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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Yesterday was a super active day filled with sun, fun, biking, and hiking around Central Oregon.

After breakfast, Mal and I, his parents, and Mal’s dad’s cousin went for a 40-minute bike ride around Black Butte Ranch.

006 (640x480)

There are miles and miles of paved bike paths and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking, so it was quite a treat.

008 (640x480)

Three-Fingered Jack.

009 (640x480)

Mount Washington.

010 (640x480)

011 (640x480)

012 (640x480)

013 (640x480)


After our bike ride, we popped home for a quick lunch since we planned to head out again for a hike. I ate a cold chicken breast, half of a banana with almond butter, an iced vanilla chai tea latte, some blueberries, and an additional spoonful of almond butter. I was hungry and knew I’d need fuel to get me through an afternoon hike.

016 (640x480)017 (640x480)
018 (640x480)065 (485x640)

After lunch, we hopped in the car to drive to the McKenzie River to explore the area and see the Sahalie Falls and Koosah Falls.

019 (480x640)

So pretty!

020 (480x640)

048 (640x480)

Here I am with Mal and his parents at Sahalie Falls.

023 (640x480)

025 (480x640)

026 (640x480)

Check out the crystal clear water!

030 (640x480)

032 (480x640)

031 (480x640)

033 (480x640)

034 (480x640)

Steller’s Jay.

035 (640x480)

036 (480x640)

040 (480x640)

038 (640x480)

039 (640x480)

043 (640x480)


045 (640x480)


047 (640x480)

051 (480x640)

052 (640x480)

We hiked for about 90 minutes and then headed home to relax and enjoy a little Happy Hour.


I was hungry again, so I snacked on a half of an avocado with salt and pepper and a couple of scoops of almond butter straight from the jar.

054 (640x480)057 (640x480)

During Happy Hour, I enjoyed an iced vanilla chai tea latte and some honey-roasted peanuts.

056 (480x640)055 (480x640)


A couple of hours later, I ate dinner, which was a chicken breast with roasted zucchini and Brussels spouts and Sweet Potato Wedges.

059 (640x480)

Question of the Day

Would you rather bike or hike for exercise? What’s your favorite biking or hiking memory?



  1. Wow! That scenery is absolutely breathtaking! Just gorgeous! I would rather hike… I think you get to see a lot more. Favorite hiking memory is when my dad and I took a trip together about a month after my mom died…which happened to be the last trip we ever took together and spent a weekend full of quality time together before he died…

  2. I’m stuck in a cube in NYC looking at your beautiful photos and feeling so envious!!! What a great time. And actually, hiking and biking are my two LEAST favorite activities…possibly ever. I am proud to say though, that I slooowly started to get over my “bike fear” on a fitness press trip in Miami this Spring, and I recently went hiking with my boyfriend and found it to be…kinda-sorta enjoyable. 🙂 I’m athletic, but I’m a total scaredy-cat when it comes to heights and moving really fast. (Same with skiing!)

  3. Those shots are amazing! I can’t tell if you have an awesome camera, or if the colors are really that vivid, either way they’re pretty cool. For me, I’d rather hike than bike. I like being able to go wherever I want and climb on things- it makes me feel like a kid again! Looks like Oregon is a lot of fun; the wide open fields with mountains in the distance must be a nice change of pace from Eastern Massachusetts. And Mal and his father look so much alike!

  4. That is seriously the most idyllic day I’ve ever seen. I love walking/hiking but cycling probably outweighs that love. For one thing, you can probably go further when riding a bike (you don’t want something like tired legs holding you back on any sort of adventure). Also a bike is kind of like a tiny car except with no need for petrol AND it’s good exercise. Finally, I used to read so many Enid Blyton books when I was a kid and they were always riding around on their bikes with picnic lunches and having fun times and this has clearly influenced my opinion.


  5. This looks SO AMAZING! I just got back from a cycle tour in the Canadian Rockies — we biked about 100km a day but managed to get some walking in there since we literally did nothing all day but bike, sightsee, and eat. Okay, we also drank beer and wine…

    Keep having fun! 🙂

  6. Beautiful scenery! I haven’t owned a bike in a long time and have been hiking which I love. You can hike anywhere but you can’t bike everywhere

  7. That looks like such a great trip! It’s funny, I was just looking through old photos from when I was in Middle School and went on an awesome trip out west with a cool teacher who planned trips every Summer throughout the country. It’s amazing to see all the different sites in America (big waterfalls, wild buffalo, huge mountains and sweeping valleys). Have fun!

  8. Although I love to ride, I enjoy hiking more because it gives you time to enjoy your surroundings. My favorite hike was in Japan on an island called Yakushima. There are cedar trees there that are hundreds of years old and the forest is covered in moss and greenery and populated by monkeys and deer. It is beyond magical.

  9. I’ve noticed that you eat a lot of chicken breasts, either by themselves or in salads. How do you usually prepare them? I never just have cooked chicken breasts waiting in the fridge …

  10. Beautiful! I love Oregon. Favorite hike would be the Canadian Rockies at Lake Louise hiking up to the tea house. Favorite (and most challenging) bike ride was America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride around Lake Tahoe.

  11. Hiking. Best hike? Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park in Utah. Up up up to the most beautiful view.

  12. Funny! I was JUST at Sahalie Falls last weekend. We camped nearby and hiked the kids around the trail between the falls. Then my friend and I had a great 4+ mile trail run around Clear Lake which is about a mile up the road from Sahalie. We live in Eugene, so it’s only an hour away. Black Butte Ranch is the bomb! Enjoy!

  13. I would much rather hike! Biking is not on my list of fun things to do. Your pictures are awesome! So lucky to get to see a place like that! I recently drove up Mt. Washingting! (well the one in NH). Next summer i’m going to hike it!

  14. The views are gorgeous! I adore Oregon and I hope you will too.

    I enjoy hiking and biking. Unfortunately, here in Scottsdale it is 115 degrees outside and so you are basically suicidal if you attempt to hike or bike in that heat. However, when it cools down I hike more than I bike. The views are gorgeous here, especially if you go to Sedona. 🙂

  15. Love hiking!! In October my boyfriend and I are venturing to South America for a 3 month adventure trip. The plan is to hike, trek, bike ride and kayak our way through Argentina and Chile. These photos made me excited to get out and into the wilderness!

  16. So beautiful! I would definitely rather hike! Bikes and I are not friends- I have even fallen off a spin bike. I’m actually not that klumsy, they are just evil and out to get me.

  17. Aggggh that scenery! I grew up in the West and right now the East just feels so crowded and ugly! So beautiful! I love your pictures!

  18. I’m just reading your posts about your Bend visit and love that you guys got to see Sahalie Falls. That area is so pretty. That’s where I’ll be running my 50K next weekend. We start at the bottom of the falls, run up to the top, run around clear lake and back down the other side of the falls and further. Looking forward to it! You guys really got to see some great aspects of Central Oregon.

  19. Thanks for sharing your photos. I live out of state now, but was born and raised in Eugene/Spfld. Sahalie is one of my most favorite places! I’ve been there when cooled by the spray (more like soaked by the spray) on a hot summer’s day, and when all but a dribble of the falls were frozen over like an icey veil. Stunning. Your pix bring back sweet memories!

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