Celebrating My First Mother’s Day

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Good morning, friends!

I enjoyed a fabulous Mother’s Day celebration with my family yesterday!

IMG_2344 (800x600)

It started, bright and early, pretty much as soon as Quinn woke up. I arrived home late from Mexico the night before and he was already in bed, so I couldn’t wait to see him. Plus, I had some maracas to give him.

IMG_2352 (1) (800x600)

He loves things that “shake, shake, shake,” so I knew they would be a big hit with him!

IMG_2348 (800x600)

Mal gave me a card that said “from the two of us” on the outside. I wasn’t exactly sure who that was referring to, so I asked for clarification. I mean, there were two dogs on the front. Was it from Quinn and Murphy since I am both of their moms? Or did Mal and Quinn team up to give me this card? It was hard to tell. (It ended up being from Mal and Quinn.) Mal also got me a gift, but he said I had to “find it.” Of course, I had to find it. I wouldn’t expect anything less from my husband. Haha!

IMG_2354 (800x600)

Mal cooked me some eggs for breakfast, and I topped them with a big scoop of salsa. Delish!

IMG_2355 (800x600)

After that, I wanted something more to eat, so I had a chocolate peanut butter GFB and an iced coffee with soy milk.

IMG_2357 (600x800)

A short while later, Quinn went down for his morning nap, so I unpacked from my trip, cleaned up the house, and replied to some emails. Just before he woke up, I snacked on a bowl of cereal (rice Chex + Cheerios + banana slices + soy milk).

IMG_2358 (800x600)

While Quinn and I played on the sun porch, a special delivery arrived at our house. My father-in-law sent me a bouquet of flowers (orange – his favorite color), a big box of chocolates (he knows me so well), and a card wishing me a happy first Mother’s Day. He had them delivered yesterday since he knew I was away in Mexico. Isn’t that so incredibly thoughtful of him? It was such a nice surprise and made me so happy.

IMG_2361 (800x600)

And, of course, I dug into the chocolates immediately.

IMG_2363 (800x600)

After that, I fed Quinn second breakfast and got him ready to go to his weekly class at My Gym. As soon as I opened the door of my car, I found my Mother’s Day gift from Mal: a super clean interior. Woohoo! I told Mal that I didn’t want a gift for Mother’s Day (because I was going to Mexico), so a clean car was such an awesome surprise. I seriously have the best husband ever.

IMG_2374 (800x600)

As always, Quinn and I had a blast at My Gym.

IMG_2368 (576x800)

He crawled through a tunnel and rode a train during class! So fun!

IMG_2369 (800x600)

Quinn took a nap when we got home, so I whipped up some lunch (chicken salad + rice crackers + more chocolate) and then tried to get my life in order. (I’m off to Colorado tomorrow for BLEND, so I needed to figure out my travel plans.)

IMG_2372 (800x600)

When Quinn woke up from his nap, I fed him a snack and then we headed out with Dad to run some errands. The afternoon ended up flying by, so we ordered take-out from Lime Leaf (our go-to) for dinner.

IMG_2379 (800x600)

As soon as Quinn went to bed, Mal did too. (He wasn’t feeling well.) I had the house to myself, so I spent the evening working away, eat chocolate and catching up on episodes of Ellen. The entire day, from start to finish, was a wonderful way to celebrate my first Mother’s Day!

Questions of the Day

What’s the best Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever given or received? 

What’s your go-to take-out order when you’re just not in the mood to cook?

When was the last time you cleaned your car?



  1. Sounds like a great Mother’s Day!
    Our go to is a local pizza place. Pizza and an order of meatballs.
    I need to clean my car so bad. Hopefully I can sneak that in during the kiddo’s nap time.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day! This was my first, too. I asked for a nice, quiet and relaxing day so I was treated to breakfast in bed, a picnic and time at the park playing. It was so wonderful to have a day to slow down and enjoy being a family.

  3. A clean car is definitely a nice gift! And how thoughtful of your FIL to wait until Monday to have your gift delivered… and to have it include chocolates 😉 So glad you had a wonderful first Mother’s Day!

  4. Happy Mothers Day, Tina! From the look of it, you’re really doing a wonderful job at this mom thing!

  5. It was my first Mothers Day too. My husband hid some earrings (sealed in plastic!) in my sons nappy haha it was such a cute surprise!

  6. Mal and your father-in-law are so sweet! What a great idea for a present..I might have to do that for my fiance some time 🙂 I always want to order Thai or other Asian food when I order take out. So delicious and something I don’t usually make myself!

  7. I’m not a mom, but I definitely like to give presents to my mom (actually, both parents). My mom got super lucky this year. I’m a Jamberry consultant, and I actually won three Mother’s Day kits (three sheets of jams, a pumice stone, nail lacquer, a card, and taffy), so she got one of those, PLUS the present I was always planning to give her, a Carnival gift card. She and my dad are going on a Carnival cruise in August, and I know having extra spending money for your trip is always a welcome surprise. My plan is to get both my parents for mother’s/father’s day, and then an early anniversary gift before they go.

  8. The clean car is an awesome gift! I’m not so much about the gift, I just enjoy spending the day together!

    Our go-to take-out is margherita pizza and salad!

  9. This year we went horseback riding, my 16 year old wrote me a beautiful poem and my 13 year old gave me a clay rose that he made. We always try to do a family outdoor activity on Mother’s Day. (Canoeing, hiking, etc.)
    Sushi is our go to takeout.
    My car desperately needs cleaning. I don’t remember the last time it was cleaned. 😉 I think I know what my boys will be doing this weekend.

  10. Happy Mother’s Day! My favorite go-to is probably sushi. We found a place close to our house that is less than appealing from inside but makes one of the best sushis ever, so we get a takeout from there at least once a week. Clean car? No car, no cleaning 🙂 at least something good about not having a car!

  11. I have to say that Mal nailed it with that Mother’s Day present! I would take a cleaned out car over almost anything else as a present!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you! <3

  12. Why would you criticize your husbands card choice on a public blog? That was actually one or the ore lengthy paragraphs in this post. Perhaps that might help you gain perspective..

    Also, Quinn should be wearing socks, shoes, and a jacket! Really, the way you care for your son is so questionable….

    1. I didn’t criticize Mal’s card at all. We actually had a good laugh about it since we both have a sense of humor. And Quinn was dressed perfectly for our class at My Gym. The babies have to be in bare feet to prevent slipping since many of them are just learning to walk. It was also in the 70s here yesterday, so he didn’t need a jacket.

      1. @Tina: Way to be assertive! I love this quote, “Judging someone does not define who they are. It defines who you are.” Thanks for sharing so much of your life with others!

      2. I’m really shocked at the judgement in the above quote. I know it is hard to put your life out there, and I hope you don’t let comments like this discourage you too much. I would imagine that you know your husband a little bit better than any blog commenter.

      3. I don’t do baby shoes until they walk. It’s better for them to learn in bare feet.

        Looks like someone was just looking for a way to insult you because those 2 things were pretty ridiculous. They made me laugh because they were so off base.

      4. @Tina:

        My son is 17, and when he was about Quinn’s age we started with Gymboree. It was recommended that the babies did not wear socks, but the parents did.

        Tina – I commend you for your openness and your awesome blog. It must not be easy to open your self to the public, and their harsh criticism into a slight part of your life. No one gives us a handbook to mothering, but as long as you do your best. I recommend your blog to alot of my friends, because I love it that much.

        By the way, Quinn is the cutest baby. He should be modeling because he just has that face.

      5. @Tina: Oh geez, haters gonna hate! When I lived in Los Angeles, people would stop me in Target and lecture me for not having my child dressed in a winter hat and jacket! A. It is 65 degrees out, B. He sweats in anything more than a onesie!
        This person was totally just looking for attention, typical internet TROLL

  13. I haven’t had a massage or pedicure since 2 days before my water broke (17 months ago), so my husband got me a 4 hour spa package for me to indulge in this weekend. He totally nailed it.

    Last time I cleaned my car? It hasn’t had a thorough cleaning in a looooong time, it’s due for one. That’s a great present from Mal!

  14. For whatever strange reason, it’s super important for me to always have a clean car. Meaning I vacuum and lysol the entire interior at least every other week, and wash the outside at least once a month. I have no idea why but even an empty water bottle ends up driving me NUTS. My go-to take out is sushi. Simple, quick, and relatively healthy!

  15. Best Mother’s Day gift was a running shirt that my girls and my husband made for me. It said, “My Mama Runs” and had all their handprints and names on it!

  16. Looks like an awesome mother’s day! I haven’t really cleaned the interior of the car recently, but after this Chicago winter I DEFINITELY had to get a car wash the other week. Even though I keep it in a garage, it still manages to get dirtier and dirtier every week!

  17. Happy Mother’s Day! It looks like you had quite the welcome home! My husband is a clean car man (or neat freak) and details my car once a week!! If it wasn’t for him–who knows what the inside of my car would look like 🙂

  18. Clean car – SUCH a good idea!! I would never spend the money to get it detailed normally, but what a perfect Mother’s Day idea! Our kids just trash our cars, don’t they”¦ And oh my word, if my FIL send me flowers and chocolate I would fall down dead from shock, haha. Your men nailed it this year!

  19. my husband built a pull up bar for me in the backyard, complete with rings. best gift ever. now if i could just string together some pullups ….

  20. – Answers (Questions of the Day) –

    1) Last year we arrived in Croatia (baby on board) on my very first Mothers’ Day and watched a beautiful sunset. It was really for a work trip and not an actual “present”, but I will always remember that as my first Mothers’ Day 🙂 This year’s was also nice with a picnic in the park.

    2) Thai … or Indian … or PIZZA!!

    3) My partner does that task, lucky me 😉

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