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So, this morning was a tad frustrating. After breakfast, I drove to an appointment with my GI doctor, but, unfortunately, I never actually saw him because of some health insurance mumbo-jumbo.


Basically, I didn’t have a referral from my new primary care doctor to see my GI doc, so my visit wouldn’t have been covered by my health insurance. Annoying, but I sort of thought this might happen”” and it’s totally okay because I recently switched my primary care doctor to one at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), so I could get in with a GI specialist there. I actually have an appointment with my new primary care doctor on Friday, so, hopefully, she’ll work some miracles, and I’ll have a new super awesome GI doctor soon. MGH actually has a whole Digestive Healthcare Center (including a Crohn’s & Colitis Center) and does all sorts of great IBD research, so I’m hopeful a new GI doctor will help me manage my condition (instead of just prescribing me more and more drugs to deal with the symptoms).

Since I didn’t go to my appointment, I had a couple of hours to kill before I needed to be at NuVal, so I went shopping for new sheets. (I know, my life is so exciting.) The ladies from this weekend’s bachelorette party mentioned that Marshalls has a really great bedding selection (and I’m weirdly obsessed with clean sheets and some of ours were looking pretty grubby), so I popped in on my way home to check it out. And they were right””there was lots of nice, affordable bedding, so I’m telling you guys: Marshall’s has great bedding!

Marshalls was pimped out with all sorts of autumn décor, so I also bought a “pumpkin brulee” candle. I just couldn’t resist.

IMG_1696 (563x750)

When I got home, my new candle looked sad and lonely sitting on the coffee table in our living room, so I decided to break out the rest of our fall decorations, which took me about 5 minutes to put out because don’t own very many. (Christmas is a different story!)

IMG_1699 (750x563)

We own even fewer spring/Easter decorations.


So long summer! Hello, fall!


Have you put out your fall decorations yet? Do you think it’s too early to decorate?

A little while later, I headed to NuVal for a few hours.



It was lunchtime, so I packed some food to take with me: sliced cucumber, Sweet Potato Wedges, avocado chicken salad, and a fried egg.

IMG_1690 (750x563)

I also brought some fresh raspberries.

IMG_1688 (750x563)


My lunch held me over pretty well, but when I got home from NuVal, I sliced up a banana and added some sunflower butter and raisins for an afternoon snack.

IMG_1734 (750x563)

Now, I’m off to walk the pug!

See ya!



  1. I’ve been seen by the MGH IBD division. I hate to say it, but don’t try to get your hopes up too high – I was so excited to go there, but with my experience, they basically just prescribed more drugs. I mean, other stuff helps – diet, alternative medicine, lifestyle changes – but nothing makes you better like drugs do!

  2. My husband is followed by a GREAT doctor at MGH for his Chrohn’s…if you need a recommendation on a doctor, let me know. He truely has been fantastic (my husband refuses meds…manages chrohn’s with diet/lifestyle changes).

  3. It’s never too early to decorate! Before I left for college in the middle of August, Hobby Lobby already had about 10 “designated” Christmas aisles. Unbelievable! But… That didn’t stop us from going down each and every one 😛

  4. I love Marshall’s! We had to buy my hubby a specific pillow for some neck issues. We went to Bed Bath and Beyond. After, we went to Marshall’s next door and found the same pillow for $8!! (instead of $30) Needless to say we took the first one back. Oh happy day=)

  5. I have a decent amount of fall decorations but sadly no apartment to put them in. In theory I could decorate my room with them but I don’t think the fall colors would match my bright blue walls very well. 😉

    And I find Target has some GREAT bedding too. I took my mom there the other day to get her new sheets and new sheets for the guest room.

  6. We live by Silver Dollar City in Branson and this weekend is the start of their harvest festival. Each year I use it as the catalyst for fall and come home after a long day of gathering inspiration at all of the booths and go crazy with fall decorations! Fall in September is completely okay by me!

  7. I was just diagnosed with hyperactive thyroid last Friday and going through some of the same issues with this autoimmune disease. I left it go way too long as I thought I was going through menopause and now my stats are off the charts. It took hours to get a hold of the insurance company to get the tests approved. Sadly, the doc said no exercise except light walking until my next appt in October. My chiro is a little concerned and would like me to maintain some sort of exercise to keep my back in check. Like your earlier post, I’m trying to incorporate some yoga and not be totally frustrated that my routine has total hit a road block. Your acceptance of your health issues and determination to fix them is really motivating.

  8. I am slowly starting to put out the fall decorations, but I am having a hard time deciding where to put things! Your fall decor looks great. 🙂

  9. I think it is AWESOME that you have busted out the fall decor, it is my favorite time of year, and I do not have much to decorate with either:( My door still has a lavender wreath on it for AUGUST and it looks way out of place!

  10. Oh yes, I love Marshall’s Home Goods for bedding!!

    As for Fall decorations, I say anytime after Labor Day is acceptable. Speaking of, I need to pull mine out but I will wait for this weekend when the hubs can get in the attic.

  11. We definitely only decorate for Christmas at home, but it was one of the great things that I always loved about elementary school — the changing classroom decorations with the changing seasons. When I think back to some early classroom days, I can always tell the time of year from the back walls I picture in my mind. It makes for some very quaint reminiscing!! 🙂

  12. I love your packed lunch! It totally looks balanced and full of protein (plus everything is better with a fried egg!).
    Ooh, you’ve reminded me to pick up some pumpkin spice candles 🙂

  13. I would decorate for fall toward the end of August if my husband would be cool with it, but he has the weird thing about no changing seasonal decor before the seasons actually change. That being said, I refuse to wait until Sept 21, so every year Sept. 15 is Fall Decorating Day. I have my first pumpkin beer on that date as I whip out all the fall decor. Ooooh, I can’t wait!

    I love the door wreath, btw.

  14. Definitely not too early for fall decorations, but I’m super impressed you HAVE fall decorations! I don’t have seasonal decorations (yet) but maybe as I become more of a grown up I will acquire some. I love them.

  15. Nope, not too early for fall decorations!! I’ve got some of my stuff out now, and I’m planning on buying some more! Fall is my favorite!

  16. It’s September, so you can def. put out the fall decor. I love the wreath and candles!
    How do you write on some of your pictures, that’s a great addition to photos.

  17. I just blogged about how I feel like the holidays come earlier every year. My husband bought me pumpkin spice coffee a few weeks ago! Definitely too early. I think I will be breaking out the pumpkin and fall stuff out this weekend now that the weather is getting to be consistently cooler.

  18. I have been debating for a week now on when I can take my decorations out, and now that I saw yours, I think I’ll take them out this weekend! I always get a little sad that Summer is ending, until I remember all the fun things that involve Fall. And that means decorating and the best Pumpkin Patch in the Midwest, Vala’s!!

  19. Haha I read the first comment on this post and agreed. In Florida it still feels like summer although the humidity has gone down a good amount since August, so it is feeling much better. Still haven’t made the chicken salad with avocado but its definitely happening this weekend.

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