Cheddar, Feta & Olive Pitas

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Sandwich Week continues! :mrgreen:

Although, this sandwich seemed more like an appetizer than a sandwich to me. It was really tasty, but not very satisfying. Plus, I think if you sliced it into wedges, it’d make an awesome, crowd-pleasing appetizer for a get-together.


This Cheddar, Feta & Olive Pita was so easy to throw together. Just chop up some pitted olives (black or green).


Then, combine equal parts of crumbled feta and shredded extra sharp cheddar in a bowl. (I used about a cup of each.)


Next, add the chopped olives, a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, about a teaspoon of oregano, freshly ground pepper to taste, and mix it all together.


Then, stuff the mixture (as much or as little as you’d like) inside half of a pita and warm it in the toaster oven until the cheddar is melted.


Mmm… cheesy goodness! 😀


I loved all of the bold flavors in this pita. My mouth was very happy! :mrgreen:


I’m a big fan of this recipe, but the next time I make it, it’ll be an appetizer! 😉



  1. i’d try that filling between whole wheat tortillas & then wedge them up quesadilla style. those seem VERY wine friendly & would make a great appetizer. I would need a really substantial salad alongside to call that a meal!
    Nice flavor combo tho &so easy! thanks!

  2. The Murphy pics totally made me giggle! So cute! Just FYI . . . they have dog beds for pretty cheap at TJ Maxx/Home Goods . . . just in case you decide to try another bed for him! 🙂

    That pita looks like a yummy snack! It would probably be really good in a flatbread pizza version, too!

  3. I love the idea of melting feta with cheddar and olives inside a pita! I’ve definitely eaten my share of feta and olives when we eat at Greek restaurants, but never thought of melting the feta with another cheese and putting it in a pita! I’m definitely going to make this for a snack at home – I think I’d probably add some roasted red peppers into the mix too 🙂 Btw – thanks for being on the panel at the FoodBuzz conference. As a newer food blogger, it was really helpful to hear your perspective on everything! I’ll definitely be a regular reader from now on.

  4. Oh how I miss feta!! It’s probably the one cheese with no dairy-free, gluten free alternative. Life is just not as complete without the ol’ guy

  5. You should try finding Za’atar at your local spice store. It’s a middle eastern spice blend that we put on everything in Israel. it goes especially well feta.

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