Cabo SUP {Day 3}

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Day 3 of the “WODs and Paleo Retreat” was easily my favorite day of the entire trip. It was packed full of all sorts of adventures, lots of laughs, delicious eats, and, of course, fun CrossFit workouts!

My day started bright and early with some blogging. The hotel has free internet in the lobby, so I parked myself at one of the tables and got to work. About 30 minutes after I started working, one of the restaurant employees came over and offered me a complimentary cup of coffee. How nice is that? I took him up on his offer and ordered an iced coffee with almond milk.



A few hours later, I joined everyone for breakfast. I went with the lox omelet with sausage and baked sweet potatoes on the side. Delicious.


I also drank a green juice. Obsessed.



After breakfast, the group headed to Cabo SUP for a stand-up paddle boarding adventure.


A huge thank you to Kristin and Michelle for these photos. Kristin brought her waterproof camera while Michelle snapped pics.


Kristin and Ty, our fearless leader!


Ready to paddle board!


And we’re off!


I was a little nervous about stand-up paddle boarding in the ocean (I tried it once on a lake without any sharks), but it actually wasn’t all that nerve-wracking. The ocean was relatively calm and if the waves got too choppy, you always had the option of going to your knees for a more stable position.


Here I am being super serious and trying not to think about what’s below.


Our stand-up paddle boarding adventure took us to Lover’s Beach.


Where we did a beach WOD!


The workout started with a short run in which we were instructed to find a boulder of a challenging weight.


We used the boulder to do 40 walking Thrusters where we threw the rock in front of us.


It was ridiculously fun and didn’t even seem like a workout””just launching rocks into the air on the beach. Ha!


Maybe I should have picked a heavier rock?


Some of us definitely chose heavier rocks than others!


The next part of the workout was 20 handstand kick-ups (or handstand push-ups).




I tried one handstand push-up and ended up with a face full of sand, so I stuck to the kick-ups, which were actually kind of tough since Ty instructed us to alternate legs. Kicking up with your non-dominate leg to a handstand is (mentally) tough. Seriously, try it sometime!


The final part of the workout was taking our paddle board and swimming 50 strokes out into the ocean and back to the beach.



It was such an awesome WOD! And, obviously, a ton of FUN!


After the beach WOD, we took our boards and paddled to see El Arco, the famous rock formation at the southern most tip of Cabo.


So cool!




After stand-up paddle boarding, we all headed back to the hotel and straight to lunch. I ordered the club sandwich, which was chicken, ham, bacon, and a fried egg inside of a lettuce wrap.





After lunch, we had a short break and then headed to CrossFit 10 Los Cabos for a workout.


After a dynamic warm-up, we got right to work on Handstand Push-Ups and Muscle-Ups””both of which were skills just everyone wanted to work on.


I learned so many new and helpful progressions for Handstand Push-Ups. We did a number of freestanding handstands, which really made you engage your core before trying to kip with the support of the wall.


Cues that helped me:

  • Keep chin tucked in.
  • Look at the ceiling when you’re upside down before you kip up.
  • Pop hips, squeeze butt, and drive legs up aggressively!


I’m still not a pro at Handstand Push-Ups, but I definitely made some progress and even did a bunch in the WOD!


We also worked on Muscle-Up progressions. I’m still a million years away from one, but I really liked the progression we learned using a band on the rings.


You basically pop your hips, do a super fast sit-up, and push yourself up. If only it was that easy! Ha!


The strength part of the workout was EMOM 12 Clean & Jerks, building by 5 or 10 pounds each minute.



I started with 75 pounds and worked by way up to 130 pounds, but failed on the last rep. Bummer. So close.



After the workout at CrossFit 10, we all headed back to the hotel to enjoy some spa services. They weren’t included with the cost of the trip, but almost everyone splurged on a treatment. Mal and I got a couple’s massage, which felt so amazing on our tired muscles.



After my massage, I grabbed a green juice and hung out by the pool for a little while. All of the boozing I did on the first two days of the trip was a ton of fun (duh), but it did not agree with my digestive system. Definitely need to rein in the drinking!



A little while later, Mal and I showered and prettied ourselves for dinner with the group.


To start, I ordered the guacamole with sweet potato, beet, and plantain chips, which I’ve eaten every day of this trip so far because I love it so much.


For my entrée, I went with the flank steak, which was incredible. Not the best photo below, but this dish is a huge hit with everyone on the trip. The meat is so flavorful and cooked to perfection!


photo (24)

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite water activity? Have you ever tried stand-up paddle boarding?



  1. That looks like such a fun day! I did paddle boarding on a lake when I visited Austin and it was one of the coolest things. A good core workout too! I definitely can’t imagine doing it on the ocean though haha that’s pretty scary

  2. I am really, really enjoying your coverage of this wodcation! It looks and sounds like the coolest trip, ever! Also, you and Mal look amazing!!! Hope you guys had a blast.

  3. I love your blog and all the crossfit posts. I find it incredibly motivational and whenever I’m feeling low, I read a post and it helps lift my spirits and motivates me to get out the door.

    I have a serious interest in crossfit but I’m really intimidated by the atmosphere. I am currently about 115 lbs overweight and pretty much completely out of shape, though I do walk and occasionally ride my bike.

    My questions/thoughts/comments are, is someone at my weight (as long as cleared by a doctor) okay to do crossfit? How can someone out of shape keep up with the folks who are in-shape? Do you know anyone at your box or at another, that came in at an obese weight and worked their way down? If so, I’d love for you to pose some of these questions to them.

    Honestly, I’d love to see an entire post dedicated to someone who came to crossfit obese and has changed their entire life because of the workout and lifestyle. Totally not trying to dictate your blog, (I know it might sound that way, though), I just have so much respect for you and the other crossfit bloggers and hearing how someone did it, would mean a lot.

    Thanks for all you share!!

    1. @Jillian @ Baby Doodah!: Hi Jillian, I hope you don’t mind if I jump in! We have a member at our box who started doing CrossFit at over 400 pounds. He’s lost over 100lbs and keeps surprising himself by how strong he is! Our trainers scaled everything to manageable efforts when he first started, but he’s doing more and more movements at full range of motion now.

      You can absolutely do CrossFit. I would make sure you find quality coaches (but I tell everyone that!) who will work with you to modify movements when needed and then just dig in. Good luck!!

  4. I was just talking about paddle boarding! I totally want to go someday soon. Looks like you’re having tons of fun!

  5. I have never tried paddle boarding. My absolute favorite water activity is to sit on my ‘sit n float’ raft and simply float around in the pool with a drink under the hot sun. It has to be sunny, and it has to be hot, and then I could do that all day, every day. It’s so fun!

  6. Love the pics! Looks like so much fun and the meals look delicious!! I am thinking of trying paddle boarding and you are a great inspiration!!

  7. I honestly don’t know how you guys do it…or how you don’t get injured….or how brave and adventurous you are…a-m-a-z-I-n-g…

    also , have to laugh at the girl somewhere above who commented that she wants to look like you at 33….umm….as someone who is also in early 30’s….jeesh…we’re not 50….we’re still babies as far as I’m concerned 😉

    anyway, everyone seems to be talking about x-fit or gpp fitness lately (tons of posts up about this)….also, u might like this recipe site (she seems in good shape/x fitter/cool recipes too :

    Also, if Cabo had a “swim up to ice cream bar” I’d plunk my butt there and not move till they dragged me away….envy envy u (in a good way)…

    coming home from vacation always sucks, BUT I think u guys can always deal with that effectively knowing u have Murph waiting patiently (or impatiently)!

  8. That sunshine is amazing! (It’s rainy here today…)

    Is stand up paddle boarding the new thing? Seems like everyone is doing it. Except me…I’m afraid my height would be a disadvantage…

  9. Of all the cool things you have gotten to do this looks like the BEST! I’ve been wanting to try SUP for ages. What a perfect setting and it looks like a really fun group of people too! The picture of the guy with that massive rock is hilarious.

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  11. Looks like you had an amazing time, I loved every single one of your photos! Lover’s Beach is stunningly beautiful and looks like such a fun WOD spot.

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