Celebrating Murphy’s Birthday With BarkBox

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Look what arrived just in time for Murphy’s birthday! Our little puglet turned 6 years old on Sunday, so a BarkBox was the perfect way to celebrate.


As you might remember, we LOVE BarkBox in our house. I’ve blogged about it a number of times in the past and it’s easily one of Murphy’s favorite things ever. Never heard of BarkBox? It’s a monthly box of treats, toys, and goodies that your dog will love and it’s delivered right to your front door. Plans start as low as $19/month, and they are tailored to your dog’s size, so Murphy gets “medium” (aka “just right”) dog stuff instead of things for a little or big dog.


Murphy loves BarkBoxes so much, he now thinks every box or package that arrives in the mail is for him.


Over the years, we’ve built up his BarkBox excitement so much, he basically loses it when a package arrives. He barks, whines, and spins in circles (totally a pug thing), which, of course, is adorable to watch. He’s just so darn excited about what’s inside, it makes me happy too. Hey, BarkBox is fun for the whole family! Haha!


Each monthly BarkBox contains 4-6 full-size products, including everything from innovative toys and gadgets to grooming products to all-natural treats and more, which are almost always sourced from American vendors. There’s a nice variety and you’ll never get the same thing twice.


Murphy will usually get a soft, stuffed toy, something funky/unique/fun, like his treat ball or a doogie beer, and then three different types of treats””one is usually a chew toy, like a bully stick.


Come on, Mom. Enough with the photos. Let’s OPEN this thing already! 


Murphy loves everything about BarkBox, but he especially loves the treats inside. This dog lives to eat! Treats are his favorite.


The BarkBox edible products do not include formaldehyde. They’re often organic and made with minimal processing. They also don’t include glycerin, wheat, gluten, soy, corn, or fillers whenever possible.


Subscribers can opt for special allergy-friendly BarkBoxes too. If your pup has food allergies, you just need to email support@barkbox.com once you’ve purchased your subscription to get added to the allergy box list. The same goes for heavy-chewers in need of tougher toys. Easy as that!

SAM_2221 (800x533)

And, of course, we broke open a bag of treats immediately. I mean, it was Murphy’s birthday after all.


We also played with his new Dog Pyramid, which is available for purchase in the BarkShop. BarkShop is the brand’s online store where you can purchase not only items you may have missed from past boxes, but also cool products exclusive to BarkShop.


Murphy had a blast with it!

SAM_2247 (800x533)

Doggie ears and treats were flying everywhere!

SAM_2246 (800x533)


Murphy’s birthday celebration concluded with a bully stick from his BarkBox.


The second I gave it to him, he ran off, whining with excitement, to look for the perfect place to chew it. Happy birthday, Murph!

SAM_2259 (800x533)

Are you and your pup ready to try BarkBox? Here are two special discounts for CNC readers: One is for the subscription service (BarkBox) and the other is for the online shop (BarkShop).

  • BarkBox: The first 100 readers will get 1 free month added to any plan using coupon code CARROTSNCAKE (i.e. if you purchase a 3-month plan, you’ll receive 4 months of BarkBox, if you purchase a 6-month plan, you’ll receive 7 months, etc…).
  • BarkShop: Get 1 free bully stick on BarkShop purchases over $10 using coupon code CARROTSNCAKE.

Questions of the Day

Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday? If so, what do you do to celebrate?

Have you ever tried BarkBox for your dog? If not, what’s holding you back?

P.S. After reading this post, you’re probably wondering how Murphy is doing. I’ll publish an update later today. As you can see, he’s feeling much better!


  1. Our fox red lab Lloyd gets a birthday cake from our local doggie bakery for his birthday. We also get him a monthly bark box and he loves it! He always jumps around when we show him the box and then runs around the house with his new toy!

  2. Happy Birthday Murphy! So happy he’s able to celebrate feeling good! We celebrate our furbaby’s birthday with some sort of homemade dog friendly dessert. One year I made him a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, another year I made him and his doggy friends “pupcakes!”.

    I’ve always wanted to try barkbox but I’m hesitant. Looking at Murphy’s reaction though is making think maybe we should try it!

  3. So glad that Murphy is feeling/doing better! Cherish every moment with him. My family just had to put down our 13 yo pug, Sebastian, yesterday morning. As you can probably imagine, it’s been a rough go since then.
    Happy birthday, Murphy!

  4. Thanks for including the note about tough chewers! I have really wanted to try BarkBox for my two black labs but they chew through every toy. The only bone they haven’t destroyed is a Nylabone which they love. Usually any “fun” toy brought in the house has a shelf life of about an hour! 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday to Murphy! so glad he is doing better! we celebrate everyday with our 2 basset hounds Hazel and Bea – but birthdays are extra special to show how much we love them!

  6. Selma would absolutely flip over this! We haven’t had her long enough to celebrate a birthday yet (September!!) but I’ll definitely have to get her something special. Growing up, we always got my dog a new toy (she only liked rubber frogs, so that’s all we got her) and a huge bone that she would chew on for hours. Happy birthday to Murphy 🙂

  7. I totally celebrate my dogs birthday! I’ve even gone so far as to have him wear a tiara… and he’s a big yellow lab so it looks rather hilarious. I’m sure he loves it. We usually bake him a special type of cupcake that he gets to eat with a dog treat on top! I’ve never tried BarkBox mainly because I’m concerned of the products that would come inside. Kona has some dietary restrictions due to an issue with ear and eye infections, so I wasn’t sure if BarkBox would be accommodating.

  8. Absolutely we celebrate dog birthday’s! A few weeks ago my husband got an email from an old vet we used to go to saying it was one of our dogs’ birthday (it was not, ha) so I soon got an image of her with a bowl of egg yoke as her birthday splurge and a message about her birthday. So cute.

    Also, ANY package that comes to our door…the dogs have to help open even if it has nothing to do with them!

  9. Happy Birthday Murphy!! Soo glad he’s feeling better! My frenchie Winston gets equally as excited about the contents of the box and the box itself! He’s a little cardboard-loving weirdo 🙂

  10. my doggie was a puppy from Salem’s northeast shelter’s flying puppy program, they didn’t know his birthdate but knew he was born in aug so we just pick a day and celebrate. usually we get some vanilla cupcakes and he gets some toys and treats. He will be 13 this year, and is so spoiled!

  11. I love this!! I didn’t order it for a long time because Elmo gets some serious allergies, but we are about 90% sure it’s environmental so I might add this for him! It’s nice to know everything is American made and has no weird ingredients!

  12. Aww look how happy he is!! I love that they use American vendors and have quality treats! I might need to get one for our Cooper. Do you know if I could request only super durable toys? My dog is a lab miss and legit has chewed/untied rope balls in 10 minutes. Don’t even THINK about giving him a soft toy. It’s ripped open in one minutes flat if I don’t take it away.

  13. My lab Reggie LOVES his Barkbox! I had never heard of Barkbox until I started reading your blog. Thanks!
    I celebrate Reggie’s birthday by going to a local bakery that makes doggie treats and getting cupcakes and cookies. Then a trip to the dog park.
    Happy Birthday Murphy! So glad to see he is doing better!

  14. Thanks for the code Tina! I just signed up to send a bark box to the family dog Ted back home, just in time for his birthday next week!

  15. When we adopted our dog, Ari, from the humane society, my husband insisted they should share a birthday. He gets a very special homemade treat cake (last year’s was layered with bananas and peanut butter) and extra love.

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