My Experience with Celery Juice for Acne + Juicer Review

Like a lot of people, I was super skeptical about the “healing powers” of celery juice BUT I’ll also try just about anything once in the name of health! Since starting my morning celery juice routine, I’ve noticed a major improvement with my skin. I also share my experience with celery juice for acne + juicer review. 

As you guys might remember, I’ve been really into the whole celery juice craze. Truthfully, I’m a little nervous to publish this post because there are a lot of people who do not support it, and I totally get that. Like a lot of people, I was super skeptical about the “healing powers” of celery juice – given that I’m not one to believe in magical “cure-all” solutions. I mean, celery juice and acne? I have a chronic autoimmune disease (ulcerative colitis), and I can’t tell you how many people have recommended that I try crazy things, like aloe juice, essential oils, yada yada, to cure myself. BUT I’ll also try just about anything once in the name of health. Celery juice for acne? Never say never! 😉 

The guy who started the celery juice trend is Anthony William, better known as the “Medical Medium”. He’s kind of nutty, claiming that he can diagnose diseases through communicating with spirits. Yep, I know, I know…. oooh, I know how insane it sounds. I hear ya loud and clear, people, it’s crazy. My husband still gives me a hard time even though he’s witnessed my results. Speaking of Mal, we often talk about the “placebo effect” and maybe drinking celery juice is “just” a placebo effect, but after drinking it fairly consistently since Thanksgiving, I’m a believer.

My experience with celery juice for acne + juicer review 

My experience with celery juice for acne + my juicer review;; photo of three glasses of green celery juice; photo of a juicer; photo of celery bunch  

My Experience with Celery Juice for Acne

Since starting my morning celery juice routine, I’ve noticed a major improvement with my skin. Just after our annual family trip to Newport, my skin starts breaking out like crazy. I started eating eggs again, so I assume that’s what kicked things off, but the breakouts were never-evening and way worse than what I’d ever experienced in the past. I was getting deep, cystic acne on my neck and body, which were places I never really had breakouts. It was so bizarre and totally out of the blue. 

Prior to this, I had received approximately 1 million emails, comments, and DMs telling me I should check out the “Medical Medium.” I kindly thanked my followers for their recommendations, but I didn’t bother looking into what he was all about. Say what? A guy who talks to spirits who has no medical background or credentials of any sort? Sure, I’m hippy-dippy in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to health and healing, but a medical medium was just too much.

My skin continued to breakout, and I started to feel really self-conscious about it. I started wearing t-shirts to the gym to cover up my body acne, and I didn’t share as much on Instagram Stories because my neck was one big breakout. The zits were so big and sore, I couldn’t even cover them with makeup. I kept hearing about the Medical Medium, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to explore what he was all about. I read a few of his articles online and started listening to his podcast. Initially, I was skeptical, but open-minded since so many people raved about their experience with celery juice and related Medical Medium protocols. (You can read about them in Medical Medium books.)

The more I listened to the podcast, the more things started to make sense, especially with regard to my chronic strep throat infections. You might remember that I had it 3 (!!) times last year, including twice in a single month. According to Anthony Williams, there’s a connection between strep, eggs, and acne. Yup. That immediately caught my attention, so I figured what the hell, I’ll try some celery juice. I figured I had nothing to lose and my skin wasn’t getting any better on its own.

Does celery juice help with acne?

I started juicing the week of Thanksgiving, but I only did it a few times per week. The juicer that I was using was old, so it took me FOEVER to juice a glass full. I also needed to use so much celery to get the recommended 16 ounces. (If you have questions about the official celery juice protocol, check out this blog post: Celery Juice 101. It tells you everything you need to know.) Juicing was a royal pain in the butt, and I knew it wouldn’t be something I’d do long-term if I couldn’t fit it into my everyday life. I sporadically juiced for the first few weeks of December. I didn’t see a huge improvement in my skin, BUT my usual PMS symptoms (specifically sore breasts and night sweats) were almost non-existent. I basically had the easiest (and happiest) period of my life, and it made me consider maybe there really was something to this celery juice stuff.

In the week leading up to Christmas, I ended up buying Liver Rescue and reading the whole thing, cover to cover, in 24 hours. The information was definitely bizarre, but, at the same time, it made sense. After that, I decided to really commit to juicing (mostly because my skin still sucked) and started researching juicers like it was my job. I can’t tell you how many reviews I read and videos I watched. I wanted the best and easiest to clean juicer on the market. A couple of days before Christmas, I bought myself a new juicer. The new juicer helped me get into a daily routine with juicing, so I finally started to see some real improvements with my skin.

What juicer works best for celery juice?

I’ve received a ton of questions about the juicer I’ve been using (and loving), so I figured I’d put together a review to share my thoughts with you guys. I use the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor, and it’s an absolute beast! It really squeezes all of the juice from the celery stalks. The pulp comes out nearly dry because its made for optimum juice and nutrient extraction. Plus, the chute is extra wide, so I literally add handfuls of celery stalks whole – no chopping required!

I’ve read that other similarly-priced juicers not only require that you pre-cut fruits and veggies, but they are also difficult to clean. I love that the Juice Fountain Elite is only three parts, all dishwasher-safe (and BPA-free), which is super important for busy mornings when I just want to get my juice on and throw the parts into the dishwasher for fast cleanup. Most of the time, I just rinse them real quick, and it doesn’t take me more than a few minutes. Plus, there’s not a million settings to figure out – literally, just high, low, and stop/off. I’ve found that the lower speed is better for fruits and veggies that are softer, like ripe fruit or spinach, while the higher speed is better for the tougher fruits and veggies, like apples or celery, so you can pick and choose according to what you’re adding.

One of the concerns with juicing is that by only extracting the juice, you’re leaving all those amazing nutrients behind. I shared the same concern, and that’s one of the reasons why I purchased the Juice Fountain Elite. Breville’s patented direct central feed system actually extracts more nutrients than other juicers on the market – win-win!

While this juicer is definitely a total badass and game-changer, it does have a few cons – namely that it’s pretty loud and kind of big. That being said, it’s not HUGE or an eyesore – otherwise it wouldn’t have earned a permanent spot on our kitchen counter (right next to my beloved air fryer)! If you’re on the hunt for a juicer that is easy to clean and requires minimal food prep, then I’d strongly recommend you give this one a try!

With the help of this amazing juicer, there’s no denying that I’ve seen improvements in my skin, mood, and PMS symptoms. I’m on month 3 now of consistent juicing, and I really do think it helps. It could definitely just be placebo and me believing it’s working. Maybe so, but there’s no shame in using the power of the mind!

Questions from CNC followers

Do you add anything to your celery juice? 

No, it’s supposed to be consumed on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. You can always juice some cucumber to lessen the flavor. Check out this post for additional details: Celery Juice 101.

I’m not a fan of celery juice – is there something I can add to make it taste better? 

See above! 🙂

Do you always make your celery juice fresh?

Yep, I make it fresh every morning. Thanks to my new juicer, it doesn’t take me more than 5 minutes, start to finish. According to the Medical Medium, you’re only suppose to drink celery juice fresh. If your ONLY option is to make it ahead of time, that’s okay. Store it in a closed container, like a mason jar, and consume as soon as possible. Check out this post for additional details: Celery Juice 101.

How much celery juice do you drink?

I aim for 16-20 ounces, 5 days per week. I was doing 7 days, but there are some mornings that I just can’t fit it in/don’t feel like doing it.

How much money do you spend on celery juice per week?

I spend $12.50 a week. Right now, I’m juicing 5 days a week and each bundle that I buy is $2.50.

Has celery juice impacted your ulcerative colitis?

I can’t say for certain if drinking celery juice has helped with my UC. My digestion overall has changed for the better, but I’m taking Entyvio (intravenous drug for UC), so there’s no way to truly know. From personal anecdotes (chatting with IBD patients in online forums and on Instagram), celery juice has not helped them achieve remission. It just goes to show you celery juice is not a “cure-all” and depends on the individual. 

What are the macros in celery juice?

I’m actually not sure. I don’t track it.

I’ve heard celery juice causes an upset stomach – is that true? 

For me, yes, in the beginning, but not everyone has stomach issues. At first, I had trouble drinking the recommended 16 ounces and would feel nauseous and/or end up in the bathroom. But, over time, I worked my way up to a larger portion and rarely have issues now. If you can’t tolerate that much, you can start at a lesser amount or juice cucumber with the celery.

If you don’t have a juicer, can you make it another way?

I think you really need a juicer, especially if it’s something you want to do long-term and see results from. If you don’t have a juicer, the Medical Medium suggests making celery juice in a blender and straining through a cheesecloth, which seems like a lot of work to me! Check out this post for additional details: Celery Juice 101.

Why has celery juice become so popular recently?

I think it’s a combination of awesome results and people looking for a “magic pill” to improve their health.

Do you drink celery juice first thing in the morning?

Yes, I wake up, make it, and drink it on an empty stomach. Check out this post for additional details: Celery Juice 101.

How many stalks of celery does it take?

It depends on the size of your celery and quality of your juicer. I’ll typically use 1 big bunch of 1.5 smaller bunches.

Do you use organic celery?

Most of the time, I do. But, if I can’t find organic, I’ll use conventional and wash it really well.

How long until you saw a difference in your symptoms?

In a month of sporadic juicing, a saw a difference with my PSM symptoms. My skin probably took 3-4 weeks of regular juicing everyday to see improvement.

Did you experience a detox phase when you first started?

I think I did, actually, but not until I was juicing more regularly (everyday). There were 3-4 days when I had a mild headache, and I’m not someone who typically gets them. It could have been a detox side effect? It only happened for a short period of time and hasn’t happened again since.

Have any negative articles about celery juice impacted your thoughts and use? 

Not really. I agree this whole celery juice thing is crazy, but it’s working for me, so I don’t see why I should stop doing what makes me feel good both inside and out!

Is it worth the effort? 

I think so! I was pretty down in the dumps about my skin, and drinking celery juice isn’t a huge effort now that I have a good juicer. I clean the celery stalks at night and store them in the fridge, so, in the morning, my juice comes together in matter of minutes!

Is this something you see yourself doing long-term? 

Right now, yes. I’ve cut back from 7 juices per week to 5 and will likely cut back more to see if I still get the same effects. I actually really like drinking celery juice first thing – it gives me a little boost to my morning! 🙂

I hope you found my experience with celery juice for acne + juicer review helpful to your health journey! 

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  1. Do you find that beauty counter has also helped with your acne? I think you’ve been using these products for about the same time, no?
    What do you think made the difference?

  2. No opinion or advice on the actual cleanse, but if you haven’t please watch the sketch “The Celery Incident” from Portlandia featuring Steve Buscemi as a Celery salesman. I like to image that he is the one behind the Medical Medium. Video here:

    Thanks for sharing your experience!

  3. So glad this is working for you! I am 38 too and still struggle w breakouts as well. It is awful sometimes and I have taken accutane twice already. My thought is yes maybe it sounds crazy, but there are a whole lot of worse things than getting up and drinking two cups of vegetable juice every morning. It bugs me when I see other health professionals, like dieticians, dogging the celery juice. Like I said, there are way worse things. So yes, point out that there is no scientific research to back it up, but if it sounds like something your willing to try, then go for it! You have nothing to lose and if it works maybe you can forgo being on pharmaceuticals! That is my thought.

  4. Just wondering if you can really attribute your acne clearing up to this alone. As a scientist, having too many variables confounds the results of any experiment. You used to do seed cycling, you use beauty counter products, you are changing your macros, going more vegan, and always posting about another trend you are trying which are all variables. In order to attribute your results to one cause, you would have to keep things consistent and just change the one independent variable. Since you seem to enjoy discussing scientific topics on the blog, just pointing out that if you are doing an experiment, in order for it to be reliable and to make a claim it would need to just be a one variable experiment.

    1. I’m not sure to tell you the truth. All I know is that my skin was terrible from October through the New Year, but has since gotten a lot better now that I’m drinking celery juice on the regular.

  5. Thanks for the post! Super helpful! Was the skin improvement only for your neck/body or face as well? I like the taste as well!

  6. I have that juicer and it is definitely more than three parts. There are five parts to clean, plus the base makes six.

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