Cabin Fever Workout

I was definitely starting to feel the cabin fever this morning. I felt restless, sort of cranky, and even a bit claustrophobic being all cooped up in the house for the past 24+ hours. When I realized our box was holding Open Gym today, I immediately got dressed and ready to go. I needed to get out of the house in a bad way!


The roads in our neighborhood are still pretty messy, so Mal and I needed to do a little more shoveling to get his car out this morning.


This time, I borrowed a shovel from our neighbors so I could help him. After what Mal went through yesterday, I’m pretty sure I’m on snow-shoveling duty for the rest of the winter.


Nothing could keep us away from CrossFit this morning!


And we weren’t the only crazy ones who ventured out today. There was at least a dozen people at Open Gym.



There was a group of us at Open Gym who felt like doing a Metcon, so we made up a workout and did it together:


5 Wallballs
5 Pull-ups

I’ve been working on my Toes-to-Bar lately (I actually did some in a workout out on Friday), so I alternated between pull-ups and Toes-to-Bar for our WOD. I didn’t think 5 reps of each would be tough, but the last few rounds were really exhausting. Mal also did this workout, but he decided to do 10 reps of each exercise. Um, yea. He’s an animal.

If you’re feeling a bit of cabin fever today or you just want to do a quickie 10-minute workout, here’s a fun one for you. Just set a timer for 10 minutes and then do 7 Burpees followed by 5 push-ups for every minute on the minute.


After CrossFit, Mal and I went to buy a couple of new shovels since our only one is broken. Sadly, everyone else (and their mother) had this same idea, so we were out of luck.


Then, we went grocery shopping for the week. Most people probably stocked up on food before the storm, but Mal and I did this after the storm. Clearly, we were not prepared for this storm.


This week’s haul:


This week’s meal plan:


After CrossFit and shopping, I was pretty hungry, so I threw together a quick lunch: canned tuna mixed with grainy mustard.


And homemade avocado (garlic, garlic powder, lime juice, salt, and pepper) with brown rice crackers and baby carrots.


Delicious lunch!


Did you happen to notice the package of Chips Ahoy Chewy Cookies in my grocery photo above? Well, that’s what happens when I go shopping with Mal. He’s like a kid trying to sneak junk food into our cart. Anyway, I love Chips Ahoy Chewy Cookies too, so I ate one after lunch. I expected a delicious, soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie, but I was shocked and disappointed after taking my first bite. It tasted horrible, which definitely says something because I pretty much like all cookies. I don’t know what happened!?! Chips Ahoy Chewy used to be my favorite packaged cookie ever. Mal agreed they didn’t taste as good as they normally do, so maybe Nabisco changed their recipe? They weren’t nearly as soft and sweet as I remember. Ugh. It was such a bummer.


Questions of the Day

What’s your favorite kind of packaged cookies?

Are you claustrophobic at all? Do you have any phobias?


  1. I have the WORST cabin fever here in CT!!! The only time I got some fresh air was shoveling out my car…not that I can take it anywhere!! I can’t wait to get back to the gym tomorrow..but my grad school classes are already cancelled for tomorrow night-I am pissed! I WANT OUT!!!!! haha

  2. I’m jealous of all your groceries! I didn’t stock up on groceries either before the storm and now I am stuck. We got 34 inches and it will take days for the plows to come through. I never buy them but I do love Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies and Double Stuffed Oreos. 🙂

  3. Yay, you finally got to get out! All the pictures I see of aftermath from the storm are nuts. And I’m with you, I’m not a fan of packaged cookies.

  4. You are lucky to have power. Here in Marshfield we have no power and the roads are awful. We may not have power until Tuesday or later!

  5. Oh my gosh! I am so glad you commented on the cookies. I don’t usuall buy them, but I saw that Chips Ahoy had a chewy chocolate chip peanut butter cup cookie and couldn’t resist. I wish I had! They were awful! There was just some strange taste that overpowered any cookie goodness that might have been. I really thought it tasted like a lot of chemicals. I guess I should thank the Chips Ahoy people because that sure killed my cookie craving that day. I ended up throwing out the whole package.

  6. Oreos are my favorite prepackaged cookies! I’m not really a fan of Chips Ahoy! My phobias are strange… I have a fear of spiders (natural), but I also have an irrational fear of horses… I’m afraid they’re going to bite my ankles (stems from bad horse rides), but now I have this irrational fear of horses. I also have an aversion to rotisserie chickens and to the sounds of people eating/breathing. I’m a weirdo.

  7. Its been along time since I ate any packaged goodies, but one time when I did i dint like it. I think its because I haven’t been eating a lot of artificial crap and now that I haven’t, that stuff doesn’t taste good to me anymore. They don’t even lok like good cookies in your pic! I had major cabin fever over the weekend. It stresses me out when I go to long without a run.

  8. entemanns soft chocolate chips cookies omg i swear they put something in them..soo addictive!

    im from long island and we got hit hard too!about sixteen inches eeek where is summer!?!

  9. As long as its a chewy cookie, I’ll gladly eat it if offered to me. I hate the hard cookies…just not good enough. But I’m more of a fig newton girl. Those things are addddictinggg.
    Back in December I got the horrible horrible dreaded cough, runny nose, super headaches and etc….so I couldn’t do anything for a week before Christmas. No running or anything! I thought I was gonna go crazy. I think tha was the only time I’ve felt claustrophobic.

  10. I’m glad you were able to make it to crossfit today! I think my favorite packaged cookie is nutter butters. I always ate them with my dad when I was little and eating them reminds me of him 🙂 I hope the show is done. I can’t believe there are like NO shovels left, thats crazy! Didn’t they know Nemo was coming.

  11. I can so relate to the cabin fever. I walked
    to get a shovel, so I could drive to the gym.
    I used to love all chips ahoy cookies. They’re
    so dry now. Growing up I also loved almost
    home cookies. An 80s cookie brand.

  12. I totally agree!!! I bought those cookies a few months ago as a special treat (since I never stop at 1!) but could not even eat 1! They were awful! No idea what Nabisco did!

  13. I would definitely call Nabisco and let them know how bad those cookies were. I hate spending money on something and being disappointed with it. I am not much of a cookie eater but ask me about brownies and that would be another story.

    I’m very claustrophic. I can’t stand to be stuck anywhere. I live in Florida and a few years ago we had a tropical storm that dumped so much rain on us that the street in front of my house was flooded. I could not take my car out of the garage to go anywhere and I had a bad panic attack. Luckily I have a friend with a truck who said they would come and get me if I needed to get out. I didn’t, but just knowing that I could get out if I wanted to helped ease my anxiety.

  14. Probably my favorite packaged cookies are Pepperidge Farm Nantucket chocolate chip or Tates Chocolate Chip! I actually don’t like Girl Scout cookies as they taste so processed to me. So grateful as there are a million boxes floating around my office!

  15. I find alot of stuff doesn’t taste as good as it used to since I started eating less processed food. Now I tend to hold out for homemade treats. Today I lucked out because my boyfriend’s sister made oatmeal cookies and I made peppermint patties dipped in locally made dark chocolate. A treat day for sure!

  16. I love this post! Probably because it literally was the same as what Connor & I were doing this weekend– attempting to get in a workout, shoveling, and a post-storm grocery shop. This storm was intense! We are both off of work again tomorrow– guess not all the roads and sidewalks are plowed?

    I like the Pepperidge Farm cookies – the big soft chewy ones. Kashi makes some good cookies too.

    I am definitely claustrophobic! I also am afraid of spiders. *Shudder*

  17. I know ya’ll were all holed up and everything, but the snow is SO pretty. I loved the picture yesterday-the first one on the blog, the picture through a small “hole” in the window. So very breathtaking. I laughed at your picture of all your healthy food then the chip ahoy’s. Maybe the fact that they don’t taste good to you anymore is because your palate is used to eating more healthy fresh foods!

  18. so, i want to be (like) you & so on a whim, i bought some dates at Whole Foods, thinking “if she eats them for dessert, so will i!” – but you never mentioned the hard pit in the middle! it seems that i will need “how to” instructions to be like you! xoxo, jessa

  19. I’m a double-stuffed Oreo’s lover.

    I’m horribly afraid of throw-up. I’m 30 and have NEVER puked! So I fear all things throw-up = people acting like they’re going to, saying they feel like they are about to, the sounds, the motion, etc… it’s called emetophobia. I have anxiety just thinking about it!

    Stay safe in all the snow 🙂

  20. I completely agree with the cabin fever! I was finally able to get out of the house this afternoon but unfortunately my typically 24/7 gym was still closed.

  21. My favorite packaged cookie is probably Newman-O’s. They are incredibly dangerous, so I rarely allow them access to my home.
    I am incredibly claustrophobic! It’s so funny you ask because I had a dream last night where I was looking for a women’s restroom and found out it was at the end of a crawl-through tunnel, so I decided to hold it instead! Dreams are so weird.

  22. How sad! Chewy Chips Ahoy used to be one of my favorites too! I haven’t had them in years though… another good, soft chocolate chip cookie is Otis Spunkmeyer!

  23. Ha! you are too good of a cook to eat packaged cookies! yuck! I laughed when i saw the photo of all the healthy food with the cookies in there! I don’t like any packaged cookies except maybe Biscoff~
    I have many phobias- small spaces, math phobia and woodticks and bears.

  24. My boyfriend bought those same exact cookies just before the storm (yes, we stocked up on one of life’s essentials, cookies, before the storm – ha, ha!), and when we tasted them we both agreed that they tasted like plastic. Yuck! We called them “cancer cookies” for the remainder of the weekend…

  25. That doesn’t even LOOK like the soft and chewy cookie I remember! Honestly, I think soft, homemade cookies don’t hold a candle to store bought so I think all your healthy cooking has ruined you for processed food!

  26. Double Stuffed Oreos never seem to get old! Pair it with a big glass of milk and I’m one happy camper. I also used to love the Nantucket Pepperidge Farm cookies, but they have totally gotten smaller.

  27. I love your idea of putting Rotel and avocado on a burger. I will have to try that with a veggie burger!

    What a disappointment with the cookies. I used to love the soft and chewy Chips A Hoy cookies, too. Maybe I wouldn’t now though :/. I have to say, I am a big fan of Nutter Butters, though it has been far too long since I have had one!

  28. i am glad that you are safe and okay from the hit of the storm. Us, Buffalonians are pretty use to getting quite a bit of snow!! My phobias are the dark. i don’t know exactly why but i get very overwhelmed.. ;(. As for packaged cookies my favorite are either Pecan Sandies or Nutter Butters.. ironically now when i eat both of them i can taste that vegetable oil stick to the roof of my mouth..its just not the same. :$

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