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Hi, guys!

Thank you for all of the awesome birthday wishes yesterday. It means so much to me! And I had such a wonderful day… and a wonderful weekend! It’s been quite the birthday celebration to say the least. Here’s a little recap from the weekend! 🙂


Saturday kicked off with the “Filthy Fifty” at CrossFit. I hadn’t done this workout in years, so I was excited to see how I’d do, especially since I rarely CrossFit nowadays. Thankfully, I had my friend Marisa to keep me motivated and moving along, and I actually beat my old time by nearly 5 minutes – and I used the women’s prescribed weights this time. Not too shabby!

After class, we, of course, headed to Coffee Shack for donuts and iced coffee.

Maple chocolate-frosted? Yes, please! 🙂

Back at home, we got ready for a small birthday get-together at our house. (I love celebrating other people’s birthdays, but I’m not a fan of making a big deal about my own.) Unfortunately/fortunately, I was having such a great time, I barely took any photos! #bloggerfail

We ordered pizzas from Bertucci’s.

And enjoyed the most amazing peanut butter cup birthday cake.

Holy yum!

And there was a Moana dance party at the end of the night. Good times! 🙂


The next morning, Quinn and I let Dada sleep in for Father’s Day.

As soon as he woke up, it was time for presents.

Father’s Day Chatbook for the win!

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After that, we ate breakfast and then went outside to play.

Then, Papi (Mal’s dad) came over to spend the afternoon with us, which included opening Quinn’s birthday present. Of course, Murphy thought it was for him.

Oh, pugs.

We had lunch on the back porch, caught up, and opened Father’s Day presents with Papi.

It was just too much excitement for Murphy.

After lunch, we said goodbye to Papi and then played outside some more. This time, we had fun with Corn Hole!

Qman eventually lost interest in Bean Bag Toss, so we went for a walk around the neighborhood.

Qman took his motorcycle!

Our walk ended up being much longer than expected, so we were all pretty hungry when we got home. I whipped up a quick dinner and we ate together on the back porch. It was such a nice evening!

The end!

Do you go all out for your birthday or do you prefer a more low-key celebration? 



  1. Wish you belated happy birthday @Tina, I guess I’m the last person to wish you and I hope you really enjoyed your last weekends with your family. I love that peanut cake it’s my favorite too.It really feels good spending time with our family on weekends.

  2. I did “all out” celebrations for my 26th and 27th birthdays where a whole crew of us went out for dinner and drinks, then did a smaller celebration with my husband and sister for my 28th birthday. I have to say the smaller celebration was the way to go! So much less pressure and fewer people to please! Happy belated birthday!!

  3. Happy belated birthday Tina! Looks like a fun weekend 🙂

    I am a longtime reader (since 2009ish?) and you’ve inspired me to start a blog of my own! If you could look at it I would be so grateful!!

    Have a great day!

  4. What a wonderful weekend! And thanks for the recommendation on Chatbooks. Some years I go all out and others I keep it low key. But there is always cake!!

  5. What a fun birthday weekend – definitely what I prefer too! My typical request is low-key with pizza or sushi and cupcakes! With wine, of course! In my late 20’s I would go big, every year my friends and I would get together at Clarks, a bar in Faneuil Hall. It was always so much fun, but after I turned 30 I thought I’d end on a hight note with those celebrations and enjoy more low keys celebrations.

  6. Wow – what a busy weekend! Belated birthday wishes! My last “big” bday was my 30th, but even that was just a big dinner with friends and then out for drinks. These days, I’m just happy to have someone buy me a cup of coffee for my birthday 🙂

    Random side note: you are almost exactly 2 weeks older than me (yay for 80’s babies!), and Quinn is exactly 2 weeks older than my daughter. I get lots of toy ideas from you 😉

  7. I am such a freak about celebrating my own birthday. It makes me SO uncomfortable, which is weird because I don’t mind being the center of attention. I guess it’s just that on my birthday, it feels obligatory? Does that even make sense? Mine is coming up this summer, and I’m just like NOOOOOO. Celebrating OTHER people’s birthdays, however, is my JAM.

  8. Hey, to be honest I have forgotten about Father’s day but hopefully my mom called me and I will buy him something next time I see him. Great article by the way!

  9. Happy belated Birthday! I prefer low-key. I don’t pay so much attention to my birthday to be honest and I hate surprises so I usually just celebrate small with close family members and my husband or juste breakfast/dinner out with my husband. I hate being the center of attention.

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