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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning!

How was your Cinco de Mayo? Did you do anything special? I actually celebrated Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day yesterday. Two holidays in one day! Yeehaw.

My mom got her new living room furniture last week, so my sister and I went to check it out yesterday and it looked really great. My mom also painted the walls, so the whole space looked lighter and brighter.

SAM_1401 (800x533)

Hooray for Grandma’s new furniture!



Once we all got settled, I gave my mom her Mother’s Day gift and card. I actually gave her three cards: one from me, one from Quinn, and one from Murphy.


The card that I gave my mom was perfect for her since we have a running joke about “fake sleeping.” Inside said: “I was faking at least 90% of the time. Happy Monday’s Day to my lovable, gullible mom.” Although, my mom wasn’t gullible at all. She knew my sister and I were fakers. Haha!


After that, my sister made us lunch, which was some seriously incredible grilled sandwiches.


Listen to what was inside: blueberries, mozzarella, feta, mushrooms and shallots cooked in truffle oil.

SAM_1407 (800x533)

Holy yummmmmm!


Once we finished eating lunch, we walked over to a backhoe that was parked not too far from my mom’s house.


Matthew really wanted to check it out.


Good times at the backhoe!

SAM_1417 (800x533)


My evening ended with margaritas and apps at (the new) Jamie’s with some friends.

IMG_2146 (800x600)

We had a blast celebrating Cinco de Mayo and getting psyched for Mexico!

IMG_2150 (800x600)

Questions of the Day

How did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? 

Do you like tequila?

Margarita: Salt or no salt? 

What are your plans for Mother’s Day? 



  1. Your sandwiches sounds delicious! I love blueberries combined with savory ingredients, strawberries work well, too. I celebrated Cinco and Taco Tuesday with shrimp tacos. Yes to tequila, no to salt. And for Mother’s Day, I am not sure of plans, it will be my first so my husband is keeping the day a secret.

  2. Ooh, interesting sandwich combination. Sweet + savory is the best. I wasn’t originally going to make anything Mexican yesterday, but I was feeling it when I got home from work so I whipped up some blackened fish with corn and guacamole and a cherry grapefruit drink (pureed frozen cherries + grapefruit juice + lime + rum) – didn’t have any tequila so this was the next best thing!

    Margaritas: salt all the way! I hate tequila on its own but with a margarita, YES.

  3. LOVE tequila and margs with salt. Unfortunately, I gave up drinking a few months back, so no tequila-fueled Cinco de Mayo this year!

    How is the new Jamie’s? Had you been before the reno?

  4. My Cinco de Mayo was spent work work working 8:30am-9pm, so no margaritas for me 🙁 lol.

    I always take my mom to The Cheesecake Factory for Mother’s Day. It’s a little tradition for us & we always enjoy it. This year we’re going to take the cheesecake with us & eat it at my parents’ place so I can visit my dad too. Can’t wait!

  5. We went out for Mexican food last night. Delicious, delicious

    I prefer sugar on my Margaritas. I like ’em SWEET!

    I remember my mother always saying the gift she loved most about Mother’s Day was having all her kids home with her. It sounds like your mom had a very special day. <3

  6. I didn’t know they redid the Jamies in Braintree, I will have to check it out.
    (we had our rehearsal dinner there back in the day when they were new and were great!)

  7. What a fun day! If matthew is really into the backhoe, theres an adorable book I got for my son (my husband’s a diesel mechanic so I see books about trucks and equipment and I need it haha ) called “Dig!” he’d love

    1. @Morgan @ Managing Mommyhood: My son is also obsessed with trucks, construction, etc. and LOVES the “Diggers Go” book. It’s hysterical to read (you basically just make all kids of crazy truck noises). There’s a whole series of them (Planes Go, Trains Go, etc.) and they often make their way in to our bag when we go to the library each week!

  8. I’m not a big tequilla girl, but if I’m having a marg it MUST have salt!! No big celebrations for Cinco de Mayo, but will be taking my mom out for a mother/daughter mani/pedi this weekend. Nothing like treating ourselves and getting to spend some quality time together. It’s a win win ! 🙂

  9. where are you going in mexico? i am trying to plan a last minute trip for memorial day. can i ask where you’re staying? 🙂

  10. What a fancy sandwich! I used to love playing with construction equipment too when I was younger for some reason.

    I didn’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo unless you count eating some cheesecake, which I will.

  11. I love tequila! And sadly we had ravioli (though it was tasty) instead of Mexican food yesterday ha

  12. I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a Chipotle burrito bowl because hubby and I were too lazy to cook and wanted a quiet night in. Maybe not the most authentic, but delicious. Work also threw a 3:30 PM surprise fiesta with margaritas and chips and guac. Margaritas are always great when they are free and on company time. Or all the time. With salt. On the rocks.

    My family and some close family friends always have a big Mother’s Day brunch full of delicious things, and it’s almost always nice enough in Oregon by that time to sit on the deck and eat. My husband says it’s his favorite meal of the year! This year, I’m making baked oatmeal to contribute.

  13. Those sandwiches sound awesome! I never would have thought to put blueberries in them but with mozzarella and feta I bet it would be a great combination! Making a mental note to try this!

  14. I wish I liked margaritas, they look so fancy and cool but I just can’t drink them!
    The sandwiches look great! I tried out the pumpkin&brie quesadillas you linked last week. Surprisingly they were SO much better cold the next day!

  15. Sounds like a good day. FYI those sandwiches sound amazing!
    Umm, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo by putting Matilda to bed at 7:00, going to bed at 10, and then being woken up 2 hours later by an unhappy, teething toddler.
    It was a real fiesta over here!

  16. Hi Tina,
    This question is actually about another post. Where did you get the great necklace you were wearing in the post with Quinn eating the croissant?

  17. I loved that you had to visit the backhoe!! My son makes me sit watch construction equipment all the time. He loves it, me not so much. I do it because he enjoys it and it makes him happy, which makes me a happy mama!!!

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