Blogger Dinner at Audubon Circle II

A year ago (almost exactly), I enjoyed a lovely dinner at Audubon Circle with a group of food bloggers. Last night, I had the opportunity to do it all again.

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Audubon Circle is owned by the same restaurant group as Cambridge 1, Miracle of Science, Middlesex Lounge, and Tory Row. (Remember my dinner at Tory Row with Mal last week?) The company’s Events and Communications Manager invited a group of us bloggers to dinner at Audubon Circle last night.


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Dinner started with drinks. I ordered a glass of Chardonnay from Napa, which is exactly what I ordered at last year’s blogger dinner. I’m so predictable. 

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To eat, we ordered a bunch of plates to share, so we could try as many things as possible from the menu.

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As soon as the appetizers were served to the table, out came the cameras! I loved it!

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I haven’t attended a food blogger dinner in awhile, so it was nice dining with people who ”˜get it.’ It was also fun to eat with people who get excited about good food. That never gets old for me.


Appetizer highlights: Steamed Veggie Dumplings.


White Bean Puree + Grilled Bread, Artisanal Cheese Plate, and Local Heirloom Tomatoes with Fresh Mozzarella. All of which were fantastic.


And then came the entrees!

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We ordered a lot of food!


Entrée highlights: Pappardelle Bolognese with Pecorino Romano and Garlic Toast. (I loved this dish the last time too.)

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BBQ Boneless Chicken with House-made Biscuits, Pork Schnitzel, and Rosemary Ham Sandwich with Red Pepper and Muenster. (The BBQ Boneless Chicken and Rosemary Ham Sandwich are new to the menu.)


After all of that food, I was pretty stuffed, but, of course, I still had room for dessert.

Audubon Circle only has one dessert on their menu, but for a good reason: it’s fantastic and everyone should try it. It’s an Oreo Cheesecake made with Chevre (goat cheese), so it was only slightly sweet, not that overpowering, super sweet flavor that you usually get from cheesecake. I really enjoyed it.

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Over the course of the night, I took a ton of food photos, but hardly any of people (typical food blogger move), so I snapped a couple of the wonderful ladies who I chatted with for the majority of the night.

Liz and Katie!

IMG_0068 (640x480)

And Jen! You might recognize her as the winner of Project Food Blog! So cool!

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Great food. Great friends. Great night out.

I highly suggest checking out Audubon Circle. It’s right near Fenway Park on Beacon Street, so it’s great before or after a Red Sox game, but if you want a more chill evening, go on a non-game night. Parking was a breeze and the meters stop at 6:00 PM.


  1. I had never heard about that place until I had to drive a guest there a couple of weeks ago. He was raving about it too! I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for a great review!! The dinners are a fun part of my job too. 😉

  2. Your posts and pictures always make me want to visit Boston! I have never been, but one of my best friends live there and she and her friends have been trying to get me to come up for a weekend for forEVer!!! I think sometime next month I’ll be there…and your blog has allowed me to start a running list of some of the restaurants and breweries that I must go to! Seems like Boston has a great microbrew selection, so many of the beers you talk about look awesome. Thanks for being my travel planner! 🙂

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