Breakfast at Joe’s Coffee Shop + Yelp Reviews

Good morning!

We just got back from breakfast at a new-to-us diner called Joe’s Coffee Shop. Mal and I were actually a little nervous to go there this morning because of the Yelp reviews we read online. The majority of the comments were really positive, but there were a couple that had some so-so things to say about the place. Well, I’m so glad we went anyway because we had an AWESOME experience and definitely plan to go back soon!

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The staff was so incredibly friendly and they just loved Quinn. They set him up in a hook-on chair, gave him things to play with + a cup of milk with a straw, and then made him the most amazing blueberry pancake.

IMG_6197 (1024x1024)

It was as big as he was and he loved it!

IMG_6204 (1024x768)

Mama and Dada might have stolen a few bites too. (It was a really good pancake.)

IMG_6212 (768x1024)

Mal and I also loved our breakfasts. We both ordered the Full Breakfast and, whoa, it was a lot of food. Everything was delicious and the home fries were especially epic, which I always say are a good reflection of a quality diner. And, I definitely need to mention this: Our iced coffees were served in frosted glasses. What service!

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Questions of the Day

How often do you read restaurant reviews online? Do you think they’re accurate? Do you listen to them? 



  1. Sometimes I think people will always find the negative in a restaurant, so I don’t take their reviews too seriously (unless every single review is 1 star!). I usually have a fine experience at most places and I’m not an overly picky customer, so I’ll go wherever I want regardless of what Yelp says!

  2. I actually do read Yelp reviews a lot, specially when I’m traveling. The trick is to keep an open mind and try to read what kind of person the reviewer is (ie do they seem to complain about everything and anything or are they actually being practical and observant). It helps me get an idea of what’s around the area and maybe try to find those hidden gems that might not be known by everybody.

  3. What are those green and blue toys? They look like they may have suction cups? Those look great … Small and washable!

  4. I read the reviews if I happen to be on yelp, but i dont necessarily yelp before i go to every restaurant. And if alllll the reviews are negative, that does change things. but if its mixed? meh, i just assume some people are jerks/rude. 🙂

  5. Yes I use Yelp a lot! Especially when traveling to a new place. If the majority of the reviews are good (maybe just a couple bad ones sprinkled in) it doesn’t bother me and I’ll usually still check it out. It’s when there are consistently bad reviews about the same issue (bad service, etc) that makes me hesitate.

  6. I have the Yelp app so I almost always read reviews! Usually it’s not make or break for me- I typically just try to see what’s in the area and go from there. I also appreciate it when restaurants reply back to negative reviews- I think it’s important that they know what their reputation is online and that they care about it!

  7. Unless they are consistently bad, with no good, I don’t really take them much to mind, as long as the stars are more than 3. I find that the only time people comment, are when they have the extremes.

  8. I often look at Yelp and always check out Trip Advisor when getting ready to travel. I find the reviews on Trip Advisor to be more thoughtful and polite. Mostly if people have negative things to say they also include something positive and/or reasons why they may have had a bad experience. I find some of the reviews on Yelp to be downright mean. I do always try to write positive Yelp reviews when I’ve had good service or a great meal.

  9. When I look at the reviews I want to know how the food is and people rate all kinds of things. They will give it one star bc someone looked at them the wrong way. I want a review that is just based on how good or bad the food is!

  10. I’m totally addicted to reviews, but I do have some boundaries around how they influence my decisions. Two things: # of reviews (bigger factor) and star rating. It does me no good to see 5 reviews with 5 stars. They are 98% your friends and family helping you get started. Sure, you look great! But it’s also biased. I’m more likely to visit you if you have 3.5+ stars and you have 500 Yelp reviews. I realize 500 is a lot, but the point is that the average star over more ratings gets my business. From that system, I’m very rarely disappointed. 🙂

  11. Whenever my fiance and I travel, I’m all over Yelp or Trip Advisor researching places to eat or bars to stop at. I try to take reviews with a grain of salt. Sometimes you’ll read great things about a place, and it ends up being terrible, and vice versa. Sometimes you just have to take a chance!

  12. I feel like restaurant reviews are mostly accurate, but I’ve had enough surprises (both good and bad!) to not allow them to influence me too much! Someone could have one bad experience and write a horrible review, but that won’t deter me from trying it out myself 🙂

  13. I use Yelp a lot and generally find it pretty accurate. However, when it comes to restaurants I have always thought that you should be able to give separate star ratings for food vs. service. Sometimes I see one or two star reviews, but when I read them they say something along the lines of, “our food was fabulous but our server was terrible!” Unless the reviews consistently cite bad service, I feel like those reviews probably just reflect one poor server, and I would hate to miss out on great food just because of an occasional poor experience with service. So, I tend to scroll through the negative reviews to see if they are mostly food related or if they are mostly minor service complaints before I make my decision.

  14. Wow that looks yummy and it’s making me hungry! I always look at restaurant reviews on Trip advisor or something before going somewhere new. I take what i read with a pinch of salt of course because everyone’s tastes are different but I’ll take notice if a particular place has overwhelmingly good or bad reviews.

  15. I love Yelp but you have to read carefully. It is usually useful to find out what to order or if the service is not so good. You make your own decisions but a trend in the written reviews is usually telling.

  16. Yelp is terrible! They use “algorithms” to show reviews which means if the restaurant hits the jackpot, all you see is what they call “recommended reviews” that only Yelp recommends. and I think it’s a breeding ground for trolls and meanies. (In all fairness, I am biased as I work for a restaurant group.) I prefer recommendations from friends and family, they usually tell the truth and will give you a fair assessment of a place.

  17. I totally look up restaurant reviews! I frequently use Zomato (previously Urbanspoon) and Yelp (some). We love trying new things, but usually try do research beforehand.

  18. I moved to a new city this past year and at first, I scoured reviews to see what spots to try…and avoid. For the most part, reviews were in line with my personal experience. However, I did find there were a few places that were just so hyped up.

  19. We are in Austin and use Yelp as a starting point, especially when we first moved. We ignore comments that are related to situations like “we had a party of 15 for brunch on Sunday and it took forever to get seated”. Now that we have been here a few years we ask around more with co-workers and friends.

  20. I’m more of a read reviews for skincare products or spas. Food is such a personal thing. I am such an oddball eater I will probably love what others don’t. I might glance at them but usually go anyway. The pancake looks good!!

  21. Hi Tina – I’m a local reader and a joes lover and was shocked that it wouldn’t have gotten good reviews, so I checked it out on yelp. The reviews look great! Wondering if that was just your set up for a sponsored post even though it wasn’t marked as such? If not, having just moved to a new area that doesn’t lack for good restaurants and breakfast joints, why would you have visited one that made you “nervous”? Sorry, but this post just doesn’t add up for me. But glad you ended up having a great meal! I would expect nothing less!

    1. This post was not sponsored. If it was, it would be marked as so. Bloggers are suppose to disclose sponsored posts, which I always do. (I also answered this same question above in the comments.)

      We were nervous because the comments said the place was small and busy, which is not a great combo with an active 14-month old. Maybe “nervous” wasn’t the best word to use.

  22. Q is looking at Mal in that photo like, “if you wanted pancakes you should have ordered them yourself!”

  23. Look at Quinn’s eating skills with the fork, his face is so stinkin’ cute!! I use yelp alot when trying to find something to eat or want to try something new. When we moved to our current house a couple years ago I immediately searched for a good pizza, sushi, Chinese and Mexican place and found them thanks to yelp reviews! I will say though some reviews can be hit or miss as some would rave about a pizza place and when we tried it we found it just wasn’t what we were looking for. So we have to take them with a grain of salt sometimes.

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