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After the incredible Farmers’ Dinner on Saturday evening, Mal and I had grand plans to sleep in late on Sunday morning (king bed, no pug), but somehow we were wide awake at 7:30 AM. Whomp whomp. I guess we were really looking forward to breakfast!

You see, during dinner the night before, we chatted with a couple of the PR folks from Hotel Vermont about the amazing breakfast that they had eaten at Juniper that morning. Mal and I had originally planned to have brunch at Penny Cluse (just like his undergrad days), but our conversation about Juniper totally swayed us. Everything just sounded so delicious!

IMG_6787 (700x525)

So, on Sunday morning, once we had a chance to get ourselves ready for the day, Mal and I headed downstairs to Juniper for breakfast and grabbed a couple of seats at the bar.

IMG_6799 (700x525)

Our first order of business: coffee! I ordered a decaf almond milk latte, which was outstanding. Seriously, it was incredible. The espresso was perfect and, get this, the almond milk was homemade, so it was super-duper creamy. What a treat!

IMG_6786 (525x700)

IMG_6788 (700x525)

When our meals arrived, Mal was so excited about his Eggs Benedict, he insisted that I take a photo of it for the blog. It was served on a homemade English muffin with sautéed kale on the side, and he absolutely loved it.

IMG_6790 (700x525)

I ordered the egg sandwich (also served on a homemade English muffin) with cheddar and grilled kale. It was so tasty and probably one of the healthiest breakfast sandwiches I have ever eaten.

IMG_6792 (700x525)

After breakfast, we packed up our things, took a quick belly shot (I’m getting big!), and checked out of the hotel.


After that, Mal and I wandered around Church Street and did a little shopping for about an hour, but we eventually needed to head home to pick up Murphy from the “dog spa” (aka our friend’s house) and then go to a Super Bowl party.


When we got home, we gave Murphy a special present!

IMG_1052 (700x525)

A new UVM leash!

IMG_1054 (700x525)

He loved it! Mal obviously did too. Go Cats go!

IMG_1060 (525x700)

We watched the Super Bowl at our friends’ house. The guys huddled around the TV while the ladies chatted by the food. The Super Bowl is alllll about the food for me!


Mal ended up being the dog whisperer during the game! Haha!

dog whisperer

Congrats to the Seahawks!


Questions of the Day

What’d you do for the Super Bowl?

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

I honestly didn’t watch too much of the Super Bowl (chatting + food + uneventful game), but I caught this commercial over the weekend and thought it was so funny! Just wanted to share!



  1. That eggs benedict looks amazing! I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, but while I was watching the Puppy Bowl Subaru had some hilarious dog commercials!

  2. That egg sandwich looks awesome! I went over to my best guy friend’s parents’ house for the Superbowl and was so excited because we all live in Colorado and I was *sure* the Broncos would win. Then at about half-time the whole room got silent as the reality of the beat-down sunk in and after that touchdown in the first 12 seconds of the 3rd quarter, we all just kind of ignored the tv and turned to the alcohol…kidding…well, kind of 😉

  3. We went to a friends house and had the best time. I seriously leave that house in stitches with how much laughing I do when I’m there. 🙂

    My favorite commercial was for Radio Shack. I kind of geeked out when I saw ALF. 😉

  4. I was disappointed in the commercials! 🙁 And I wish there would have been more Red Hot Chili Peppers over Bruno Mars. We worked at the new house (almost done!) until around 7 and then headed home to watch the rest of the game.

  5. Well, I am pregnant so I spent the morning puking. Then in the evening we went over to a super bowl party. I don’t know if you would even call it a party, it was my husband and I and two other people. This was a couple of 5 years who the guy out of the blue broke up with his girlfriend that morning. Can you say awkward?

  6. My favorite was the Budweiser homecoming commercial for the soldier! The girl in the commercial went to my school, and the boy is from my friend’s high school, which made it even more awesome. I was definitely tearing up!

  7. You look adorable!! And breakfast sandwiches on English muffins are the best. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. I sent my husband to a party and stayed home to watch a documentary. Win-win!

  8. That egg sandwich looks awesome! Totally how they should be 🙂 We had friends over at our house for the SB. Such a bummer game but the food, commercials, and half time show made it somewhat fun/entertaining.

  9. From someone who doesn’t watch football, I felt compelled to watch it since I’m from Denver. Least to say, I was disappointed 🙁
    Homemade almond milk in a latte sounds so good. I wish I could find a place that serves that here.

  10. I didn’t really watch much of the game either, I Was busy talking with my friend the whole time haha and it’s not like it was all that exciting anyway. I love the pics though and thanks for linking the commercial. Checking it out.

  11. We had a party at my house which was nice because I could change into PJ pants after the half-time show, ha! The breakfast you guys had looks insane and I agree with Mal, his meal was definitely photo-worthy. Whenever I have a latte it tastes so decadent because I typically take my coffee black. Yours looks amazing! I love the color combo in your outfit too.

  12. Hahaha that last picture of murphy & mal!! You guys seriously make me want a pug soo bad. Everyone in my apt building would definitely notice though.. also I don’t think any adoption agency will give me a dog as a student :/

  13. That breakfast looks so good! The diner I went to for breakfast yesterday used a homemade English muffin for my eggs Benedict & it made all the difference.
    I didn’t watch the whole Super Bowl, just bits & pieces, because the Patriots weren’t in it lol. I did, however, watch the Puppy Bowl, which totally trumped the Super Bowl haha!
    I missed most of the commercials, but I loved the Budweiser one that had the little lab puppy run back to the farm to be with the horse. Omg, it was so adorable!

  14. Question for you just about blogs in general – when you are given products to review, do you ever not like them? It seems like on this blog (and others that I’ve read) all reviews are really positive for all the free stuff you’re given. Do you just choose not to write about the bad stuff? Just curious because I love this blog but always wondered how that works!

    1. In my early years of blogging, I wrote a lot more negative reviews, but nowadays I’m a lot more selective in what I say yes to. I typically don’t accept a product if it doesn’t interest me.

  15. Tina, just curious if you and Mal have thought about names for your baby boy and if so, when you are going to reveal it!!!

  16. We watched the Super Bowl at our house. Living in Seattle is has been an interesting week. My favorite commercial was #bestbuds with the horse and yellow lab.

  17. I was super excited for the super bowl this year! Russell Wilson is from my home town and married to a friend of mine so I got really into it. I was just at home by myself but was jumping up and down in my living room. By touchdown #5 I turned out my lights and went to bed. Poor Broncos

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