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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Actual email:

4:00pm: Meet with Executive Pastry Chef Lynn Mansel inside the Convention Center. He’ll meet you on the downstairs level next to the sample wedding cakes. 

What I read:

4:00pm: Meet with Executive Pastry Chef Lynn Mansel inside the Convention Center. He’ll meet you on the downstairs level next to the sample wedding cakes. 

As you can see, the “cake tasting” that I was extremely excited about was just a figment of my imagination and not something that was actually planned for me to participate in. I swear, when you get the words “sample” and “cake” together in the same sentence, I can’t think straight!

Even though, I didn’t get to try any cake, I was fortunate to meet “Chef Lynn,” the Executive Pastry Chef, who gave Mal and me a fascinating and thorough tour of the Mohegan-owned dining facilities.

A couple of Chef Lynn’s beautiful creations…

Interesting facts about Mohegan Sun’s dining facilities

  • The ballroom serves up to 3,200 people at once.
  • 800 meals can be plated in just 35 minutes.
  • The Uncas’ Mile is where all of the magic happens! It’s the “behind the scenes” area where food is prepared. It’s a mile long and connects all of the different dining spaces at the casino. 

  • Mohegan employs about 800 culinary workers.

  • Chef Lynn was born and raised in Wales, but has cooked in London and Boston as well as many other cities. He has worked for Mohegan for almost 13 years. Chef Lynn has created multiple piano cakes for Billy Joel and a “Crocodile Rock” cake (crocodile playing a piano) for Elton John. Rumor has it that Elton John still travels with his huge platform shoes (even though he no longer wears them)!  

  • Fruits and veggies (among other foods) are prepared daily throughout the Uncas Mile. 

  • Restaurants place orders via computerized system. 
  • Eek! 

  • All of the soups are prepared via computerized system as well. A “disk” determines how much of each ingredient, herb, spice, etc. is added to the batch. It’s rather high-tech, huh?

  • Each year during the holidays, Chef Lynn and his team build a 28-foot, life-size gingerbread house. He uses a harness and ropes to put around 5,000 gingerbread shingles on the roof! Needless to say, Mal and I will likely visit around the holidays to see this thing in person! 

  • Mohegan’s Earth Bakery makes 200 dozen bagels per day! 

  • The busiest restaurant at Mohegan is open 24 hours and serves about 4,000 people per day. 

  • The Wolf Den is has live music most nights of the week. 

  • Surrounding the Wolf Den are realistic mechanical wolves created by Disney. The wolves were once so realistic-looking, Mohegan sent them back to Disney to make them look more friendly! Now, the wolves wag their tails, don’t show teeth, and sort of “smile.” 

  • The Mohegan Sun Arena seats up to 10,000 people. Past performers include Billy Joel, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, Britney Spears, and Kenny Chesney.

All in all it was a wonderful tour of Mohegan’s facilities. In 90 minutes, I truly felt like I saw it all! It was neat seeing how things work behind the scenes, especially since I don’t always consider how my food gets to my plate. 

Many thanks, Chef Lynn! Mal and I really enjoyed meeting you and learning about Mohegan! :mrgreen:



  1. Wonderful post! I would have read the email the same way. They want me to be near cake and not eat any??!! Noooooo!

    These are great pictures and it’s pretty cool that you got to see how things happen behind the scenes. I can’t help but feel a bit sad about the soup though. I like to think of a chef putting in the spices by hand and lovingly stirring it as it simmers. I guess computers are more practical. *sigh*

  2. How cool! I actually saw the gingerbread house this past year; even though I live down South now the boy and I went North to visit family over Christmas, and he just had to stop at Mohegan Sun to see if it was true they had poker! While he played for an hour I wandered around and saw the beautiful gingerbread house! It’s neat to see the guy who makes it on your blog 🙂

  3. That is a really awesome tour!!!

    I never really think about how my food gets to me either, but all those numbers are mind-blowing! And that gingerbread house?! Phenomenal!!!

    I agree with Anali…I would hope to have a chef personally make the soup rather than a machine.

  4. Awww man!! I would have gotten it confused too! Thanks for the tour! I love seeing behind the scenes stuff!

  5. Hi Tina,

    I read your blog daily and many of your posts inspire me to lead a healthier life day by day. There’s a certain trust factor that you inspire that I think is the reason your blog is so popular.

    However, that is called into question when you aren’t transparent about freebies. Was this trip paid for by Mohegan Sun? There’s nothing wrong with that, but it is important you let your audience know that. Otherwise it calls into question any other reccomendation you make and leaves me wondering how much to trust your reccomendations.

    I mean this with no disrespect- just trying to remain a fan 🙂

  6. “Sample Wedding Cakes”?? What the heck are those anyway lol! Sounds like they are just teaser cakes 🙁
    When did you realize they weren’t ‘caking’ you? Did you re-read the email, or did you ask when the tour was over and no cake was forecoming?
    That mile amazes me!

  7. @D: Yes, some of our trip was paid for and I mentioned that Mohegan was putting us up for the night. I guess I should have made that more obvious for readers.

  8. hmmm i don’t think it is necessary for us to know who pays for what? lol, don’t worry about it

    mohegan is so nice! i’ve only been there twice even though i live in CT. I saw Fleetwood Mac a couple months ago!

  9. I know this is an old post, but I’m from Richmond, Va but when I’m visiting my brother in CT, we spend a good majority of our time here @ the Mohegan Sun. I cannot believe how huge it is! and wooow, I didn’t even know they had an arena. 🙂

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