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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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It’s FRIDAY! Hooray!! :mrgreen:

I woke up extra early this morning to make a special breakfast for Mal and me. (We’re buying a house today!!!) Of course, the pug hates to miss any sort of excitement, so he sat by the kitchen table and made a nice breakfast companion while we ate.


To me, a special breakfast means pancakes! :mrgreen:


I whipped up a batch of my favorite “really good” pancakes. I used whole wheat flour (instead of all-purpose), which gave them a nice grainy taste and texture.


Mal topped his pancakes with Olivio and maple syrup.




I skipped the Olivio and went straight for the maple syrup. I actually prefer real butter nowadays! 😉


And, of course, there was plenty of iced coffee at breakfast.


With stainless steel straws! 😀 (FYI: The deal ends on 10/31!)


Murphy ate his breakfast in 60 seconds, so he kept us company while we ate.


Oh, yea, that’s the spot!!



Question of the Day

Where do you eat the majority of your meals?

I wish I could say that Mal and I eat every meal at the table, but we only eat about 25% of them there. The rest are eaten in front of the TV on the coffee table.



  1. Most days/nights we are in front of the t.v. with Rocky sitting next to us with sad puppy dog eyes! He’s such a beggar! Every once in a while I like to sit at our countertop table so I can set it up and make it look pretty. 😉

  2. We typically eat dinner at our kitchen table and listen to music. We also have an island in our kitchen where we will sit and eat lunch sometimes…but if it’s lunch we will sit at the coffee table in front of the TV.

  3. The majority of my meals by myself is at my desk. ALL of my meals with my husband are at the coffee table.

    We have a dining room table, but it’s more a big place to dump stuff at the moment.

  4. Right now in my city apartment there is no room for a dining room table so we too eat at the coffee table in front of the TV. Sometimes we try and turn off the TV and talk to one another as we would if we were out to eat or seated at a normal dinner table. 🙂

  5. We have a lot of options, so we split pretty evenly between:

    Breakfast nook in the kitchen
    Dining room table
    Couch, tv, and coffee table
    Outdoors on the deck (when it’s nice)

    Congrats on the house – having one is great!

  6. When I was growing up, my family ate dinner at a table every night. Now, when I go home (from grad school) the majority of our meals are in front of the tv. And when I’m in school, the majority of meals are in my bed! (I live in a studio apartment and don’t even have a table–not the best set up!)

  7. We eat breakfast and dinner at the table 90% of the time. Lunch is eaten at my desk at work. Every now and then we eat in front of the TV but that is usually just weekends or late dinners or something.

  8. Since I have a large family, we all sit at the table for all meals. Its a huge event if we don’t- Like if all the kids are gone. We’ve trie to juggle a dozen tv trays or eat on our lap for dinner and a movie, it’s always messy and crowded.

  9. we don’t have room for our dining room table so everything is eaten in front of the tv. i think of it as “taking advantage” of my pre-baby days, because once i have kids, i won’t be able to do that anymore!

  10. Congrats on the closing today, hope it goes well!

    I eat at my table, but it’s kind of cheating because I have a living room/dining room combo and I can see the TV just as well from the table as I can from the couch!

  11. We eat all our meals at the coffee table! We have finally accepted that we do this and even moved the salt/pepper and napkins to the coffee table. The modern family dinner locale , I suppose.

  12. Cute pics of Murphy!

    I’m so not a table eater. My boyfriend and I are eat-in-front of-the-TV eaters, even when we’ve cooked something nice. Also, I frequently eat dinner at work (or while I’m freelancing), so I have to admit that I can’t remember the last time I ate dinner at a real table…save for a real table at a restaurant. Or my parents’ house. 🙂

  13. Oh, Im in love with Murphy!
    With Boyfriend, we’ve decided our meals should be eaten at the kitchen table as when we eat on the couch while watching TV, we just spend too much time and then, the evening is gone. Also when eating at the table, we can talk to each other instead of staring at the TV.

  14. My hubby and I eat most of our meals at the kitchen table…however there are days we eat in front of the TV but they are few and far between.

    Your pancakes look nice and fluffy and of course your pup is too cute!

  15. My fiance and I almost always eat in front of the TV on our coffee table too, which is actually quite sad because our real table is about 5 feet away (apartment living). We both work, then go to the gym, and then cook dinner, so eating dinner is our time to just chill out lol. And we’re just fine with it!

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