BlogHer Food ’12: Day Two

Yesterday was all about eating, drinking, and being merry””which I guess is the main point of BlogHer Food, right? Well, I’m glad I enjoyed my time to the fullest!

After the morning session, Monica and I visited Pike’s Place Public Market, which was just a few blocks from the hotel.

IMG_5891 (640x480)

IMG_5892 (640x480)

It was a beautiful and sunny Saturday afternoon, so the place was absolutely packed”” like shoulder-to-shoulder frat party packed.

IMG_5912 (640x480)

Even still, I enjoyed the sights and sounds of the market (and tried not to get too freaked out claustrophobic).

IMG_5896 (480x640)

IMG_5899 (640x480)

IMG_5900 (480x640)IMG_5901 (640x480)

IMG_5902 (640x480)


Once we had a chance to check out the market, Monica and I headed back outside (where it was less crowded) in search of lunch. Just a few minutes later, we stumbled upon Pear Delicatessen & Shoppe.

IMG_5907 (480x640)

It didn’t take me long to decide what I wanted for lunch from Pear. As soon as I saw the “Pear-fect Grilled Cheese” on the menu, I was sold… and really excited about it.

IMG_5905 (640x480)

Omg, this sandwich was epic. I actually talked about it for hours after I finished eating it. Listen to this sandwich: Gruyer and Swiss cheese with pear compote on grilled Rosemary bread. Yummmmm!

IMG_5908 (640x480)

It was made with a ton of melty cheese and the combination of cheese + pear + Rosemary was seriously amazing. I probably won’t ever forget this sandwich for as long as I live.

IMG_5909 (640x480)

After lunch, Monica and I walked back to the hotel for “Simple Post – Processing for Food Photography: Free, Cheap, and Easy Tools.” It was a really helpful session with brief explanations and recommendations for a number of free photo editing programs. Here are a few that the panelists suggested:

  • Highly recommended, similar to Photoshop, downloadable program
  • Completely web-based (you don’t download it onto your computer), no online registration required, basically an online version of Gimp
  • Most user-friendly, but doesn’t have batch editing (you need to upload one photo at a time), completely web-based, no registration required

I’m excited to check out these programs. Right now, I use Windows Live Gallery to edit my photos, which I like just fine, but it seems like these programs can do so much more. Plus, they’re free, so I really have nothing to lose.

IMG_5921 (640x480)


After the photo editing session, I hit up the most amazing afternoon snack break sponsored by SuperValu.

IMG_5933 (640x480)

There were so many delicious treats””pretzels, candy (peanut M&Ms, Snickers, 3 Musketeers), cupcakes with cute animal crackers stuck into them, colorful macaroons, and various dessert-y popcorns that I pretty much went mental over.

IMG_5924 (480x640)

IMG_5926 (640x480)

I must have eaten 5 or 6 cones full of caramel-chocolate popcorn. It was cooked in coconut oil, so it had a subtle hint of coconut flavor, too. Omg, yum. It took some serious willpower to tear myself away from it!

IMG_5927 (640x480)

After snack time at the conference, Monica and I headed up to Amie’s suite for some more snacks. Amie’s room was hooked up! She was seriously the hostess with the mostess!

IMG_5940 (480x640)

I snacked on cheese and crackers, chocolate chip cookies, and a glass of white wine.

IMG_5937 (640x480)

I hung out in Amie’s suite and chatted with a bunch of bloggers for about an hour before heading to the Closing Reception at Sodo Park.

IMG_5979 (640x480)

Such a gorgeous space!

IMG_5964 (640x480)

I wasn’t all that hungry when I arrived, but it didn’t stop me from trying almost everything on the menu.

IMG_5951 (480x640)

I also drank a mini martini, half of a glass of wine, and ate some shrimp with creamy grits. I was an eating (and drinking) machine!

IMG_5953 (640x480)IMG_5959 (480x640)

IMG_5954 (480x640)IMG_5955 (640x480)

IMG_5957 (640x480)IMG_5948 (480x640)

At the reception, I finally bumped into Jenna! My long lost friend! Hooray! It was so great to see her, and I’m getting really excited for her book to come out in September!

IMG_5958 (640x480)

The evening concluded with a raffle and a few words from the event’s hostesses, Ree Drummond (aka “the Pioneer Woman”), Jaden Hair, and Elise Bauer.

IMG_5973 (640x480)

I have to admit, I was a tad star struck by these women. I’ve met them all in person at one point or another, but I was so nervous/felt like a turd to strike up a conversation with them last night, and now I regret at least not saying hi. GAH, I hate social anxiety! Next time for sure!

IMG_5975 (640x480)

After the event, Monica, Kath, and I headed back to the hotel.

Before bed, I snacked on a ton of graham crackers. I don’t know how it was even possible, but I was still hungry!

IMG_5980 (480x640)

Monica and I both had really early flights home this morning, so we hit the hay before 10:00 PM last night. We’re also grandmas, so that’s how we roll.


  1. I’ve really enjoyed the Blog Her recaps. One day, I’d LOVE to attend a blogging conference myself. (and OMG, I’d be star struck by Ree too! Notice I just said Ree??? We’re on a “first name basis”. 🙂 ) Pike Place Market is one of my favorite places on earth. Glad you were there and enjoyed all it has to offer. Safe travels home.

  2. So happy that you got to go to the Market!! That place is SOO magical and I love the street performers who show up sometimes! 😀

  3. Ugh, I hate social anxiety. One time my boyfriend dragged me to a Renaissance Fair and I thought I saw someone I knew over at one of the booths, so I mentioned it to him. My boyfriend didn’t know the guy, but I was pretty sure it was him. He forced me to go over and say hello. It turned out that it actually was who I thought it was, and he saw me so I was forced to say hello. It was actually nice to see him, but I was so unsure and self conscious about whether or not he was actually glad to see me that I made it awkward. Stupid brain.

  4. We avoid the market on weekends. Its always a zoo but such a fun place. I like to go after work right before it’s closing. Such a difference.

    That sandwich sounds freakin’ amazing. I am tempted to bring my own gluten free bread and ask them to make me one of those.

    Thanks for the picture editing software info. Will check those out.

  5. Oh my God, I LOVE Seattle!!! I went on vacation there a couple of years ago and fell in love. I love the Pike Place Market. So many fresh foods.

  6. Just read all your BlogHer blogs and oh my gosh it looks like an amazing time!!! I would have ate and drank my way through too because how can you not?! Glad you had such a great time there and thanks for sharing the photo editing sites! I’ve bookmarked them!

  7. This seems like a dream weekend- amazing food, drinks, friends and a new city to explore. I would love to be able to travel to places like this and go to events that pamper you with tasty treats! I definitely would not have been able toe top eating that pop corn either, it looks amazing. So does every single thing on the menu they had for the last night. Sweet potato and crab cakes? YUM! The blogging world seems filled with some very smart and very interesting women.

  8. Looks like you had a fun day…glad the Seattle weather cleared up for you! I got married at Sodo Park three years ago – love that venue!!

  9. I remember you guys from that very early shuttle ride to the airport on Sunday! You were smart to go to bed early – not only did my friend Brady and I stay until the end of the closing party, but we couldn’t resist getting some dessert from The Purple Cafe afterward. And then we still had to figure out how the heck to fit all of our swag into our bags to take home. I still haven’t recovered from the lack of sleep!

  10. Interesting note on the picture editing programs. As a Georgetown student with a job in marketing, I’ve been lucky enough to have access to photoshop/other Adobe Creative Suite programs. Taking food pictures is a huge part of what got me into blogging, so I can’t imagine blogging without those programs !

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