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It’s been years since I’ve eaten at Henrietta’s Table, so when my “business associates” suggested meeting there for breakfast, I was more than excited!


Some positive advice for the day:


Henrietta’s Table reminds me of an upscale farmhouse with its rustic-looking wooden furniture, potted plants, and seasonal produce displayed throughout the restaurant. It was chic, yet very cute! I love fall decor! It makes me so happy!


I arrived at Henrietta’s Table about 15 minutes early, so I snapped some photos (like a good little blogger), then ordered a cup of coffee, sat at the bar, and just relaxed.


A little tip for the locals: coffee at Henrietta’s Table is just $1 and it’s really good! Nice and strong.


Henrietta’s Table serves “sophisticated” comfort food that is fresh, local, and often organic.Most the dishes on the breakfast menu were New England-inspired, like homemade granola and yogurt, fresh fruit, waffles and hotcakes, farm fresh eggs, and “New England favorites,” such as Red Flannel hash, poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce, house-smoked salmon, and buttermilk biscuits. They even had freshly baked pumpkin bread. I should have ordered a piece!


I ended up ordering a tried-and-true breakfast: Old Fashioned Oatmeal.I rarely order oatmeal at restaurants- mostly because I make a pretty mean batch of oats at home. Plus, I’d rather try something different from the menu. However, I had a feeling that Henrietta’s Table would probably make an amazing bowl of oats, so I just had to give it a try!


The Old Fashioned Oatmeal was served with cream, raisins, and brown sugar.


Simple yet delicious toppings! :-D They make me want to revisit some of my more “classic” oatmeal combinations.


Mmmmm! The oatmeal was delicious! Warm and hearty, creamy and sweet. It was a perfect breakfast for a cool, crisp New England morning.


I pretty much ate the entire bowl of oatmeal, except for a few bites. It was incredibly filling and held me over until lunchtime, no problem.


I can’t tell you what my business meeting is about quite yet, but hopefully, it will pan-out and you’ll be hearing details soon!


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