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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Mal and I (and Murphy) are having a lot of fun with our 24 Days of Togetherness! Yesterday was “buy Murphy a gift,” so Mal and I went shopping last night.


Before we shopped for Murphy, however, we stopped at Kohl’s to buy a new coffeemaker. Priorities, people. We looked at a whole bunch of different models, but we eventually decided we really liked our old coffeemaker, so we purchased the exact same one.


Then, it was off to Homegoods to buy Murphy a present. It was a good sign when we walked in the door and saw a huge “pet gifts” display.


Mal and I didn’t want to buy him treats or toys since he has plenty of both already. Instead, we wanted to get him something more practical. (Oh, we are so becoming our parents!)

When we arrived home, we got Murphy’s present all set up and then I called his name. Naturally, he came, tearing pug ass, into the kitchen where I was standing with his present. (He really hugs those corners, huh?)


What is it, Mom?!?!?


Let me get a good sniff”¦


You guys seriously bought me a new water bowl? Lame.


Murphy wasn’t impressed with his gift, but he needed a new water bowl. He’s a little camel, so Mal and I end up filling his bowl 2-3 times a day. We decided to get him a bigger bowl since he’s such a big fan of water. He was also drinking from a small dog bowl even though he’s more a medium dog. Ok, it wasn’t the most exciting gift, but I know the pug will use it a lot!

During our shopping travels, I found some Angry Orchard Traditional Dry Cider. Woohoo! I cracked one open as soon as I got home. Delish!



Last night’s dinner was steak (cooked in garlic + butter) with sautéed peppers, onions, and mushrooms and brown rice. Excellent dinner.


Question of the Day

What’s the most “practical” gift your parents ever bought you?

Growing up, my mom always bought me a calendar for Christmas for the upcoming year. I always thought it was a dorky present, but I usually ended up using it. And now that I’m older, I love it when she buys me (pug) calendars! My mom also bought me jumper cables for my car, which have definitely come in handy over the years!



  1. When I was growing up, my mom used to fill my Christmas stocking with fun stuff like lip gloss and nail polish, but when I got my first apartment, my “Christmas stocking” was a bucket filled with all kinds of cleaning supplies, gloves, sponges, etc… for my new place. I was stoked because at 21 years old, the last thing I wanted to spend my money on was cleaning supplies.

  2. You, Me, and Charlie Harper in the original Two and a Half Men all have the same coffee maker. It does work great and I am glad to know I am not the only one without a Keurig!

  3. I think everyone needs to receive a pair of underwear at least once in their life as a Christmas gift. It’s a truly humbling experience opening up a nice 5 pack of patterned Bikini Rise Hanes in front of the whole family.

  4. I always like this saying when thinking about gifts for kids.. Or dogs!

    Something you want. Something you need. Something to wear and something to read.

    Nice way to cut down the gifts since each child only gets 4 and two of them are practical.

    I think Murphy should have gotten a toy with his practical gift. More fun.

  5. We got that same coffee maker as a wedding gift in 2006. My Dad’s still using it (he begged for it when we bought a Keurig) and loves it! If you love Angry Orchard’s Traditional Dry, you should try Crispin BrownsLane. It’s so good!

    As far as traditional gifts go, my mom always gives us a big bag of toiletry items, snacks we like, etc. It’s kinda like our stocking, but she does a pretty good job of picking things we use.

  6. A few years ago for Christmas my dad bought me one of those flashlights that goes on your head (like miners would wear). It was the most ridiculous and random gift I’ve ever received, and initially I didn’t know what my dad was thinking; however, when my power goes out, it is super handy! It works much better than a flashlight because I have two hands and wherever I look the light goes (unlike when I hold a flashlight and I forget to move the flashlight when I change the direction I’m looking). At first I thought I would never use it, and now if it broke I would buy another one!

  7. I noticed you started bringing brown rice more back into your diet again. Is it fairing well with your tummy so far? I’ve been paleo for a while, but I have apparently gained 1.5% body fat since eating this way (BOO!) and have been thinking of bringing quinoa and brown rice back into my life. I just don’t want to have any tummy issues and make that bf increase worse. :-/

  8. Every year my mom puts socks, Chapstick, and a new mascara in our stocking. Practical but always needed items are the best to pull out of a stocking I think. Oh and pajamas are always in the “1 present we get to open on Christmas eve”. I love when old traditions are carried on, they make you feel like you’re still young.

  9. My mom always bought me calendars too, she still does as a matter of fact! I’ve also gotten jumper cables as a gift and AAA memberships. Practical gifts are really, well, practical, and I always appreciate them.

    I love Murphy’s expression in the picture by his new bowl, lol.

  10. Practical gifts are great! Murphy will make such good use out of his new water bowl! Homegoods always has cute gifts like that, even for pets! The most practical gift I ever gave was a Wendy’s gift card to my brother because at the time, he ate there everyday! Thankfully, he’s adopted a more healthy lifestyle.

  11. I discovered Angry Orchard when we first moved to South Dakota, and I am so obsessed with it. It’s so crisp and refreshing! We LOVE beer, but both my husband and I order it out all the time because it’s the best change of pace!

  12. Murphy posts are my FAVORITE posts 🙂

    My mom never gets me anything practical. In fact she gets me the most ridiculous things ever.

  13. I’m glad I’m not the only one who buys my dog a gift for Christmas–Marge is due for a new collar this year 🙂
    My parents always gave me things like socks and pajamas every year, and I always thought they were boring, but guess what? I used them a LOT. Everyone needs socks!

  14. I have a funny store about a practical gift! The first year my bf and I were sharing xmas together he gave me this huge heavy box to open. I got all excited, tore open the gift to discover a FIRE ESCAPE LADDER! hahahah I lived in a condo at the time and my bedroom window opened to a slate patio. He was concerned for my safety. Funny story that I tend to relive this time of year 🙂

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