I loved Mall Madness too, but my fav was Girl Talk where you had to like call boys you liked and tell them they were cute and if you didn’t, you had to put on the dreaded zit stickers! This makes me want to invite all my friends over for a sleepover and play 80s and 90s board games 🙂

  5. I’m just curious as to why you would bother to eat paleo bread, and then follow it up with pretzel crisps and peanut butter? Neither of which are paleo friendly. It just seems like eating like that you aren’t reaping any of the benefits of the diet. Just curious as to what your reasoning is?

      1. @Tina: I know you said that. I’m just not sure why you’d go to the trouble to make paleo bread I guess. Most reading I’ve done suggests you give yourself 30 full strict days to reap the benefits of a paleo diet. Try looking at whole 30 or Robb Wolf’s book. It just seems like you are selling yourself short. When I’m on my full paleo, and crossfit I feel super human. Seriously. If you just want to increase protein, and cut processed foods that’s great, but I don’t think you should throw the term paleo around your blog. Its confusing.

        1. @Jenna: I don’t see the point of doing a strict 30-day diet when I don’t plan to eat that way for the rest of my life. I’m sorry if it’s confusing for you, but the way I eat is not all or none/black or white. I know I can still benefit from aspects of Paleo (or any other diet that touts fruits, veggies, healthy fats, lean proteins, less sugar and processed foods) without going devoting myself to it 100%.

  6. Yay! Go jump rope! Other classics include 4 square (with the ball on the black top/playground) and tetherball. We also had epic monkey bar races. I feel like someone should create an adult Olympics where the events are all childhood games. How fun would that be?!

  7. i LOVE double unders! i actually had a competition against my high school basketball coach last year and won! he bought me a smoothie 😉

    for me, the best way to do double unders is not to jump up high or bring knees up high but to keep your legs straight and kind of lift them up just like how a folder would fold. that takes less effort and you’ll be able to do more reps!

  8. I just tried explaining Cat’s Cradle and Chinese Jump Rope to my colleagues, and they laughed at me. We tried looking it up on YouTube, and I remember it being a lot cooler than it looks now… I was a huge fan of neighborhood games: Four Square, HORSE, Ghosts in the Graveyard, Capture the Flag, Sardines, etc.

  9. I always love it when I get super hungry after workouts. I assume it’s because my metabolism got a jump start, and it makes me feel like I’ve really worked (although I try not to go crazy and counteract it all!)

  10. Mall Madness was my favorite! Had forgotten all about it but now I can remember that electronic voice announcing sales 🙂 we also loved Hotels, it was similar to monopoly. My brother wouldn’t play it with me after I beat him once though!

  11. Yes, loved Mall Madness! And that board game where you dressed up like a princess (I forget the name of it), even though I was totally a tom boy.

  12. I LOVED Mall Madness!! My sister and I played all the time! In fact, we still use phrases from the game, especially “try again later” (in that really weird computer voice). Thanks for reminding me! 🙂

  13. Oh my goodness talk about a flash back. I loved Mall Madness. My sister and I also loved the game Dream Phone. Did you ever play that game? It had a bunch of “cute” boys that you got to call and one ends up having a crush on you. We were so cool. 🙂

  14. Gah! I LOVED Mall Madness when I was little! I didn’t have the full board game but a little take along one. You better believe that bad boy went everywhere with me! Thanks for bringing back a great memory! 🙂

  15. I’m totally not embarrassed to say that I still have Mall Madness 🙂 My mom has been cleaning out stuff from her basement, and wanted to me decide what to do with the game. There was no way I was letting her sell it. I brought it home with the intention that I can play it with my niece when she visits. Perfect reasoning 🙂

  16. What was the game where you got zit stickers if you didn’t answer…I can’t remember it!

    I think Uno and Trouble where two of my favorite games. We used to make our own games for class out of shoe boxes and I always loved that too!

  17. I’m not a child of the 80s but of the 90s, but I had a chinese jumprope! That thing was so fun. I remember tons of ads for “i wonder wonder what’s in a wonder ball” which was actually a candy, and for “moon shoes” that supposedly make one jump higher, but once my brother tried a friend’s pair and he said they actually weigh you down. Oh yeah and those balloons that you could supposedly poke a fork through and it wouldn’t pop! The funny thing is that I remember all these TV commercials but not the actual shows I watched.

  18. Made the Paleo bread this weekend – wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing the receipe. Keep up the Paleo stuff – loving it.

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