Buy Murphy A Gift

Mal and I (and Murphy) are having a lot of fun with our 24 Days of Togetherness! Yesterday was “buy Murphy a gift,” so Mal and I went shopping last night.


Before we shopped for Murphy, however, we stopped at Kohl’s to buy a new coffeemaker. Priorities, people. We looked at a whole bunch of different models, but we eventually decided we really liked our old coffeemaker, so we purchased the exact same one.


Then, it was off to Homegoods to buy Murphy a present. It was a good sign when we walked in the door and saw a huge “pet gifts” display.


Mal and I didn’t want to buy him treats or toys since he has plenty of both already. Instead, we wanted to get him something more practical. (Oh, we are so becoming our parents!)

When we arrived home, we got Murphy’s present all set up and then I called his name. Naturally, he came, tearing pug ass, into the kitchen where I was standing with his present. (He really hugs those corners, huh?)


What is it, Mom?!?!?


Let me get a good sniff”¦


You guys seriously bought me a new water bowl? Lame.


Murphy wasn’t impressed with his gift, but he needed a new water bowl. He’s a little camel, so Mal and I end up filling his bowl 2-3 times a day. We decided to get him a bigger bowl since he’s such a big fan of water. He was also drinking from a small dog bowl even though he’s more a medium dog. Ok, it wasn’t the most exciting gift, but I know the pug will use it a lot!

During our shopping travels, I found some Angry Orchard Traditional Dry Cider. Woohoo! I cracked one open as soon as I got home. Delish!



Last night’s dinner was steak (cooked in garlic + butter) with sautéed peppers, onions, and mushrooms and brown rice. Excellent dinner.


Question of the Day

What’s the most “practical” gift your parents ever bought you?

Growing up, my mom always bought me a calendar for Christmas for the upcoming year. I always thought it was a dorky present, but I usually ended up using it. And now that I’m older, I love it when she buys me (pug) calendars! My mom also bought me jumper cables for my car, which have definitely come in handy over the years!


  1. my godmother bought me a tire pressure gauge one year for christmas… ya i never took it out of the package- gas stations have those things!

  2. My parents gave me a tool box with a hammer and screw driver when I was 10. Not super practical for a 10 year old but great now that I am an adult 🙂

  3. Every year without fail we got new PJs as kids as part of our Christmas surprises! Practical but always appreciated 🙂 My dad always buys very practical gifts….from ice scrapers to first aid kits….very random!

  4. When I saw your pup hugging the corner – I thought of mine right away. He’s recovering from stroke like symptoms (thank goodness it wasn’t an actual stroke) and he has no balance – so he wobbles very close to corners so he doesn’t fall down! And Angry Orchard is one of my favorite ciders – I just love the label! I also love Strongbow . . . look for it! Take care my friend.

  5. My Aunt always bought practical gifts for us. I remember on year when my niece was little (4?) she got socks from my Aunt. She bought her a few pairs, so when she opened the second pair she said ‘MORE socks?!?!?’
    Definitely not what a 4 year old hopes to find under the wrapping paper, especially more than once!

  6. My parents gave me an emergency car kit one year… I was all excited when it was a huge box, but it just turned out to be a massive flashlight with hazards. Joy!

  7. a flashlight and an emergency roadside kit when I got my first car. Smart but definitely not fun. Especially because both have sat in the back of my car never to be used since I got them.

    we just got our pup new food/water bowls and a stand for them. As long as she gets food and water – she wouldn’t care what they were in!

  8. When I was in college, my parents got my sister and I each a car charger. Not for our phones, but for the actual car. It was this yellow box-looking thing with a handle with red an black jumper cables on the front.

    Sadly, it never really worked that well. Get a good set of jumper cables, and hopefully find a friend who can jump start your battery for you! 🙂

    I actually have your coffee maker on my Amazon Wishlist in pink. Good to know that it works really well. You had your last one a long time!

  9. For Christmas a couple years ago I got a Space Blanket to keep in my car. I commute an hour each way to work & live where we get plenty of crummy winter weather….

    1. My old boss use to give everyone in our office fun socks for various holidays throughout the year. Almost half my collection is from her! Haha!

  10. I love Murphy’s little pug face when he’s not happy!
    About 30 years ago, both of my brother’s forgot my mother’s birthday in Nov. That Christmas, I got them both calendars and marked all of the family birthdays in them. I have continued this tradition every year since then. The nieces and nephew got excited when they were old enough to receive their own calendars.

  11. every year for christmas we all got a box filled with socks and undies…while we disliked this box (as a kid) i really miss this box (as an adult)…

  12. I always get deodorant in my stocking….seriously?!?

    What cut of steak is that? What’s your favorite cut of steak?

  13. The most practical gift my mom got me was a safety kit to put in my car in case I was ever on the side of the road, it included a sweet neon vest to wear so people wouldn’t run over me haha, luckily I haven’t had to use it!
    Even though they might not be the most exciting, I love practical gifts, especially the ones that you wouldn’t buy yourself!

  14. A few years ago, my mom bought me a shredder for Christmas. We’re both accountants, so we bond over nerdy things. I love shredding receipts and unwanted credit card wooing letters! It’s one of my favorite presents I’ve ever gotten.

    The dry cider looks incredible.

  15. My mom bought me a vacuum cleaner one year after I moved out. I actually still have it and use it. I have bought other vacuums but they (don’t) suck! I moved out about 20 years ago, so it is a helluva vacuum!

  16. I always WANTED practical gift (wool socks!), but my parents didn’t believe I could possibly want something like that. Every year I said, “No, I seriously want socks. Just get me socks” and it took years before they finally did! I guess they thought I was only asking for them because they’re relatively cheap (at least compared to an Xbox or whatever!).

  17. I remember one year, included in my gifts from Santa, was a mouth cleaning kit – toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. Last year, my husband got me a bike tire pump (his kids even told him it was a “lame gift” to give me!) but I use it SO much!

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