BlueBud X Bluetooth Headphones Review & Giveaway

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Ooh, boy, do I have a cool, new product to tell you guys about. I was recently sent a pair of BlueBud X Bluetooth Headphones to review and they are, simply put, awesome.


New gadgets typically hate me, so I was psyched that the BlueBuds were so easy to set up. I listen to Pandora on my iPhone when I workout or take Murphy for walks, so I was pleasantly surprised that connecting the BlueBuds to the Bluetooth on my phone was such a piece of cake. On my iPhone, all I had to do was turn on the Bluetooth (in Settings) and then press a button on the headphones to connect. A small light on each of the earbuds flashed to let me know that things were working properly and it was trying to connect. (The lights on the earbuds also let you know know whether they are powered on or off and whether they need charging.) It only took about 3 seconds before I heard David Guetta blaring in my ears. I was so excited that I got the headphone to work with only one try, I started to dance around the dining room like a total goober!

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I took the BlueBuds out for a test run on Saturday afternoon and immediately fell in love with them. Running “wireless” and listening to Pandora play on my iPhone inside of my FlipBelt was wicked cool. I kept thinking to myself: “Look ma, no hands, er, wires!” as I ran along. Haha! And the sound playing in my ears was excellent””crisp and clear, and the headphones didn’t cut out or disconnect at all during my run.

IMG_8832 (463x640)

Prior to my test run, I was a little worried whether the BlueBuds would stay in my ears. The earbuds are kind of heavy””well, heavier than the iPhone headphones that I usually wear. I think the weight is probably on par with a nice, quality pair of headphones. Anyway, since we all have different size ears, the BlueBuds came with 3 different sizes of eartips and “ear cushions,” which worked really well. I was actually kind of surprised just how well they helped the earbuds stay put. I needed to try a few different combos (eartip + ear cushion) before I found the right fit, but once I did, the BlueBuds weren’t going anywhere!

FYI: I haven’t wore the BlueBuds to CrossFit””only because I don’t normally workout with headphones there””but the BlueBuds website has a great “CrossFit test” video on the main page, which shows a couple of CrossFitters working out in them and the earbuds totally stayed put during double-unders and box jumps.


Having a snug fit in my ears made my music sound really great!


A wire connects both of the earbuds, which you can wear in front of your body below your chin, behind you on your neck, or up over your ears for an even more secure fit. I found wearing them in back behind my head to be the most comfortable fit for me.


The BlueBuds come with a couple of “cord managers,” which shorten the wire so you don’t have a bunch of slack getting in the the way or bouncing around while you exercise.


I also really liked the hard case that the BlueBuds came in. My headphones are always tangled, so I really like that I have a place to keep my BlueBuds nice and neat.


The case also has a space to hold the eartips and cushions as well as a USB cable for charging, so you don’t lose any of the accessories.


Giveaway time!

BlueBuds X Giveaway

Jaybird offered to give away TWO (2) pairs of the BlueBud X Bluetooth Headphones to 2 lucky CNC readers! These babies retail for $169.95!


To enter: Just leave a comment on this post about your biggest headphone annoyance. Earn a second entry by tweeting: “I want to win a pair of BlueBuds from @JayBirdSport & @CarrotsNCake” I’ll randomly pick 2 winners tomorrow afternoon.

Good luck!

I received compensation for this post. The thoughts and opinions expressed are all my own and these headphones are really cool!

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