Body After Baby {2 Months}

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I can’t believe it’s been 8 weeks since I gave birth to Quinn. Crazy, right? In those 8 weeks, my body has undergone so many changes””more than I could ever imagine. Being 41 weeks pregnant, I thought I would be ALL about losing the baby weight as quickly as possible, but, truthfully, weight loss hasn’t been my main focus during these past couple of months.

photo 1 (2)photo (800x800)

Between caring for Q and finding time to do everything else, losing weight just hasn’t been a top priority. Sure, I’m exercising on a regular basis, but it’s more for my own personal happiness and sanity than it is for weight loss. (I get very sad when I can’t CrossFit. And exercise energizes me!) Plus, with breastfeeding and being constantly hungry (so much more so than when I was pregnant), I haven’t been paying too much attention to what I’m eating. Well, ok, I’m doing my best to eat healthy, but I’m eating plenty of treats too (i.e. brownies for dinner). I’m basically just eating when I am hungry, which is all the time. ALL THE TIME, people!

Ok, so even though losing weight hasn’t been my main focus recently, getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight is definitely something I want to achieve in the next few months, which is why I want to blog about my experience. I need the motivation and accountability, especially since the last few pounds are always the hardest to lose. That said, I want to fill you guys in on what’s been happening on the “body after baby” front and tell you about some of my goals for the coming weeks.


I’m not a big numbers person when it comes to weight (here’s why), but I do think they are helpful when it comes to tracking your progress.

My pre-pregnancy weight: 130-133

My weight at 41 weeks: 172

My weight 1 week postpartum: 152

My weight 2 weeks postpartum:  145

My weight 1 month postpartum: 142

My weight 2 months postpartum: 140

As you can see, the baby weight came off quickly (20 pounds in one week), but it has slowed down considerably (2 pounds in one month). I’m about 7-10 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight, and I know those pounds will be the hardest to lose. I’m already feeling more like my old self, and I know the weight will eventually come off. I just need to be patient and get it together with my diet.

pre and post baby


The photos below were taken approximately 2 weeks, 1 month, and 2 months postpartum, respectively.

SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCphoto 1 (5) (600x800)

I’m actually really surprised how quickly my body “bounced back” after giving birth. It’s definitely not back to where it once was, but it’s getting there. I think a lot of “bouncing back” was because I stayed active during all 41 weeks of my pregnancy. I never really stopped working out (I went to CrossFit up until 38 weeks), so I think that helped me get right back into the swing of things after giving birth.

I used the Belly Bandit, on and off, for the first two weeks after giving birth. However, it was SO UNCOMFORTABLE that I hardly ever wore it. Basically, it was a big waste of money for me, BUT wearing it and feeling that “drawing in” (like when you do a plank) encouraged me to pull in my abs on my own whenever I was standing or walking. I actually still do a lot of that “drawing in,” which I think is helping me get my abs back.

postpartum progress


Overall, I’m really happy with where I am, fitness-wise. I exercised all 41 weeks of my pregnancy and then returned to light exercise (power walking and body weight strength training) at 3 weeks postpartum and then ramped it up with CrossFit and running at 5 weeks postpartum. (I talked to my doctor about all of this, so be sure to talk to yours before you return to exercise after pregnancy.)

driveway WODs

Initially, I noticed some overall weakness in my strength, especially my lower body (“Bambi legs”), but my cardio hasn’t seemed to suffer too much. I’m definitely not back to my pre-pregnancy fitness level, but I’m feeling really good””better than expected! I even ran a couple of 5Ks without stopping last week, and I didn’t feel like death the entire time! Haha!

I’m 8 weeks postpartum now, and I’m just starting to really push myself at CrossFit. (Rx workouts! Whoop!) Lower body strength stuff is still kind of weird, but I am getting there. And my CrossFit skills (pull-ups, toes-to-bar, handstand push-ups) definitely need some work since I didn’t do much of them for 9+ months, but I know I’ll get ”˜em back soon enough. Hard work and patience, baby. And, of course, in the meantime, there are plenty of exercise modifications that I can do.


As I mentioned above, I would really like to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, so I decided to set some goals for myself to keep in mind over the next month or so. (I will check in with you guys at 3 months postpartum to let you know how I am doing.)

  • Clean up my diet and lay off the treats.
  • Track my calories in MyFitnessPal at least a few days each week. (I would say everyday, but I know I won’t do it!)
  • Eat eggs for breakfast more often. (Kind of random, but they satisfy me better than other breakfasts.)
  • Work out 5 times per week.
  • Cover 10,000 steps most days of the week.
  • Sleep! Try for 8 hours per night.
  • Do 5 consecutive Toes-to-Bar.
  • Do 10 consecutive Kipping Pull-ups.

That’s it for now! I hope you guys found this post interesting, and if there is anything you would like to see in next month’s update, please leave a comment and let me know!

Questions of the Day

Moms: Any tips or advice for losing the baby weight?

Anything you want to see/know in next month’s update?


  1. Girl you look amazing!! I don’t know why but I find it so interesting how working out while pregnant seems to affect how easily you lose the weight afterward! And you’re so right, you will be right back where you were in no time! Keep it up <3

  2. You’re doing GREAT and you look amazing. Isn’t the body an incredible thing?! I was so amazed at how well it healed and how easily I bounced back after having Hunter. As for losing weight, keep in mind that while you’re nursing, your body may want to hold on to a little extra weight because of your hormones. Also, I lost the first 20 lbs pretty quickly, and then the rest of it steadily came off as time went on. I just kept up with healthy habits and tried replacing some sugary treats for nutritious snacks, kept active, and it came off!

  3. Tina, it seems like you’ve got a great approach to losing the baby weight. It’s good you’re not stressing and just building back up to your previous routines. You look amazing already!!! 🙂

  4. you look wonderful! I am 7 months post-partum, and within the last month I reached my pre-pregnancy weight. Although everyone says it, it really is about patience. Just keep being healthy, and you’ll get there!

  5. I had my baby 15 months ago. At 8 weeks, I was still wearing maternity clothes to go back to work. But, everything gradually came off with exactly what you are doing. Something happens after 3 months and I think it comes off more easily. Just give yourself time and be patient!

  6. You look awesome! Way to have a healthy attitude about it all too 🙂

    The weight came off pretty easily for me too, but yes, the strength thing takes some time, but obv with hard work (which you do) it’ll be back in no time. I never focused on the weight numbers, especially because I knew some of the loss was muscle (booooo!), but knowing my clothes fit better & I felt strong was a great way to measure my progress.

    Way to set a healthy example for other mothers! It is GOOD to give yourself that time, endorphins, and energy by working out when you’re a new mom.

  7. My son is one week older than Quinn. I gained 35lbs during the pregnancy and like you the first 20lbs came off within a week. I have had to work a little harder for the rest. This is my second son and I do believe it is tougher than the first! Working out again is helping and I started watching my diet around 6weeks, only 5lbs to go. Yay! I just want to be able to wear my jeans come fall:) keep up the good work!!

  8. This is such an inspiration!! I feel like I’ve always been scared of pregnancy in the sense that I have no idea how my body will react, but I think you had a great point that since you stayed so active your whole pregnancy, you will didn’t lose much cardio!

  9. Thank you for being so honest about your weight gain and loss. I am 35 weeks pregnant and have gained 40 pounds thus far, which as much as I did with #1 and I still have 5 weeks left. I was feeling bad about it until I read this and saw your pictures. Our pre-pregnancy weight is a very similar range. With my first, I got done below pre-pregancy weight, but those last 5-7 pounds for me actually didn’t come off until I started cutting down the number times of day I was nursing and adding baby food. My doctor told me some women hang onto those last few pounds in order to keep producing milk”¦ just something to think about. I plan on using a very similar format on my blog to document my weight loss too- I think it helps women feel not as lonely in the process. Thank you!!!

  10. It’s great to get the goals on-paper (on-blog). Really helps with accountability. My pre-pregnancy clothes all fit about 6 weeks post babies but the my scale didn’t budge to loose the last 8 lbs. They came right off after I finished breastfeeding. Even though breastfeeding burns a ton of calories, it turns out our bodies hold on to a little of the weight when we’re still nursing.

  11. Wow, I feel so lucky to be an avid reader of your wonderful blog! I am 30 weeks pregnant with twin boys, so your pregnancy journey has helped me tremendously, and your post-preggo weight loss journey could not have come at a better time! I’ve recently been nervous about my weight loss after the babies, just because I’ve always struggled a little with weight and don’t know how my body will react. You have definitely inspired me to keep fit throughout my pregnancy, and even though I feel like death most days, I still try to get some workout/activity in!

    I was wondering, how long are you planning to breastfeed?

  12. I remember people telling me it took nine months to put the weight on and it will take many months to get off. It is awesome you are setting realistic goals for yourself…but please remember to give yourself a break if things are a little slower than pre-baby 🙂

  13. I am currently pregnant and a crossfitter as well so I enjoyed this post. You look great. I was going to throw in another idea as well, do you think it’s a possibility that you could have gained a couple pounds of muscle during your pregnancy since you continued to workout and lift? I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and have gained almost 20 pounds, I like to think at least 2 of them are muscle gains 😉

  14. What a great, motivating post! You are such an inspiration. I have a 10 month old and 3 year old. Whoa has my body changed…I also crossfitted my whole pregnancy. I remember in the hospital after labor I had a dream (HAHA WHO SLEEPS, YEA RIGHT) I had a dream that I crushed a push-up WOD. So I thought, oh it must be a sign that I am going to rock pushups when I return. HA! Yea freaking right! I was so far off my rocker. My core and lower back really took a beating with our second little guy. But, now 10 months later and lots of hard work I’m getting there. Maybe not as quickly as I would’ve hoped but I am getting there.

    Wish I would’ve met you when we lived in New Hampshire! I’ve followed you for awhile. Now we are in Wisconsin.

  15. You look so good! I noticed the same pattern with my weight loss after I had my baby girl. I lost quite a bit of the weight at first, and then it really slowed down after the first month or so. I got back down to my pre-baby weight at about 4 months post-partum, and I just tried to eat right and exercise. I also am breastfeeding, so I am sure that helped me as well. My body is so much different now than it was before I had my baby girl, but I know that is to be expected. 🙂

  16. You look healthy and great. It’s awesome that you have been able to work out again consistently too – I imagine those endorphins are needed with all the crazy schedule changes! Thanks for being so honest and sharing your journey!

  17. Tina! I am so looking forward to these posts! I enjoyed watching/reading about your fit pregnancy. I recently moved, joined a CrossFit box, and love it!!! It is my hope to stay active through pregnancy, when that may happen!

  18. You are doing good,don’t push it too hard because you’re still nursing.You are still having flares and you need to be cautious.What brand are the ankle rolled jeans you are wearing in the pic?

  19. Hey girl! You look GREAT – I really mean it. While its important to stay healthy and to have hobbies that you enjoy, it’s also important not to overdo it in pursuit of a number or an arbitrary fitness goal. You’re still an incredible, unique, talented person whether you can do 2 pull-ups or 10, whether you have a slice of cake on a special occasion or not. Now, I’m not saying stuff your face with brownies and watch tv all day – but don’t forget you need to be fueling your body with the food it needs to do be an incredible mommy and strong, intelligent woman. Don’t worry too much about those “last pounds” — we can barely even see them! It may feel like you’ve “lost” the body your had before– but the truth is, our bodies change all throughout our lives, and that’s just a part of the human experience! Your body is amazing, and will continue to be so, no matter what the scale brings. Enjoy all the wonderful things your body can do today – and don’t let thinking about what the scale will read in a month keep you from staying present and grateful for the moment you’re in right now 😀

  20. Can you share your nighttime routine? I have a 5 week old and would LOVE to get 8 hrs sleep….but so far usually only get half that. I’m so curious to hear how you manage 8hrs a night!

    1. Q has been a little rock star with sleeping through the night. He usually goes to bed around 8 and then sleeps until 3-6 AM. I just make sure to go to bed as soon as he does!

  21. you look amazing and love your attitude towards losing the baby weight! you are a huge inspiration for me when I have my baby here soon. I hope my body bounces back. I know it is going to be a huge change, but I am excited to get my ‘old’ body back 🙂 Keep up the great work! Sounds like you have a great plan to reach your goal! xo

  22. Don’t forget… your boobies will weigh more until you are done nursing 😉 Give yourself a few extra pounds. haha

  23. Tina- you look amazing! Congrats on the baby boy:). I am actually three months to the day ahead of you and I had to deliver via c-section so the post delivery workout time for me was really delayed, but I do think staying active before and after baby is key AS is patience. You’re right about one thing- having a baby really changes your perspective and there is just nothing quite like it. I also think it’s about setting realistic goals, so that you can maintain your milk supply AND get rid of the excess pounds. Five days a week is amazing! I’m so impressed. For day care and work and life reasons, I am only able to do three- but I found once I set a realistic goal, I was able to really stick with it. Finally, I think new moms eager to return to their pre-baby weight need to forgive themselves and make sure to treat themselves without too much rigidity. After all- we grew a human!

  24. Good job, Tina! You look so great that I can’t even say that you just had a baby!
    Your posts about healthy lifestyle really motivate me. Especially those related to CrossFit training. I’ve just started taking boxing classes (before that I was concentrating on weights and cardio) but already feel that I might join CrossFit too. I mean it definitely works for you so why don’t I try it too, right?
    Thanks for sharing your life and congrats with the baby!

  25. get. it. girl! honestly though, Tina, I have been reading this blog for years, and it’s consistently one of my favorites. you and your family are delightful, and Q is beyond words adorable. what you’ve managed to do during and after pregnancy fitness-wise is really phenomenal, inspiring, and fun! keep it up…love these posts.

  26. Not a mom myself yet, but I have to say, reading your blog – and hoping one day I have the same kind of “fit” pregnancy – I just really admire how genuine your posts have come across, at least to THIS reader anyway. Obviously, this blog is not every single piece of your life (thank you for that), but it has always read in a down-to-earth manner, and that’s incredibly refreshing (I’ve been a reader for YEARS and it’s been fun reading all you have chosen to share.)

    Anyway, that is all. Keep on keepin’ on – it’s great 🙂

  27. I focused more on being healthy, by eating as best I could and working out. I think good nutrition is super important because you need to replenish your body with all the nursing you do. I was hungry all the time while breastfeeding. I stopped after a year and lost the last 8lbs in a month after I stopped. Now I did focus in on diet and workouts at that point but I didn’t have to worry about pumping, nursing, and keeping my supply up. Thnk you are doing a great job!

  28. I love this post! You look really amazing and I think it really emphasizes how discipline during your pregnancy can help you bounce back really fast without having to do anything crazy after.

  29. I realize I am “late” posting a comment, but can’t help but comment on the cute pug tail photo bomb in the 3-picture series of your belly/abs. SOOO cute!!

  30. You are doing so great! I’m super impressed with how much time you’ve made for working out. That’s awesome! I found that the baby weight came off really easily with my first. I held on to those last 5lbs for a little while, but didn’t care because my clothes fit well and I figured it was all in my boobs, haha. 🙂 But then at 6 months, that just dropped off on its own. Second time around wasn’t definitely not as easy, though!

  31. Great job with developing a routine. We have a 12 week old and are still struggling a bit to do so. Random question-I know you are really strong and back at crossfire but have you had any back pain when maneuvering q? I’m having serious lower back pain – but my guy is 15 pounds.

    1. Ilana, my daughter is almost 8 months now, but I had quite a bit of back pain (and ligament pain in general) the first few months postpartum. I had a great pregnancy. I was running until about 24 weeks and then switched to a run/walk plan. But I was very active on my job as well. Just in the past few weeks I am feeling more like my old self. Be patient with yourself!

  32. My baby is 4 months old. I am having the same problem I am stuck at 143 and can’t get down to 130, its nice to see I’m no the only one. Most of my friends lost all of their weight with nursing, it just keeps me hungry. Good luck!!!

  33. I hear about women who continue to exercise throughout their pregnancies but you actually cross-fit trained through 38 weeks – that’s amazing! Glad to hear you bounced back quickly. It seems like holding ourself accountable with this blog really paid off! Thank you for sharing!

  34. I was wondering if you breast fed? I’m six months pregnant and have continued wth crossfit as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep st it til the baby comes! I was just wondering if that diet and exercise would effect breast feeding.

  35. Its quite troubling finding time to exercise after pregnancy, and I know you really added so much discipline since after delivery. But it’s difficult for me to even lose weight because I can’t really help myself. This post really motivated me.

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