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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

If you’re a long-time reader of CNC, you know my favorite day of the year is Marathon Monday, the day the Boston Marathon is run. I love it even more than Christmas, Thanksgiving, and my birthday. I’m pretty much obsessed with it, which I explain here and here.


To psych us up for the greatest day of the year, I’ve decided to profile runners again on CNC like I did in 2010. (Thanks for the suggestion, Lindsay!) If you’re running the Boston Marathon on April 16th and you’d like to be featured, just send me a photo and a brief profile about yourself to post with your photo. Feel free to include fundraising and/or blog links! In the coming weeks, I’ll profile everyone who sent me their info.


Last night’s dinner”¦ yum. I love, love, love this recipe for Noodles with Chicken, Asparagus, and Peanut Sauce. It is just so good.

IMG_2241 (563x750)

IMG_2244 (750x563)

So good, in fact, when I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, I found myself eating multiple forkfuls right from the leftovers. Damn, it was delicious.

IMG_2245 (563x750)

After dinner, I enjoyed a couple of handfuls of butterscotch chips for dinner.

IMG_2247 (563x750)

Question of the Day

Have you ever run a marathon? If so, which one(s)? If not, would you ever want to run one?



  1. I am a brand new runner, so no marathon for me. However, I am training for a 10 mile race at Walt Disney World later this fall. I hope to follow that up with a half marathon. As of right now I have no desires or goals to run a full.

  2. I’ve only run half marathons.. and after every race, I say.. I want to run a marathon. But time goes by and then the desire fades. I didn’t sign up for one right away because I am getting married in August..and I didn’t think wedding planning and marathon training would mesh too well. I also wanted to have flexibility with my training (not all running).. so I can be strong and toned for my wedding day! 🙂

  3. I ran my first marathon this past October (the Mohawk Hudson one in upstate NY – have a recap of it here – It was a good experience and I’m glad I did it, but honestly, I don’t think I want to do another! Maybe the marathon bug will get me again, but for now, I’m sticking to half marathons. 🙂 Good luck to those running Boston this year! Marathon Monday is such a great day.

  4. I freakin’ love you. Just wanted to say that. I think you’re super awesome and relatable.

    I think the “eating seconds from the leftovers” just sounded too close to home! 🙂

  5. It is one of my favorite days also! I will never qualify for Boston, but may run it for a charity in the future. I’m running my second marthon in October, Marine Corps in DC. I’m volunteering for the BAA on Friday, it is so exiciting to talk to some of the runners and here their stoires. I can’t wait for your post.

  6. I’ve never run a marathon, only half marathons. I have such respect for people that run the full! It’s so inspiring to watch! By the way, I hav a serious problem while putting away leftovers… I basically end up eating another meal!!

  7. I have run three half marathons and the most recent one ( was the first time I got to mile 11 and said, “I might be able to run a full.” I’m looking at the Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN in June of 2013 because it’s in my homestate and my family could come support me. Your dinner looks great, and I think I’ll be taking asparagas to eat with my lunch today!

  8. I just signed up for my first marathon – Chicago 2012. I am beyond excited (and a little nervous) to see where this journey takes me. I’m hoping I can find some running buddies to do some of the longer training runs with, because I think that will be hugely helpful. I also live in Boston, and Marathon Monday is one of my most favorite days of the year. Can’t wait to read some runner profiles – great idea!

  9. I have run three marathons thus far. The North Olympic Discovery marathon in Washington state, The Pittsburgh marathon and Johnstown Marathon in PA. I am currently training for my second Pittsburgh marathon and my second 50 miler. I love the mental struggle that goes on in long races it makes finishing feel so amazing!

  10. I ran the Rehoboth Beach Marathon in DE this past December. I loved it (and hated it during miles 21-25) and can’t wait to start training again!

  11. Glad to know I’m not the only one who loves Marathon Monday more than any other holiday! I’m actually volunteering this year. I’ll be handing out water at the top of Heartbreak Hill. 🙂

  12. I have run 3 half marathons but plan on running my first marathon next year: 26.2 with Donna in Jacksonville, FL (I have run the half of this race and it’s fantastic!). I’m signing up for a local group training progarm that starts this summer! I can’t wait!

  13. My first and only marathon ws Chicago. It is an incredible race. Your run through 26 different neighborhoods where the streets are lined with fans cheering you on (and offering you a beer). It is flat and newbie friendly! It was hard not to sign up again this year, but I hope I can make it down to watch and cheer everyone on! Here are a few pictures…

    Tina, have you ever made the Oatmeal Scotchies recipe on the back of the butterscotch chips??? It is one of my favorite oatmeal cookie recipes ever!!!

  14. My sister is running the Boston Marathon this year! It is her first.. i know I am totally going to cry when she crosses the finish line! She raised $5000 for the national multiple sclerosis society in honor of our mother. i am just so incredibly proud of her! My office is right on the marathon route 3 miles from the end. I took the day off (Marathon Monday holiday in Boston!) but a bunch of us are going to park at my office and walk to the finish 9probably bar hop on the way haha) SO EXCITED!!!!!

    I have always thought that half marathons are my limit but now that my regular long runs are longer than 13.1 I figure why not a marathon! I NEVER ever in a million years thought I would be in this mind set haha I used to live in Tucson and would looooove to run the Tucson marathon in December. It is a gorgeous course 9and mostly downhill!) I figure that would be a good first 😀

  15. I wish I was running Boston!! I have to shave 4 more minutes off my time or either wait until I get into the next age bracket! 🙂 I can’t imagine the feeling of a huge race like that, how awesome! I have run two marathons and the Marine Corps will be my third! i am looking forward to watching and hearing all about Boston!! What a neat thing to do to feature runners who are running because that is no easy task! They deserve the spotlight!!

  16. I just signed up for my first one 2 days ago and I’m ridiculously excited and nervous!! I was going to wait a little longer, but when I found out I could raise money for a charity that devotes itself to health and fitness for kids and have a guaranteed spot for nyc (which reading about you running totally made me want to do!), I couldn’t turn that down!

  17. I’ve run the Rock ‘n Roll San Diego Marathon and the Philadelphia Marathon but am thinking of Boston and New York in the near future…

  18. I ran Boston in 2009 in college and now I can say I ran a marathon but will not be running it ever again! I LOVE watching the marathon I grew up with it at the end of my street, went to college at BC and now still watch it on Comm Ave. Nobody truly understands the magic of the Marathon until you are there to experience it (and it is always fun to look for celebrities !) which I highly recommend everyone to do!

  19. I completed my first half in February. I have another half coming up in April and another a week after that in May! I have my eyes set on running a full marathon in November! Depending on how that goes…I would really love to qualify for Boston…someday!!

  20. I’ve done 3 marathons: Country Music Marathon (Nashville, TN), St. Jude’s Marathon (Memphis, TN), and the Nike Women’s Marathon (San Francisco, CA). My favorite was the St. Jude’s marathon (by far!). The course was nice and doable, but not boring, and they even had adorable kids come to the sidelines from the hospital to cheer us on! A spectacular event for anyone considering it! They do a half marathon the same day.

  21. I did Marine Corps in Fall of 2010 and it is amazing!! Great excuse to see DC and just such an energetic marathon!

  22. Tina,
    I’ve recently begun to get fit by doing Zumba 3 days a week. I started this last Sept. In January, I started adding resistance training on my off days to help build muscle. Three weeks ago, I started doing Kettlebell fitness on my off days instead. I tell you this to let you know my fitness level. I have always thought running would be fun, but never did it. I think I want to start. I’ve read through your suggestions for beginner runners, but I have a question. I read somewhere that you should not start running on concrete or asphalt. What are your thoughts? (Since Sept, I’ve lost 38lbs and as I get fitter, I find myself wanting to do more to continue my progress.)

    1. @Tari: If you have trouble with your joints, it couldn’t hurt to start on a softer surface and then transition to the roads. Although, it seems like you have a pretty good fitness base, so it might not be necessary. See how you feel after running outside on the roads and adjust if needed. Hope this helps! 🙂

  23. My first and only marathon was just this past October – the Marine Corps Marathon! Sometimes I still can’t believe it really happened….

    I kept saying ‘no way, never again’ – not because I hated it, but because WOW the training over the previous months was just unbelievable. I’m not sure how I did anything else! 😉

    Buuuut … of course as the memory of that pain subsides over time, I can’t help thinking about the NYC marathon. Several of my fave bloggers (yourself included) talk about NYC quite a bit and how awesome it is. Food for thought! (although I’m not sure how stoked my boyfriend would be to go through all that with me again…. 😉 )

  24. I have never run a full but about to run my 11th Half on Sunday! I am signing up for my first FULL that will be in Jan 2013 – I actually got a good enough qualifying time in one of my halfs to get an automatic entry – 1:54:03.5 was my time!

  25. I ran Marine Corps in 2008 – it was super fun, super crowded! My DH is running Boston this year with the Fletcher Runners, he’s so excited. I can’t wait to be a spectator in person vs. watching clips online!

  26. Hi Tina! I’ve commented on this a few times and I know you haven’t changed anything, but as a loyal fan and reader I just have to comment on it. Having to navigate through SO many links of you old posts to get to something like a recipe is insane. Is there a reason why you set it up that way? I’m so confused. I wanted to look at the recipe you linked to, but it took me to an old post where it was on your meal plan so I clicked it again which took me to another old post where you blogged about it and then finally clicked that link which took me to the Runners World recipe. If there was a legit reason for doing it this way maybe I could understand, but I’m totally lost and frustrated that your links are always like that….

    1. I didn’t follow the Runner’s World recipe exactly, so I linked to the post where I explained what I did to make the meal. I figured this was more helpful than linking to a recipe that I didn’t follow. Hope this makes sense! 🙂

  27. Hey Tina! What products and routine do you use for your face? so flawless! I remember you said that wasnt the case in your blog post somewhere. But what is it currently? I need advice! or advice for a product that diminishes acne and acne scars. Im only 22!

  28. YAH MARATHONS!! I ran Seattle Rock N’ Roll (I don’t recommend it… bad course but I think they changed it) and Twin Cities in Minneapolis (LOVED IT RUN IT NOW) and I’m running CHICAGO in the fall!!!

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