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I am deeply saddened by the horrible events that took place in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday. It hit close to home since Mal is a teacher, and he and I spent a great deal of the weekend grieving and wondering how something so terrible could happen. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and community that are living through this tragedy.

Over the weekend, I received an email from another blogger about today being a “Blog Day of Silence.” I’m not sure who started it, but I thought it was a nice way to pay respect to the families and children of Sandy Hook Elementary. In honor of the memory of lives cut short, I’m stepping away from my computer today to celebrate the gift of life and those I love most. I hope you’ll join me in remembering, praying, and being with those you love most.



  1. Interestingly that NOW you are saddened. Not saddened enough to post about your champagne cheese over the weekend when events were unfolding. Strong work.

    1. Do you not realize that she posted the champagne & cheese BEFORE the tragedy? I read it Friday morning, before I heard of the news. She has not posted anything all weekend. But great way to show off your rudeness AND your lack of compassion.

      Tina, I am for one perfectly fine with your decision & hope all of us realize how quickly life can change & love our family & friends more because of this.

    2. @Reader: We are all saddened by the events that transpired. I feel that this man’s intent was to draw attention to himself. Why should Tina be attacked for a blog posting concerning her weekend? Why should we give this man any more attention or thought to what he has done? Let’s remember the people who matter in this situation: the victims. Not someone who published a blog about her weekend. Should our lives stop because of what one demented human being has done? Again, I am not trying to diminish what happened to the people involved in this tragedy. Hardly seems worth it to chastise someone over something as simple as what Tina tries to do on her blog.

    3. As a daily carrots n cake blog follower and resident of CT who heard the news as it broke, I felt compelled to correct you. Friday’s post was posted before the tragedy struck after 9 am. During times like these we need to support one another, not try to find faults and negativity…

    4. @Reader: Why were YOU on Tina’s blog on Friday “as events were unfolding”? Obviously you weren’t “saddened enough” to NOT be reading about her champagne cheese.

      Tina…I think a blog day of silence to honor the victims and families of this horrible tragedy is a kind gesture. It makes me sick that someone would criticize you for trying to do something nice.

  2. I did this on Friday and this weekend. I could not bring myself to blog about things that seemed so trivial, especially when I have a friend whose son attends that school. Fortunately he is okay but it still hits very close to home.

  3. I think it was a sweet gesture, Tina… who’s to say that you even had heard about the horrid events at that time??? “Reader” sounds pretty judgmental if you ask me. Just someone looking to be bitter.. I think this was a sweet idea <3 Praying for the victims & their families… along with the shooters family… I'm sure they are just as distraught.

  4. amen Tina, amen! And as odd as it may sound, we should also keep close to our hearts and prayers those who are in the Lanza family…someone pointed out that they most likely are grieving too, though they carry that whole weight of guilt on the shoulders constantly now. Prayers for all! IT’s so amazing that the families are turning to prayer as well.

  5. Let’s remember that “It does not matter how you choose to show your support; as long as it is with good intention then we should all respect it” – so long as awareness is being spread, whether it be from a blogger break or a campaign for stronger gun rights – it’s the intention that helps in every way possible to prevent another tragedy from occurring.

  6. Well put, Katie.
    Tina, I’m so sorry for you and the people of your country. In Spain we are sad too. All my best desires and comfort for the families of Conneticut. Please, reform as soon as possible the guns’ law. A lot of kisses.

  7. Tina, Thank you for your decision not to blog yesterday. I live in Newtown and I do have to say that yesterday was a very sad day. Friday it was shocking and over the weekend it was we were trying to find our way (those of us who didn’t have children in the school) and Monday is was truly a day of grieving because it had become very real. And right now anyone who complains or gets nit-picky about anything needs to take a step back and realize that there are families grieving and a town of people trying to cope with this horrific event. We all should count our blessings.

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