Bug Bite Gone Wrong, Favorite OTF Workouts & Berry Oatmeal Bake Recipe

Gahhhh! The Hauperts can’t catch a break lately!

First Murphy with his neck and back issues

Me with a never-ending flare and healthcare frustrations

And then Quinn gets bit by a mosquito and his face swells up!

The poor kid woke up with a swollen eye yesterday morning. He got stung by a mosquito over the weekend, and the spot on his forehead swelled up like crazy. I took him to the doctor yesterday morning and, thankfully, she said it was just a localized reaction and recommended Claritin to help with the swelling. Quinn was good as new by the time he went to bed, and there wasn’t any swelling this morning. Phew. Hopefully, nothing else happens with the bug bite. We are a tad concerned (aka trying not to freak out) about EEE since there’s been a bunch of cases in Massachusetts. Fingers, eyes, and legs crossed!

On a more positive note…

We’re LOVING thredUP lately! Check out Quinn in his super cool wolves shirt below. He loves wolves (Mal does too), so this “new with tags” shirt was a big hit, especially at just $8! I’m planning to write a full blog post about our experience using thredUP (we’ve shopped and sold with them since 2014), but, for now, feel free to check them out, especially for discounted kids clothes as well as workout gear. FYI: Their sales are amazing! And if you use my affiliate code, you can get $10 for FREE to shop. I’m telling ya, it’s worth a look! 🙂

I’ve eaten this Berry Oatmeal Bake the past 3 mornings with a big scoop of Teddie Peanut Butter on top, and it’s so darn delicious! The recipe is super easy to make and customizable based off your taste preferences. Any kind of berries (fresh or frozen) will work and you can totally add protein powder or collagen for a protein boost. One of my former nutrition clients used chopped apples and egg whites for her oatmeal bake! Mmm! The recipe was part of the CNC Macro Tracking Challenge, and you can find it here.

This morning’s OTF class was tough! It was endurance, and there was no walking at all – just base, push, and all-outs. Holy cow! Since I’ve started at the OTF Hanover location, I’ve taken 5 classes and ALL of them have been endurance. Of course, I like a good endurance workout, but I’m ready for something different. I just keep hitting endurance days!

I’m not sure if you guys knew this, but Carrots ‘N’ Cake is on liketoknow.it. I don’t use it all that much, but since I’ve started to share more affordable fashion finds, I figured I might as well update it more often. Please follow me there if you haven’t already! 🙂

Questions of the Day

OTF peeps: What’s your favorite kind of workout?

Do you use liketoknow.it? 

How often do you shop online versus in-store for clothing?

P.S. The CNC ZYIA activewear party is still happening over on FB. Just request to join and see what’s happening!


  1. I love OTF! I feel like sometimes I hit the same focus every time (just happens when you don’t go every day) but usually it’s a mix. Power days are my favorite but endurance is where I really get the best calorie burns. Strength days… yowzah… inclines are tough. 3G classes are a different format and are a little bit more a mix of ESP every time if you’d prefer that. Personally I like spending more time on the treads so they aren’t my favorites… but it’s a good way to mix it up if you feel the need.

  2. Hi Tina! You can check out the orange theory workouts on Reddit. The usually have them posted the night before…that helps me figure out what days I want to go. Tornado Templates are my fave because it goes by quick.

  3. Aw poor Q-man! Thanks for sharing that oatmeal bake-it looks amazing! I’ve tried OTF a couple times but also found it too endurance-based. I don’t know much about liketoknowit but I buy almost ALL my clothes online. I even bought my wedding dress online (thank goodness it worked out well). Hope everyone in the Haupert household is feeling better soon!

  4. Hey! I was going to say the same thing. Check on Reddit, if you don’t go to orange theory everyday. I still go even if it’s a hardworkout i just like to be prepared on what type of workout they are going to focus on. 🙂

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