Celebrating Grandma’s Birthday + Something I Forgot to Tell You

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Quinn and I had the pleasure of celebrating my mom’s birthday yesterday! Her birthday was actually over the weekend, so we made plans to celebrate with my sister and Matthew over lunch at Legal Sea Foods.


It was so nice to catch up with my mom and sister. We do our best to get together as often as we can, but it’s a little trickier now that we have little ones.

Look how big Matthew is now! I still remember when he was Quinn’s size.

SAM_0590 (800x533)

Matthew (and Grandma) had a blast playing with that mesh bag! Haha!


Right after we ordered lunch, Quinn started to get hungry, so I fed him a bottle, which he held with his tiny hands all by himself.


We started with the Bang Bang Cauliflower as an appetizer to share among the three of us. As always, it was delicious!


For my entrée, I ordered the Chipotle BBQ Chicken Pizza, which was made with cheddar, Gouda, jalapeno jam, bacon, grilled onions, and crispy kale. It was much spicier than I expected, but I really liked it!

SAM_0599 (800x533)



After lunch, we wandered around and did a little shopping. (I bought some socks for Quinn at Gymboree.)


These two are quite adorable, huh?

SAM_0610 (800x533)

So, when I gave you guys my colitis update yesterday, I totally forgot to tell you that I scheduled my first three Remicade appointments. (I write a lot of my posts in the middle of the night, so my sleep deprived brain just plain forgot to tell you.) Not surprisingly, caring for an infant takes having a flare to a whole new level, and the one that I am experiencing right now much sealed the deal for me when it came to Remicade. Plus, what I’ve been doing with steroids for the past 2.5 years is WAY worse for my body, so I need to get off them ASAP. So, yea, I’m going on Remicade. My first infusion is on Halloween morning, and I really hope it works.

Questions of the Day

How often do you see your family? If you have kids, does having them make it easier or harder to see your family?  

Remicade peeps: Any advice or words of wisdom for me? 

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  1. My husband and I are super lucky right now in that we live less than two hours from our parents and grandparents. Even though we’re so close, we probably only see our parents once every month or so. It kinda stinks being a grown up and having responsibilities!

  2. We live 5 hours from both sets of parents, so when we see our families we pack A LOT into those weekends. I imagine when we have kids, and if we potentially move like we think we might, we’ll be 8 hours away from any family, and it will really be difficult. It’s so hard when you don’t really WANT to move back to your hometown, but yet your family is there. Such a catch 22. 🙁

  3. Sorry to hear about your flare, but now you know your decision for remicade is right for you at this time, no more struggling with decisions! I hope the infusion works for you, I have been having more trouble the past few months with my colitis and am seeing a new Dr. in New York next week, so fingers crossed that both of us have productive appointments!

  4. My best friend’s sister was in and out of the hospital, on steroids and everything under the sun, losing her hair, gaining/losing weight. She finally made the decision to start remicade and she just hit her 1 year anniversary! This is the best she has felt in years! She is totally healthy now and hasn’t had a flare up since she started! She is extremely happy with it. She said she just makes the best of the time with her treatments. She made friends with other patients and some of the nurses so they catch up during that time! Good luck to you!! Hope you get back to your regular exercising soon! 🙂

  5. I just wanted to leave a note of encouragement about starting Remicade. I was really reluctant to start biologics for my IBD, but I am so glad that I did. They have helped me remember what it feels like to be “normal” again.

  6. I live in NYC and my fam is in MA. It’s about a four hour drive, depending on traffic. My ENTIRE extended family lives in MA- parents, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents. I definitely do most of the visiting and see them one weekend every month or so. My husband and I are sad to miss out on the every day things. I’d love to call my sister on a Sunday and say, “We’re coming over for pancakes!” Although I still can’t imagine leaving NYC, I think we may end up in MA one day. I grew up seeing my cousins ALL the time and hope that my sister and I can raise our families together, too.

  7. I have Crohn’s disease, and one thing that has helped my pain is not eating spicy food. I love it, but can’t take the pain!

  8. hey tina! i used to work at an infusion suite where we gave remicade. take a couple tylenol (if you can) before you leave for your infusion that morning. the most common side effect we saw was aching and a slight fever. good luck and i hope it works!!

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