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Good morning! 😎

I have major anxiety about today because I’m visiting the dentist again. In my Confessions of a Sugarholic post, I mentioned the four cavities that I need to have filled. (Too much sugar + bad genetics = lots of cavities.) Today’s appointment is for #3 of the four cavities.  

If having a cavity filled isn’t stressful enough, the practice that I go to kind of sucks. (I’m planning to transfer my records to a new dentist after this appointment.) The dentist who works on my teeth is really sweet, but she’s young and seems like she has no idea what she’s doing. I’m always nervous about what she’s going to do to me! 😯

The worst part about the practice, however, is the receptionist. She is such a witch! She’s totally unfriendly and unhelpful. I assume she just hates her job, but it’s such a hassle to deal with her.

Ok, I’m done complaining. I’m just not looking forward to this afternoon.


On a positive note”¦ yummy breakfast this morning! :mrgreen:

I have a full day today, so I woke up bright and early with my husband to make us a batch of butterscotch oatmeal. I told Mal about yesterday’s butterscotch oats and he really wanted to try them!

_MG_7209 (640x426)

In the mix:

Makes 2 servings

I also added a big scoop of Teddie peanut butter to my oats. (Mal doesn’t like nut butter in his oatmeal. What a weirdo! 😉 )

_MG_7220 (640x426)

I also drank a glass of iced coffee with breakfast.

_MG_7217 (640x426)

Remember how I mentioned going to yoga yesterday afternoon? Well, yoga class was replaced with shopping for new boots. I really needed a new pair.

The pair that I had been wearing were dangerous. The mental rod in the heels was completely exposed! They sounded awful on concrete– you could hear me coming from a mile away!

IMG_0002 (640x480)

Two winters ago, I spent a fortune getting the heel repaired, but, clearly, it was a waste of money because it only lasted one winter. I should have just purchased a new pair all together!

IMG_0001 (640x480)

I guess you could say that I had trouble parting with this particular pair of boots””sort of like my beloved Seven jeans. I had grown pretty attached to them. They were so comfortable, and I had a lot of good times in them.

Long story short, I was sort of forced into buying a new pair. I wasn’t allowed to wear the old boots in the house because the exposed metal would wreck our hardwood floors. So, with a little prodding from my husband, I finally bought a new pair.

IMG_0003 (480x640)IMG_0004 (480x640)

Check out these babies! Fun, right? And they fit over my huge-ass calves! I usually can’t find tall boots that fit. I’m in love.

2010-12-30 002

Question of the Day

Is there a piece of clothing (or accessory) that you just can’t part with?

P.S. I’m hosting a fitness-inspired giveaway on Trading Up Downtown this morning!



  1. I really am not a fan of going to the dentist. I recently had a root canal done and it was one of my least favorite things. Hope you had a better experience with the receptionist this time around!

  2. I had my first cavity filled last week and my Dentist convinced me I didnt need any novocaine. Afterwards I decided I would have prefered it. Ouch!

  3. I have a t-shirt that was part of my gym uniform in High School (I went to a Catholic School- we had a uniform even for gym). It had a zillion holes and is paper thin. I have had it for 14 years and I CANNOT part with it no matter how ugly it is.

  4. i still have a sweatshirt from my [high school] freshman basketball season. it’s got paint on it and holes on the sleeve. thankfully, i realize that it’s in a pretty sad state and only wear it around my apartment. it’s kind of like my happy place!

  5. For the longest time, I had a pair of adorable polka dot flats that I was in LOVE with. Eventually the soles started to fall apart and the fabric was ripped everywhere, but I couldn’t let them go. I went to Australia last year, and loved it so much that I ceremoniously left the flats there when I returned home, but I STILL think about them!

  6. I love the boots! Your calves don’t look big at all, but mine are definitely curvy and I have trouble finding boots that fit them! Would you mind sharing the brand?

  7. Love the new boots, but in the future you can buy new heel tips for about $5 and replace them yourself (or, even better, have your husband do it!).

  8. I hate when the receptionist is not pleasant. I had the same thing at my doctor’s office and it really just isn’t comforting!

    Love the boots..they are amazing!

  9. Your new boots are so cute! I always have a hard time finding boots too because my calves are massive and my ankles are thin – which makes the fit really awkward!

  10. Cute boots! I have the exact same problem with finding boots to fit over my muscular calves. It’s so annoying!

    I can’t part with my high school prom dress! It’s way too big for me now, but I’m still hanging onto it and hoping I can find a seamstress to alter it.

  11. i was going to buy those boots!!! i went with a pair of boots from ecco at nordstroms instead…but it was a close tie between the two!

  12. Oh gosh, Tina, just move practices NOW! There’s no need to stick with witches and incompetent people, particularly when dentist visits aren’t fun to begin with! Take care of yourself xo

  13. On the dentist scene…..I have a GREAT dentist in Quincy. I know you are on the SS somewhere so I don’t know if it’s too far but Dr. Competiello in N.Quincy on Safford street is awesome, his staff is great and he is a really nice guy. I’ve been with him for 5 years now. And I HATE going to the dentist but he totally understands my crazyness and is really nice about it.

  14. Cute boots! I can never find tall boots that fit my calves either.

    I have a hard time letting go of any of my clothes. I still have two pairs of Doc Martins (one green pair and one SILVER) in my parent’s basement from 7th grade. They’re size 7.5 and I now wear a 9.

  15. Do you get only one cavity filled at a time? At my dentist if I have four cavities, they fill them all in one session. I have bad teeth genetics too, so I have had plenty of fillings!! In fact…that reminds me…I need to make an appointment!

  16. Oddly, I used to LOVE my last dentist. He was so great at what he did, I never felt any pain, and I never had a problem with his work afterwards.

    My new dentist is nice and so is his whole staff, but I seem to hurt pretty bad after I get fillings done and I’ve had two faulty repairs. I feel your pain!

  17. Love the boots!! I am also not a “big” girl but suffer from big ass calves!! Just chalking it up to years of dance when I was younger. Many brands now make “wide shaft” boots. Do a simple search on and many will turn up! My “go to” black boots are Naturalizers – purchased from Zappos!

  18. I have huge calves too, and always have a hard time finding boots (and skinny jeans) that fit my legs!! The more I work out, the bigger they get…and if I don’t work out, they are the first place where the fat goes. Love the new boots, it looks like you were definitely due for a new pair!

    I part with things very easily, however I have one pair of grey sweatpants from high school that are so cozy and worn in. They have managed to hold up so holes or stains…but I can’t imagine the day when I’ll have to part with them!

  19. Great post! It’s ironic that I too once hated dentists, but turned out to be one. I have to say, it’s really all about the dentist. If you have a good one then normal procedures don’t turn out to be so uncomfortable and horrible. Have a great day!

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